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recovery Newsletter 04|2022
Optimized output quality in an innovative standard process
© BHS-Sonthofen
There is currently no way around the issue of resource saving, but how can valuable materials be recycled in the best possible way? Metals in particular are considered important and scarce raw materials whose recovery is essential for the sustainable use of resources. BHS-Sonthofen offers a effective solution for metalliferous residues with a size of up to 25 mm ...
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Fine treatment process recovers valuable metals
Whether automotive shredder residue (ASR), waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) or incinerator bottom ash, they all contain valuable metals which are a real challenge to recover. Making significant investments, BHS-Sonthofen has further optimized its fine treatment process and its key machine, the rotor impact mill. Depending on the input material, BHS adapts this process to individual requirements. The output, however, is always the same: high-quality metal concentrates.
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plastics recovery
Development status of plastics recycling – Rethinking is not enough
Environmental reports often mention the goal of a recycling economy. That is supposed to count for the plastics industry, too, based specifically on extensive recycling of plastic waste. The reality on the other hand presents a very different picture. The global recycling rate is well below 10 %. This market overview provides figures on this topic and examines the current challenges, enabling deeper insights into the situation today. Aspects such as bridging technologies and downcycling are also addressed ...
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metal recovery
Greater performance, efficiency and safety for metal recycler in Japan


When Iwamoto Metal Co Ltd‘s earthmoving excavator, which had been converted for material handling, needed to be replaced, it was clear that the new machine had to be more powerful and at the same time incur lower operating costs. The new material handler is custom-built and perfectly adapted to the material handling conditions on site: a SENNEBOGEN 830 E with 4.5 m pylon and 132 kW electric drive ...
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URT - Country's first end-of-life refrigerator recycling plant in Isreal
URT is building the country's first end of life refrigerator recycling plant in Isreal for its customer Electra Recycling. The plant complies with the European CENELEC standard. Further, the plant enables the recovery of all refrigerants and blowing agents, thus ensuring a proper depollution of the appliances. Through shredding and several separation steps, valuable materials with a high degree of purity are recovered. Already delivered, the end of life refrigerator recycling plant is currently in the assembly phase. For more information visit URT on LinkedIn

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waste recovery
STADLER and ZenRobotics build the one of the most advanced materials recovery facility in the European Union with Remeo
© Stadler
STADLER and ZenRobotics have built the pioneering new sorting plant with Remeo Oy, a Finnish company specializing in environmental management. STADLER designed the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in collaboration with Remeo and built it, while ZenRobotics supplied AI-based robotics waste sorting technologies. The facility, located in the Greater Helsinki Region in Finland, stands out not only for the state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, cutting-edge processes, and high level of automation ...
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For 30 years we’ve been propelled by a vision of a zero waste world. This relentless drive to transform waste into valuable resources has made us the leading provider of wet processing solutions. We look forward to seeing you at bauma Munich on 24-30 October 2022 to discuss your equipment needs and material challenges.

Join us at bauma 2022 to find out how we can turn waste into value for your business.

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Operations start at the Hannover Recyclables Center (HWG)

© Hagedorn

Less than two years have passed since the groundbreaking ceremony in December 2020. Now, the Hagedorn Group of Companies opened the Hanover Recyclables Center (HWG) at the end of April. In the three recyclables halls with a total area of 13 000 m², 84 types of waste, including building materials and mineral waste, can be treated, recycled and disposed of. Hagedorn is thus putting another high-performance site into operation ...
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save the date
International E-Waste Day to focus on small electronic items
This year, the main focus of International E-Waste Day (#ewasteday) taking place on 14 October, will be those small electrical devices that we no longer use but keep in drawers and cupboards or often toss in the general waste bin. Organised by the WEEE Forum, International E-Waste Day has become a critical awareness raising event, providing a platform for organisations across the world as they try to tackle the e-waste challenge ...
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recovery 04|2022
Cover recovery 04/2020
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Semipermeable membrane covers
Handling of difficult-to-process materials
AI based sorting plants
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