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Dear Mr Mustermann,
you may wonder why this time a different photo smiles out at you, my highly respected colleague and editor-in-chief of BFT, Silvio Schade, has asked me to greet you in this issue. Since December 2018, I have been managing director and publisher of Bauverlag in Gütersloh/Germany. I can say that I am experiencing great pleasure with the BFT brand in our very wide-ranging portfolio of brands on architecture and construction. This is mainly due to the fact that concrete is very close to me personally as building material. In this sense, I wish you much enjoyment with this newsletter.
Yours Michael Voss
New rowing center on Rotsee with fair-faced concrete

The Naturarena on Rotsee (Figure: NOE-Schaltechnik)

Rowing regattas have been held on Rotsee near Lucerne since 1933. No wonder: It is extremely beautiful here and, with a length of 2.5 km, the lake is perfect for the international competition distance of 2,000 m. However, the infrastructure of the sports facility dated back to the early 1960s and was now so old that the Rotsee had no longer been considered as a venue for world championships since 2011. In order to change that, the Naturarena Rotsee Association decided to have the infrastructure completely renewed. That meant not only erecting a new building, but also upgrading paths and open spaces along the shoreline...
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Uniform solution for construction products

Dieter Heller (Figure: Bundesverband Leichtbeton)

The ECJ has ruled that requirements of national building regulations may no longer be imposed on European harmonized construction products. For that reason, the German lightweight concrete industry offers for its products Declarations of Performance under private law, which are intended to supplement the CE markings. “The concept of requirements documentation by a manufacturer’s declaration ensures that all descriptions, declarations of conformity and attestations required by building regulations are available to clients and the construction authorities – from planning and design to implementation,” explains Dieter Heller, the General Managing Director of the Federal Association...
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PRECAST 2019-1 – the latest software update is here
Precast Software Engineering presents its latest PLANBAR version 2019-1, which is available now. The new version captivates above all by: Performance.
Benefit as a user of improved workflows and even faster processes and highest stability.
In addition, PLANBAR offers further optimizations in the data exchange.
Not a PLANBAR customer yet? Find out today about the high-quality solutions of the world market leader for the precast industry Precast Software Engineering.

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New precast concrete plant erected in Denmark

Central transport system (Figure: Weckenmann)

The Danish companies ØSB, Svinninge Beton Industri, Byggebjerg Beton Industri and Abeo form the Industri Beton Holding A/S. This group manufactures a wide range of precast concrete elements for renovation, conversion and for entirely new projects. These include delivery of complete frameworks for structures, including design and erection, as well as elements for facilities, infrastructure, tanks and agriculture. In 2018, the company Svinnninge Beton Industri decided to integrate a new precasting plant in an existing building. The engineering company Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG developed a perfect solution for...
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Special design concrete batching plant for Poland

Concrete Batching Plant for Poland (Figure: Elkon)

Elkon started a new business partnership by supplying Elkomix-60 stationary concrete batching plant to European leading supplier of track superstructure materials for high-speed railways. Polish company, which is one of the biggest high-quality certified sleeper producers with many years of experience, is the supplier of half of the track sleepers and the products of rail network in Poland. Elkon’s tailor made precast concrete plant along with high-speed concrete travelling bucket is supplied for this specific project including all season operation equipments. The Elkomix-60 is equipped with a 1500/1000 l planetary mixer having two discharge gates: one to feed the production line, and one to wash the mixer...
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Exclusive in BFT
Ecological production of concrete pipes with a background in agriculture
The Austrian concrete manufacturer, Betonwerk Koch, focusing its main activities on the production of cost-effective sewerage systems, demonstrates by a photovoltaic system installed on the roof, a concrete processing plant, a bio-composting plant, creative ideas for reuse as well as stork towers that you may not only talk about environmental protection and sustainability but also live accordingly. Betonwerk Koch GmbH, based in the Austrian town of Mattersburg, is specialized in cost-effective sewerage systems and, in particular, in the manufacture of concrete pipes and concrete manholes for the disposal of wastewater...
(Figure: BFT International)
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Production of the first concrete and reinforced concrete columns by means of 3D printing with concrete

Digital Building Fabrication Laboratory (Figure: TU Braunschweig)

To allow individual, fast and cost-effective construction of high quality in the future, for one thing, requires the entire digitalization of manufacturing processes and, for another thing, the manufacturing of structural members needs to be designed in an automated and more flexible manner. In this regard, the concrete 3D printing technology combined with an automated assembly line production is a promising approach. According to estimates of the Federal Statistical Office, Germany has a lack of about one million homes. Moreover, many building structures in Germany are old and dilapidated and need to be replaced as soon as possible. Even if, at present, substantial efforts are undertaken on the part of government and industry to react...
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Four years of journeyman’s travels around the world

Ralf Keßler & Silvio Schade (Figure: BFT International)

As early as in the Late Middle Ages, itinerant tradesmen, or journeymen, were often roaming the roads across Europe. Yet this age-old tradition continues to the present day, even on a worldwide scale. According to Wikipedia, the German concept of “Wanderjahre” – years of travel (also variously referred to in German as “Wanderschaft”, “Walz”, “Tippelei”, or “Gesellenwanderung”) – refers to the time of journeymen’s travels after having completed their apprenticeships and received their certificates. Their aim was to get familiar with new working practices as well as new places, regions and countries, and to gather hands-on experience. During this period, traveling journeymen must not get closer than 50 km to their previous...
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