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Dear Ms Mustermann,
One certainly does not have to be a prophet to predict that the further development of concrete since the invention of opus caementitium is still a long way from complete. The recent decades in particular have shown the vast potentials still waiting to be unlocked. Just recently, in my home office, I came across study material from the early 1980s, back when I served my apprenticeship as a concrete constructor and bricklayer at the company BMK Dresden. Then, concrete was mainly a relatively easily comprehended three-component system – and, besides, a colorless mass product. At the turn of the millenium, I had just completed my advanced training in concrete technology at the ABZ Mellendorf. By then, matters already looked quite different, owing alone to the demanding calculation of the formulas. And today we are talking about Industry/Concrete 4.0 with additive production in the 3D printing process and UHPC with compressive strengths beyond 150 N/mm², about carbon concrete and textile concrete made of regenerative raw materials and gradient concrete – and going all the way to the program Opus Fluidum Futurum, to mention only a few examples.
Yours Silvio Schade
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WEC Group - Your partner for great concrete plans
At ultramodern equipped sites in Emden (D) and near Paris (F) the WEC Group produces large-size precast concrete elements up to 130 tons in strength classes up to C100/115. In addition, production-intensive and large-volume components as well as very high quantities form part of the core competences of WEC. The production capacity exceeds 1,000 m³ concrete per day and plant. Road and rail in combination with inland waterways and sea routes ensure the worldwide transport of the precast elements.
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Kerkstoel 2000+ produces architectural precast concrete elements for highest demands

Figure: Kerkstoel 2000+

Kerkstoel 2000+ and Vollert in collaboration with Prilhofer Consulting have created a highlight in industrial series production of demanding architectural precast concrete elements in Belgium. A wide variety of precast concrete elements manufactured by the Kerkstoel Group can be found in modern residential and office buildings as well as in shopping malls, railroad stations and airports. In order to continue to set trends, the Belgian specialist in building materials located in Grobbendonk invested in a new solid, double and sandwich wall manufacturing line for versatile building component geometries and customized designs. This enables them to manufacture concrete elements of varying degrees of complexity within the same period ...
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Tall wind turbine towers with 3D-printed concrete bases

Figure: Cobod/GE/LafargeHolcim

GE Renewable Energy, Cobod and LafargeHolcim announced that they will partner to co-develop wind turbines with optimized 3D printed concrete bases, reaching record heights up to 200 m. The three partners will undertake a multi-year collaboration to develop this innovative solution, which will increase renewable energy production while lowering the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and optimizing construction costs. The partners will produce ultimately a wind turbine prototype with a printed pedestal, and a production ready printer and materials range to scale up production. The first prototype, a 10-meter high tower pedestal, was successfully printed in October 2019 in Copenhagen ...
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First order of a complete concrete roof tile plant for Dubai/U.A.E.

Figure: Abece

Abece is very proud to announce that their first concrete roof tile plant for the Dubai area is currently being delivered and installed. This plant is designed for multi-profile production and has future upgrade capability for meeting high market demand. The supply comprises a complete package, including raw materials handling, mixing station, and equipment for field and trim roof tile production. For the batching and mixing system, Abece is working together with its South African partner, Pan Mixers SA (PMSA). “The cooperation with PMSA has been strong since 2007, when we together did our first complete factory installation in South Africa, still being the factory with the highest capacity in Africa. Now we are looking forward to a new successful ...
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Manufacturing of sleepers and steps for retaining walls in Australia
Outback Sleepers Australia was established in January of 2000 and is based in Adelaide with operations having recently expanded to Melbourne. Michael Ineson, the Managing Director and founder of Outback Sleepers has first-hand experience in working with concrete sleepers and concrete wall panels due to his early working years being spent primarily as a retaining wall contractor. Working closely with precast ...
Figure: MCT Italy
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Exclusive in BFT
600,000 connectors for housing projects in the Philippines

Figure: BVT Rausch/Precontech

Just over two years ago we reported in BFT International about a kick-off project by Precontech in the Philippines. At that time, the project involved 38,000 click connectors for a large-scale housing project with 3,000 row houses. Upon completion of the construction project, the total had amounted to around 50,000. In the meantime, four additional construction projects were successfully completed with this system. Near the Philippine capital of Manila, for example, following the San Jose del Monte Residential project with 3,000 units, referred to above, additional projects with a total of 15,000 row houses of the same construction type followed. For this, Precontech delivered around 250,000 click connectors. For the end of 2022, an additional 12,000 dwelling units with around 300,000 ...
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Replacing natural sand by crushed rock in concrete using nonlinear modelling

Figure: Saint Gobain Weber

There is a lot of pressure to stop using natural sand and instead use crushed rock or recycled aggregate in concretes. However, crushed rock tends to have sharp corners, which affect not only the rheology of fresh concrete, but they also affect the strength of hardened concrete. So it is not possible to add large amounts of crushed rock easily. To be able to determine recipes, which satisfy the specifications of fresh and hardened concrete, we need to know how the composition of the recipe affects the variables of those specifications. As we have seen in very many cases, the effects are generally nonlinear. There are also cross term effects of pairs of variables. Linear statistical techniques are therefore not very suitable to describe those relations ...
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Options for finishing cast stone products
SR Schindler based in Regensburg, Germany, supplies a wide range of individual machines and production lines for manufacturing premium-quality products with custom finished surfaces. Using this type of equipment and machinery enables concrete businesses to offer products for any design preference and area of application. Homeowners increasingly focus on a sophisticated look of their floor and wall coverings both in interiors and in outdoor spaces. Many of them favor concrete products for ...
Figure: Godelmann
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