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Dear Ms Mustermann,
it’s now official: the BIBM Congress in Copenhagen, co-organized by us, was once again postponed as a consequence of COVID-19. To ensure the safety of all exhibitors, delegates and lecturers, the BIBM Congress has now been postponed to 14 – 16 November 2021. The event location, the Tivoli Congress Center, remains unchanged. We had hoped until the last moment that, after the lockdown was eased, we would at long last be able to meet you once again personally. But we are convinced that the health of all players under the current circumstances is far more important. But we have learned to improvise and to make possible the exchange of knowledge in an alternative way. Therefore, we are pleased, for example, to offer you an exciting webinar in cooperation with LAP about laser projection systems. A great deal of specialist expertise awaits you, of course, in the current BFT International and this newsletter as well. You should on no account miss reading the technical paper by Prof. Leutbecher (Part 2) or the report on the concrete plant Betonwerk Schuster.
Yours Karla Knitter
Apply now –2021 Innovation Prize of the Supplier Industry for Concrete Components

Figure: BetonTage/photodesign_buhl

The starting shot has sounded for the competition for the 2021 Innovation Prize of the Supplier Industry for Concrete Components. The competition organizers are looking for innovative products, processes and services involved in the manufacture of structural concrete elements and other concrete products that enhance the state of the art, save time and money in the production process and/or contribute toward optimization in construction work. Interested companies are invited to submit their documentation by 30 November 2020. Key selection criteria are the degree of innovation and the originality of the proposal, relevance for the precast industry as well as market and application ...
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“We expect a very successful 3rd GIC release”

Figure: BFT International

After a successful launch in October 2016 and an equally successful second edition in 2018, the third Italian Concrete Days are now coming up. These will take place from 29 to 31 October 2020 at the Piacenza Expo site. In this interview, Dr. Fabio Potestà, director of the organizer, Mediapoint & Communications S.r.L., answers the questions of the BFT Editor-in chief.
BFT International: Good afternoon, Dr. Potestà, what makes you so optimistic about the expected success of the third Italian Concrete Days?
Dr. Fabio Potestà: As you know, Covid-19 has adversely affected all exhibition organizers in every part of the world and, due to the almost immediate lockdown imposed by the Italian government, Italy is probably now the safest country in ...
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LAP Web-Semiar
Precast concrete parts factories must produce large quantities of the same quality in an ever-shorter time. At the same time, complexity of the produced parts is constantly on the rise. In order to face the ever growing complexity and meet the demand for high component quality and cycle times, more and more plants worldwide are implementing laser projection systems.
Learn more in our web seminar on October 14, 2020! Register now!

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Serialized construction with prestressed floor slabs

Figure: Elbe Decken

In school construction, where the focus is on functionality, precast prestressed floor slabs are increasingly used. The aim is to ensure high delivery reliability, cost savings and the possibility of flexible space utilization. Many school buildings are currently in need of rehabilitation, conversion or new construction measures. One major challenge is here to implement the projects economically and with on-schedule delivery, but without compromising quality – despite rising construction costs and personnel shortage. As solution, serialized and modular building are brought more and more into focus: precast elements are quickly installed and also require less material and fewer personnel on the construction site. In addition to the high quality of factory-controlled production, this approach ...
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Mesh welding system with fully integrated bending system for Habau precast plant
The Habau Group is an internationally active full-service supplier in the business sectors of building, underground and precast pipeline construction, deep mining, wood construction as well as steel construction/plant engineering. At the location in Perg in Upper Austria, Habau Hoch- und Tiefbaugesellschaft operates one of Austria’s highest-performance precast plants. To further increase automation in the plant, the family-owned company now counts on the new M-System BlueMesh mesh welding system from Progress Maschinen & Automation, a company of the Progress Group ...
Figure: Habau Group
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Special individual magnets for embedded parts in precast plants

Figure: B.T. innovation

The requirements placed on precast concrete elements have been growing continuously in the past years. This trend also means a rising number of embedded parts that precasters must install in the elements. For this, they often resort to individual solutions, putting quality and time efficiency at risk, although this is unnecessary. B.T. innovation GmbH has set itself the task of identifying gaps in the market in precast element production, and of offering the corresponding special solutions. In the installation of embedded parts, solutions with wood, polystyrene or synthetics are frequently used. For fixing these parts in place, gluing or mechanical means such as nails and screws are used as solutions ...
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Compressive strength classes and performance classes of ultra-high-performance concrete (2)

Figure: Leutbecher/Riedel

The axial post-cracking tensile strength (notation: fcft) is the most important material parameter of ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) in tension. It is defined as the maximum nominal concrete tensile stress under axial tension which can be carried by the action of fibers in the cracked state. It therefore corresponds to the maximum value of the stress-crack opening or stress-strain curve in the post-cracking range (Fig. 8d). Several methods have become established for the determination of the axial post-cracking tensile strength of steel fiber reinforced concrete. The axial post-cracking tensile strength is obtained directly in tensile tests conducted on unnotched (Fig. 8a), dog-bone-shaped (Fig. 8b) or notched ...
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Exclusive in BFT
Noise barrier walls and more made by innovative concrete producer in Upper Lusatia
The Betonwerk Schuster GmbH precast factory is manufacturing concrete noise barrier systems, customized precast concrete elements, manhole systems and wastewater treatment plants made as well as ready-mixed concrete at their company and factory location in Cunewalde in Saxony/Germany. The company history dates back to the year of 1952 ...
Figure: BFT International
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Call for Projects
Suggest your project involving precast concrete products for an exclusive report published in the BFT magazine, free of charge
You have completed a construction project with precast concrete products successfully and now, you intend to present this project to your customer base, prospective customers and partners in the BFT trade magazine? Then, send us an email shortly describing the project. Or just call us. If the project is of particular interest to our readers, our editors would even like to pay you a visit for preparing an exclusive coverage for the BFT magazine in close coordination with you. Our service in this regard is free of charge.
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