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Dear Ms Mustermann,
In the hope that you, dear readers, have missed my personal editorials in recent months, I would like to tell you that I am back once again – and regularly from now on. Our esteemed colleague Karla Knitter is expecting and will return in summer from her maternity. The reason for my temporary absence were most of all my many international business trips, now that the long dry period due to Covid-19 seems to be finally coming to an end. And let’s be honest – nothing can really replace personal meetings and talks. In the last months, among others, the BFT editorial team traveled to Barcelona/ Spain, to Lahti/Finland, to the United Arab Emirates. to Gerasdorf/Austria and Toronto/Canada, I returned with fresh impressions from the Canadian Concrete Expo, in order to portray a Canadian and a US precasting plant. This very interesting North America trip was rounded off by a visit to the Precast Show in Columbus, Ohio. Many more trips will follow in the first six months of this year, among others to Birmingham to the UK Concrete Show, to Munich for Bau (D), to Verona for Samoter (I), to Vilnius (LT) for the IPHA Annual Conference – and, of course, again to Ulm for the BetonTage at the end of June, where BFT is traditionally your media partner. I very much look forward to meeting you in person soon.
Yours Silvio Schade
- Anzeige-
Direct fastening of sandwich to concrete with ETA
Live at the BAU exhibition: The MXC fastener from SFS makes direct fastening of sandwich panels to concrete simple, safe and economical. This great solution is the first of its kind to have a European Technical Assessment. Made of high-quality A4 stainless steel, the fastener is ideal even under tough conditions. It has many attributes, such as: can be used close to the edge, has immediate load-bearing capacity, and is weather-sealed.
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Figure: BetonTage/photodesign buhl

67. BetonTage congress 2023
The construction industry accounts for a significant portion of greenhouse gas emis-sions. The Green Deal of the European Union, which envisages Europe to be carbon-neutral by 2050, therefore places particular responsibility on this sector. Circular econo-my, resource efficiency, carbon neutrality in the construction and operation of structures, and digital planning and manufacturing are some of the fields of action identified to usher in the paradigm shift. The concrete and cement industries play an important...
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- Anzeige-
The keyword at Samoter 2023: innovation
The 31st Samoter, from 3 to 7 May 2023 to Veronafiere, will focus on innovation in its broadest sense interpreted through two topics of considerable importance: the ecological transition and the digital transition. The Show, as ever, aims to identify and anticipate trends yet will also provide food for thought about evolution in the sector.
A new exhibition area will be SaMoTer Lab, a full-scale stage for companies keen to share content and discuss the latest topics, including innovation, sustainability, automation, digitalisation, safety, efficiency, de-carbonisation and legal issues.

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Figure: VHV-Anlagenbau

Grade-pure receiving and batching made easy
Debut of the VHV FlatFeeder: in its new ready-mix concrete plant, Weser-Diemel-Beton processes at least 180 tons of gravel and sand per hour. These quantities must be reliably and quickly received as well as placed in storage, grade-pure. A task tailor-made for the innovative reception and batching station for bulk material at VHV Anlagenbau. At the time that Weser-Diemel-Beton (WDB) planned its new ready-mix...
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- Anzeige-
Free Webinar: Future of Precast in Europe
Are you interested in the future of precast concrete? Then the webinar on March 28, at 11:00 AM (CET) "Future of Precast - Market Update and Software Innovations" is just right for you. To start with, the market research company USP will present facts and figures on the development of the precast industry in Europe. ALLPLAN will then share the most exciting innovations in precast design and detailing, such as the Smart Converter for the amazingly efficient creation of precast staircases.
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Figure: MCT Italy

SICEP renews Belpasso precast concrete plant in Sicily
SICEP is a leading company in the design, production, and erection of concrete precast elements for industrial, commercial, and residential building industry and infra-structures. Operating in the market for 70 years, SICEP is now one of the largest manufacturers of Southern Italy with two factories in Sicily. ISO 9001 and 45001 certifications, SOA OG1 and OS13 qualifi-cations allow the company to present...
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- Anzeige-
World of Precast: Experience precast solutions 360° live!
Manufacturing processes and machine technology in modern precast concrete production have changed immensely in recent years. Automation is just one buzzword here. For the decision for the right system technology, the precast equipment specialist Vollert offers an innovative 360° 3D live experience. Experience the latest technology close up in a completely new way in the upcoming World of Precast.

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Figure: David Beer

Precast Panelling embellishes Façade in Paarl/South Africa
Textured precast concrete panelling has been used to dress the street-facing façade of new headquarter premises of fruit export company, Delecta Fruit (Pty) Ltd. Completed in March and fronting onto Paarl’s Main St, the 1,700m² building comprises two office floors and a parking basement. Concrete Manufacturers Association member, Cape Concrete, produced 15 panels for the pro-ject. They were cast with granite aggregate and bush-hammered for a textured finish. “Delecta decided on a textured precast con-crete façade due to the manner in which...
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Figure: Progress

Producing prestressed floors efficiently
Boulogne Composants Béton (BCB), one of France’s long-established precast companies (since 1968), expanded its machinery to keep production efficient and to stay at a top level. The automated machines were pro-vided by Echo Precast Engineering, a Progress Group company. Given how the construction market is evolving, the need to work more efficiently and responsibly with our resources than ever before and to ensure a safe working environment for employees is well-known across the industry. Automated...
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- Anzeige-

Figure: Lutz Hammer / Reckli

New office building of Reckli
In the course of comprehensive extension works at the company headquarters in Herne, Reckli, the leading manufacturer of textured formliners, has had a modern administration building constructed recently. The complete article can be read in the „BetonBauteile Jahrbuch 2023“ yearbook (in German) which is available at the Profil bookstore of Bauverlag. The anthracite façade made of fair-faced concrete with an exceptional wave pattern and three-dimensional effects is the absolute...
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Figure: Fotodesign Andreas Braun

The Reeperbahn in Hamburg shines in new splendor
On the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, one of the best-known streets in Germany, you are now on the safe side, even after dark, because seven suburban S-Bahn train access stair-cases provide a bright façade cladding of innovative light-fiber concrete. The illumi-nated panels were created in collaboration with the company Siut and Hering Bau. Who doesn’t know it, the Reeperbahn in...
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- Anzeige-

Figure: Chaim V. Israel

Quality control of water-reducing admixtures
Measuring the admixture performance by testing the admixture effect on a concrete mix is a procedure that requires the investment of large inputs of skilled man-power and time. This paper presents several test methods that are quick and easy to perform. The results of these tests allow for rapid and accurate determination of...
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