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Dear Sir or Madam,
We are on the move. And by that I mean - as it seems to me personally – not only the ever-faster developments, the innovations and the course of transformation in our sector of industry that is progressing faster and faster, but also the transformation of our media brand that accompanies this process. For the current issue of BFT International, I was fortunate to have an exciting conversation with Dr.-Ing. Jens Uwe Pott, the initiator of Sustainable Precast. Certification programs are an important building block in the transformation of the construction industry, simultaneously providing both an incentive as well as support for companies to focus on their own sustainability strategies. The interview (to be found under specials) provides information on the intention, the core key issues and the procedure leading to certification. You can find a video of the interview on the BFT Interational YouTube channel.Go and take a look! I would also like to recommend the Build the Future ALLPLAN Summit on 23 and 24 April, where I will also be giving a presentation.
But for now, enjoy this newsletter.
Yours, Karla Knitter
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Figure: H. Meudt Betonsteinwerk

Adhesive bonding technique for the curbstones at two parking and rest-stop facilities
Increasing traffic volume on the A3 motorway between Nuremberg and Regensburg/Germany, especially truck traffic, has increased the demand for parking spaces at motorway parking and rest-stop facilities for many years. Especially at night, excess occupation has frequently led to dangerous traffic situations in the existing facilities. In addition, there is a lack of sanitary facilities. For this reason, the German Federal company ...
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Efficient design for automated reinforcement fabrication
Are you interested in automating your reinforcement production? Then join the free Build the Future ALLPLAN Summit on April 23 and 24. Discover the many advantages of mesh welding systems and explore why reliable data is key to success in automated rebar production. Learn how to easily generate plans and data suitable for your individual mesh welding system with Allplan Precast. Register now for the virtual session with Egemen Demirtas on Wednesday, April 24, 2024 from 1:40 PM to 2:00 PM
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Figure: Form+Test

New Alpha 3-3500 compression testing machine
According to the leading motto „acting instead of reacting – developing instead of replicating“, Form+Test Prüfsysteme based in Riedlingen has extended the Alpha 3 testing machine series. Now, they are also manufacturing a compact machine with a maximum test load of 3,500 kN. This allows tests on cube specimens with edge lengths of 150 x 150 x 150 mm up to ...
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Figure: Vollert

Sustainable room modules for social housing in France‘s metropolitan cities
In order to change housing construction in France sustainably, reduce the carbon footprint by 60% and at the same time create affordable housing for many people, the French construction company Muance, founded in 2020, is relying on a new construction system based on industrially prefabricated room modules.The French construction company Muance, which was only founded in 2020, has set itself the goal of transforming residential construction in France in a sustainable way. The goal: to reduce the overall CO2 footprint by 60%. To achieve this, the company is relying on a new construction system based on industrially prefabricated room modules. This was developed with the aim of minimizing the ecological footprint and at the same time creating affordable living space for many people ...
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Figure: Ammann Elba

Construction transport and concrete filling station
High-quality concrete production on the premises of the haulage company A. Heßler in Gräfenberg was a dusty, time-consuming and labour-intensive business. The new fully automatic CFS 30 SL Elba concrete mixing plant from Ammann changes all that. A compact concrete plant – for the company‘s own use and as a concrete filling station – has recently been installed on the industrial estate in Gräfenberg in Bavaria. The CFS 30 SL Elba concrete mixing plant from ...
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Headed anchors as versatile rebar anchorage
PSB® Headed Anchors are a simple, easy to install and effective method of anchoring reinforcement in concrete structures, including foundation and floor slabs, columns, walls, beams, frame corners and corbels. Particularly in areas that are difficult to reinforce, they enable optimisation of the reinforcement layout, save time, and reduce the number of reinforcing bars. They are ETA assessed and CE marked.
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Figure: BFT International


The German government’s sustainability goals are ambitious. The concrete industry is a particular focus of attention. But what, exactly, does “sustainable” mean? For buildings especially, this question is not only of great significance, but is also difficult to answer. The new SUSTAINABLE PRECAST certification program is intended to support the industry on its way toward a sustainable future. The initiator, Dr.-Ing. Jens Uwe Pott, in the following interview with BFT ...
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Figure: PohlCon

Anchorless fastening channel – redesigned and verified
With increasing load requirements and, at the same time, significantly reduced installation space, products for load application must be developed which meet the requirements without the need for deep anchoring. The recently approved anchorless JTB-LA fastening channel from Pohlcon allows loads to be applied to much more slender precast concrete elements ...
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Figure: BFT International

Gradual modernization process of the Creabeton facility in the Swiss Lyss
The gradual modernization of concrete block production line 1 of Creabeton Matériaux in the Swiss town of Lyss has been completed successfully, i.e. the entire dry side of the interlocking paving block making machine. Disassembly of the old plant as well as assembly and commissioning of the new Quadra equipment took place from December 2022 to March 2023 ...
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Figure: ANDECE

Construction projects with precast elements in Spain 2023: Buildings and infrastructure
ANDECE, the Spanish precast association, regularly reports on new projects of its member companies that were completed using precast elements. This article presents examples from the past few months where structural precast elements were used. This third and final part concludes the annual review of some of the most important construction projects of ANDECE Members in which precast elements played a vital role ...
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