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Dear Ms Mustermann,
One or the other of you, dear readers, may possibly no longer want to hear or read this anymore – but the COVID-19 pandemic with all its known effects on professional and personal life is unfortunately not yet entirely over. Nevertheless, there is reason for hope and the “normality” that we have so long and painfully missed – e.g., in the form of face-to-face-events – is returning slowly to our everyday lives. The month of November especially has a great deal to offer: You should particularly make a note of the BIBM Congress from 14 to 16 November in Copenhagen – your BFT will be present there, as media partner. The same as at the 66th Betontage from 22 to 24 February 2022, which will take place for the first time at the Congress Centrum Ulm (Maritim Hotel). Jointly with FBF Betondienst in the form of the new Building Congress Forum, BCF, Bauverlag will by the way also act as co-organizer of the BIBM Congress. And not to forget the BFT Wetcast Forum at the Steinbeis-Schule on 25 November, also in Ulm, in a more personal setting that now, following the successful kick-off in 2018, will be continued. It is almost needless to say that I very much look forward to being able to greet you there in person. But first, enjoy reading this newsletter.
Silvio Schade
- Anzeige-
BHS mixer for dynamic projects in Paris
Unibéton, an expert in liquid building materials, produces a wide variety of concrete mixes – from lightweight and high-performance to fibre concrete. In total, the company manufactures around 2,000 formulations, especially for dynamic construction projects like the Grand Paris Express. These formulations require a reliable and fast mixer such as the BHS-Sonthofen’s twin-shaft batch mixer.
More information

Figure: Nicolai Stein

BFT Technical Forum WetCast 2021 – register now!
WetCast products are among the high-end products in the portfolio of manufacturers. The nearly unlimited freedom in shape and coloring creates concrete products with superior surfaces. In addition, they are characterized by advantageous technical properties. All of this makes wetcast products exclusive and sought-after by ultimate customers. After the successful kick-off three years ago, experienced industry experts will once again inform you about the current state of the art ...
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Figure: CRH

Changes at white cement producer CRH
White cement is not simply cement with a different color. It is a special building material that allows architectural visions to be realized. Cement producer CRH (Slovensko) a. s. North Danube, which is part of the Irish parent group CRH and will be operating under the brand name Danucem from October, has done a lot to make this even easier in the future. The manufacturer has expanded its product range from two to eleven different types of cement. This will enable the company to respond even more specifically to the respective requirements in different fields of production and application. It means, for example, that the concrete produced using the white cements will harden more slowly or more quickly in accordance with requirements. It may be more resistant to chemical influences or withstand mechanical attack for longer periods of time ...
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Figure: Progress

Romey expands Plaidt precast plant supported by Progress
Established in 1950 as a masonry block and hollow core slab producer with ten employees in Plaidt, Romey Baustoffwerke has evolved to become a well-known industry player currently employing about 240 people. The company continues to invest in its future and repeatedly decided, within only a few years, to purchase automated reinforcement systems from Progress. The investments will increase the degree of automation at the Plaidt plant, which includes three ...
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Figure: Edge

Germany’s tallest building in slim-floor design
The striking Edge ElbSide office building under construction at the eastern entrance to Hamburg’s HafenCity is a new landmark for the Hanseatic City. The 18-story building with a total rental space of around 24,000 m² provides room for approx. 1,700workplaces. The main tenant will be power company Vattenfall, which will occupy around 80% of the space. Across from the entrance plaza inside the building, an inviting flight of stairs leads up to the mezzanine. From there, an open staircase in the main “thoroughfare” of the building – the “marketplace” intended to promote communication – provides a vertical connection across six floors. The building features green conservatories ...
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Figure: Betonwerk Oschatz

