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Dear Ms Mustermann,
After a one-year break due to Corona, the 66th Betontage once again took place, in late June, as an attended event – a new experience, also for BFT International as media partner. The positive response of the more than 1,800 participants attested the organizing team – FBF Betondienst around Managing Director Dr. Ulrich Lotz – a good eye. This was evident both in respect to the new date in mid-summer and the new event venue at Congress Centrum Ulm, as well as to this year’s motto “Sustainable building with concrete”.
Not only since this event has it become clear that our precast concrete industry as well has a gratifyingly high innovation potential, and that we need not fear comparison with other so-called leading industries such as medical and genetic engineering and artificial intelligence. At the two Innovation Panels 5 and 9 moderated by me, for example, every single seat was taken at times. Even I, as “concrete head” of many years standing, couldn’t help but being amazed by what the one or other of the total of 25 speakers presented in the way of the interesting and promising new future-oriented product developments and/or reference projects presented.
I wish you much pleasure in reading this newsletter.
Silvio Schade

Figure: David Beer

Precast concrete arches set the tone for winery in Paarl
Seven Roman-inspired precast concrete arches manufactured by CMA member, Cape Concrete, form the principal architectural feature of a new winery at Bacco Estate, a recently established wine estate fringed by spectacular mountain scenery on the outskirts of Paarl. Due for completion in time for 2022’s January harvest, the winery is a three-tiered structure comprising: a 1 000m ² basement/cellar; a double-volume 1 100m² ground-floor which houses a 700m² tank processing area and a 400m² tasting section. The structure also includes a 200m² first floor administration section and a triple-volume glazed atrium. “We were presented with the basic equipment layout by the ...
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Figure: Leonhard Moll Betonwerke

Reconditioning versus replacement
Sustainable action, apart from climate change and digital transformation, is seen as one of the greatest challenges of our time. The definition of sustainability in this context is by no means so clear as one might think. The common maxim is to use the resources of our earth in such a way that future generations will also be able to satisfy their needs. Consequently social, economic and ecological impacts result that directly and indirectly affect the use or the ...
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Boost your productivity in precast with Planbar
[Whitepaper] The growth in demand for prefabrication is good news for precast designers and manufacturers, but growth brings challenges and requires maximum efficiency across the entire precast process. However, digital solutions specifically developed for the needs of the precast industry are the key to overcoming these challenges and dealing with the increased demand. Learn how to maximize efficiency in precast with the right tools and workflows in this free whitepaper
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Figure: Elkon

Elkon concrete plants arrived in Japan, the countryof technology
Adding new countries to its export geography almost every day, Elkon has finally managed to bring its machinery to Japan, known as the country of technology. A Japanese company that supplies cement, ready-mix concrete, prestressed reinforced concrete products, concrete piles and a wide variety of construction materials with a history of 90 years in the sector and with more than 600 employees, has chosen Elkon for the opening of its new factory in Fukushima. The company decided to ...
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Figure: Progress

Why even automate your production?
There are two questions arising when it comes to automation: Is it at all necessary to automate production processes of prestressed hollow-core slabs? And will there be no more people working in production if we automate? First, we need to understand where we are today regarding the means of industrialization. It all began in 1760 with steam-powered mechanization, then evolved into mass production or so-called Industry 2.0 and went on to Industry 3.0, which was the first one with computers. We are now living in the Industry 4.0, data analytics ...
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Figure: Pohlcon

Memory steel connectors for carbon-reinforced concrete components
Solutions for fastening and connecting thin-walled carbon-reinforced concrete structures were tested within the framework of a research project on “Thermally Activated Connecting Elements in Modular Construction”. Carbon-reinforced concrete is increasingly becoming the focus of attention in the construction industry as an innovative alternative to standard reinforced concrete. A new type of connector for thin-walled carbon-reinforced concrete components was developed on the basis of shape memory alloys and used as a stable, force-locked and linear connection for large façade elements made of carbon-reinforced concrete. Solutions for fastening and connecting ...
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Figure: BFT International

In transition: The new generation of theprecast concrete industry
In 2019, entrepreneur Jens Niendieck acquired what is now BWN GmbH – Betonwerk Niendieck based in Bad Laer in the German State of Lower Saxony, followed by consistent modernization and remarkable growth. This was achieved by expanding the company’s product portfolio, continuously improving existing products, increasing the number of employees from three to 28, and an excellently filled order book. BFT International editor Karla Knitter visited Jens Niendieck in Bad Laer and gained valuable insights into a precast plant in transition. More often than not, corporate succession planning is not an easy task. In the case of BWN, the previous owner of the business founded in 1911 lacked a suitable successor, which is why an external buyer had to be found for the company. Niendieck, who had worked as a sales manager for large precast operations before becoming ...
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Figure: Versuchshalle für Baustoff- und Bauteilprüfung, HBC

Tensile behavior of concrete components reinforced with natural-fiber textiles
In a research project funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU; German Federal Environmental Foundation), the structural behavior of concrete components reinforced with textiles made of flax fibers under uniaxial tensile and flexural loading is being investigated. This article presents the preliminary results of tensile tests involving specimens with two and three layers of reinforcement and varied degrees of weft fineness. In a research project funded by the Deutsche Bundes-stiftung Umwelt (DBU; German Federal Environmental Foundation), the structural behavior of concrete ...
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Direct fastening of sandwich to concrete with ETA
The new MXC fastener from SFS makes direct fastening of sandwich panels to concrete simple, safe and economical. This great solution is the first of its kind to have a European Technical Assessment. Made of high-quality A4 stainless steel, the new fastener is ideal even under tough conditions. It has many attributes, such as: can be used close to the edge: has immediate load-bearing capacity; and it is weather-sealed.

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Figure: Rasmus Hjortshøj

Adidas Halftime: Team of walls supportsroof network
A canteen of distinctive sculptural design has been built on the campus of sporting equipment manufacturer Adidas based in the German town of Herzogenaurach. The idea for the building was developed by Danish architects Cobe in cooperation with Knippershelbig consulting engineers. The complete version of this article (German only) appeared in the BetonBauteile Jahrbuch 2022 available from Bauverlag’s Profil bookstore. An excursion to the “World of Sports” in Herzogenaurach has recently become worthwhile not only for those interested in sports but also for architecture enthusiasts. The Adidas headquarters in the so-called “Herzo Base” near Nuremberg have been continuously expanded over ...
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