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Dear Ms Mustermann,
Those among you, dear readers, who know me personally will know me as a rather communicative individual, one who is only rarely at a loss for words. These days, unfortunately, everything has changed entirely. Never before has it been so difficult for me to find the right words for a BFT editorial – all too ubiquitous is the global corona pandemic. If, not so long ago, I was travelling, with a cheerful heart, in the USA, Spain and Italy, it is virtually impossible to grasp how the people in all of these countries are currently suffering. In the face of these shocking numbers of infected and dead. But fortunately there are positive signals in our industry, too: in the many telephone calls from my home office, I hear again and again that production, in particular among plant engineering companies, and in many precast plants as well, is still going well, thanks to large long- and medium-term orders. Your technical journal, BFT International – as per current status – will continue to be published on schedule month after month – thanks to the contributions submitted by you. Let’s take an optimistic look together into the future and stay safe and well. Yours, Silvio Schade
Plant systems for the companies SW Umwelttechnik and Zecca Prefabbricati

Figure: Dorner Electronic

In four countries, SW Umwelttechnik produces precast concrete elements in the sectors ranging from pipe engineering to retaining wall systems. In 2017, SW Umwelttechnik decided to modernize its plant systems and selected DornerBatch control solutions for this project. In Bucharest, four mixers are integrated in DornerBatch with one interface to three skip conveyors. The locations in Hungary and Romania were modernized and, in 2019, a new plant was put into operation in the Hungarian town of Alsózsolca. DornerBatch ensures the greatest possible batching precision, simple operation and maximum system reliability. It responds to all challenges of the precast industry in its field. With the DornerBatch Precast Edition ...
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Three new repair mortars for concrete rehabilitation

Figure: Sika Deutschland

Increasing numbers of concrete structures are in need of rehabilitation to ensure their continued useful life. Sika Deutschland GmbH responds to the increasing demand for concrete substitution systems by offering as many as three repair mortars: Sika MonoTop-112 DE, -212 DE and -312 DE are especially suitable for application to concrete substrates with low quality characteristics and are adjusted to the different requirements of the old concrete. The Sika Monotop products Sika MonoTop-112 DE, -212 DE and -312 DE developed by Sika meet the requirements of old concrete classes A1, A2 and A3 in accordance with ZTV W as well as serviceability classes R1, R2 and R3 based on EN 1504-3. The repair mortars can be applied both in the interior ...
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Würschum colour dosing system at Kann GmbH Baustoffwerke
In 2019 the well-known German company Würschum installed a new high precisions granular system COM 70 at Kann GmbH Baustoffwerke in Scherbmeck, Germany. The system is equipped with 10 colour positions which meter in two stationary weigh hoppers. This provides for very short cycle times and unlimited colour matching without changing positions. The system is installed at ground level in one row. On customer’s request 2 colour positions are equipped with movable containers. The colour granules are conveyed by compressed air directly into both concrete mixers.
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Water inlet made of concrete for Rotterdam’s Leuvekolk

Figure: Berding Beton

Work for a complete revamping of the Leuvekolk in the Dutch port of Rotterdam has been underway since last year and is expected to be completed in 2020. The Leuvekolk is a spur of the Rotte River, which opens into the Nieuwe Maas in Rotterdam. The objective here is to make this center of Rotterdam greener and thus more attractive as well as more alive. The core of the revamping project is the installation of a new water inlet weighing 30,000 kg to ensure supply of the Leuvekolk with fresh and clean sweet water. The existing inlet for the sweet water was blocked, which has now been repaired and/or rehabilitated within the scope of the construction measures. In addition, a new sweet-water inlet was installed. This had become necessary ...
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Bristol Group invests in the future with “Innovation made in Italy”
The Bristol Group, known for their industrial and commercial design-build services, established their first precast manufacturing of concrete wall panels in 2003. Bristol’s precast elements have been used in dam rehabilitation projects, highway sound barriers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, commercial offices, parking garages and multi-story residential and commercial projects. Today, more than 60 % of Bristol’s production is delivered to time sensitive projects where Bristol provides engineering, architecture and ...
Figure: MCT Italy
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Webinar: Boost efficiency with laser projection
LAP presents the webinar 'Boost efficiency in precast concrete production by adding laser projection '. Max Mandt-Merck, sales manager at LAP, will explain how to use laser projection systems in order to significantly increase precast concrete parts production. Find out how to accelerate manual set-up at the work stations and increase productivity in production while simultaneously improving precast element quality. See the live demo and get to know our CAD-PRO laser projection system!
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New carousel plant for long-term Ebawe customer HTB

Figure: Ebawe/Progress

Recently, HTB Hoch- und Tiefbaustoffe GmbH & Co. KG has extended their facility located in Könnern, Saxony-Anhalt/Germany. At the end of 2017, Ebawe Anlagentechnik prepared the premises for the construction of the new carousel plant for floor slabs and wall elements. The factory building quickly took shape so that the production plant already started operations in May 2019. The HTB Company is manufacturing aggregates for mixing plants and road construction. The gravel required for this purpose originates from the company‘s own gravel plant. In addition, they are manufacturing wall and floor elements as well as customized precast concrete elements. The history of the company dates back to 1840 when ...
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Exclusive in BFT
Big assembly: Teka high-performance turbine mixer for Swiss-based Favre Betonwaren AG
From October 2018 to March 2019, Swiss-based Favre Betonwaren AG installed a comprehensive new production facility for self-compacting concrete (SCC). At the Däniken headquarters, SCC has long been considered to be a material bringing about major benefits. The new mixing unit was supplied by the German manufacturer Teka ...
Figure: Favre Betonwaren AG
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Functional element instead of “pure” slab (Part 2)

Figure: Stanecker Betonfertigteilwerk

In the first part of this contribution (BFT 4/2020, pp. 52) we have seen that major global topical trends are acting with full force, with changes taking place at an increasingly rapid pace – also in the precast concrete industry. With the examples of nutrition of the future and serial prefabrication in factories (including bridges), we likewise named the first task and innovation areas to which the users of tomorrow will look. The two following examples – concerning new construction materials and their functional integration into building elements – are meant to encourage early searching for market potentials and new business opportunities ...
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