“Our Quality Group is celebrating its 30th anniversary”
In the September issue (BFT 9/2021, pp. 8/9) we reported on the newly elected Executive Board of the Syspro-Gruppe Betonbauteile, as well as on the Group’s joining the “SolidUnit” network. At the end of August, BFT Editor-in-Chief Silvio Schade met with the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Syspro Group, Matthias Schurig, and with the Managing Director, Dr. Thomas Kranzler, (from left to right) in Betonwerk Oschatz in Germany for an interview ...
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Climate-friendly renovation and construction
Do you already know the CU Bau network of Composites United e.V.? Our topic: Lightweight construction in the building industry with fibre composites. New solutions and enormous application potential for climate-friendly and competitive products. Our goal: The entire construction industry - architects, planners, civil engineers, approval authorities as well as construction companies - can use building products with fibre-reinforced concrete and polymer matrix with the corresponding approvals. Benefit as a member...
More information

Figure: Brüninghoff

New plant with emission reducing manufacturing process
Brüninghoff is now expanding its location in Heiden considerably by a new precast concrete plant. However, in this regard, it is not the size that is a decisive factor – on the contrary, it is the trailblazing concept of the manufacturing process. For one thing, recycled concrete will be brought into series production here. For another thing, this process is consequently oriented towards low emission. Currently, Brüninghoff is investing around €10 million in a new precast concrete plant at the location in Heiden ...
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ALLPLAN invites you to virtual Global Summit
On October 20 and 21, ALLPLAN will host the English-language virtual ALLPLAN Global Summit “BUILD THE FUTURE”. Experienced industry experts will share their extensive expertise and where the journey is heading - from an ALLPLAN and industry perspective. Stream 3 is dedicated to prefabrication and features best-practice examples from successful customers as well as an outlook on the upcoming version Planbar 2022. Get ready for the future and
register now for this free-of-charge event

Figure: Paviments Lloseta

Recent projects using precast concrete elements in Spain
Andece presents in the magazine CementoHormigón a series of recent works in cases where the use of precast concrete elements has contributed to the latter to meet requirements such as faster execution, better control of all processes, a drastic reduction in the generation of waste and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. One of the distinctive features of the current construction is the growing demand for solutions that ensure the sustainability of the works. In the case of projects that more or less incorporate precast concrete elements, an optimal sustainability is achieved mainly by seeking greater durability and better efficiency of all processes throughout the stages prior to the asset‘s commissioning (starting from design, through manufacturing and up to assembly). In addition, another growing factor is a greater digital component, which in the case of precast concrete elements is by the increasing ...
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Dosing solutions from KIMIDO KINDLER GmbH
We have the right dosing and weighing technology for you when it comes to dosing powders, pigments, granulates and liquid additives!
You can also find dosing machines for synthetic shortcut fibres or bundled fibres (PUCKs) in our product range!
In addition, all our machines can be adapted to your specific needs!

Visit our website w w w. kimido. com for more information about our dosing machines. 

Figure: Ha-Be Betonchemie

Admixtures enable massive CO2 reduction in concrete
The decarbonization process has long since been initiated by the cement industry and subsequently by concrete manufacturers, who have developed CO2-reduced concrete. The following article highlights the importance of concrete admixtures already in production and explains how cement-bound building materials can be optimized with concrete chemistry in an environmentally sound manner. The German federal government‘s decision to achieve climate neutrality in Germany by 2045 has further increased the pressure, also in the construction industry, to take comprehensive measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The decarbonization process has long since been initiated by the cement industry and subsequently by concrete manufacturers, who have developed, among other products, CO2-reduced concrete. In this context, the following article highlights the importance of concrete admixtures already in production and explains how cement-bound building materials can be optimized with concrete chemistry in an environmentally sound manner ...
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Call for Projects
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You have completed a construction project with precast concrete products successfully and now, you intend to present this project to your customer base, prospective customers and partners in the BFT trade magazine? Then, send us an email shortly describing the project. Or just call us. If the project is of particular interest to our readers, our editors would even like to pay you a visit for preparing an exclusive coverage for the BFT magazine in close coordination with you. Our service in this regard is free of charge.
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