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ZKG Newsletter 10|2022
How to save 20% electric energy in Maerz PFR lime kilns
Maerz Ofenbau AG and Grupo Calidra successfully installed and commissioned a high-pressure radial fan on a Maerz PFR lime kiln, thereby saving 20% of electric energy consumption compared to roots blowers (rotary piston blowers). [Photo: TebNad]
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BEUMER Group: U-shape conveyor
The U-shape conveyor allows the implementation of narrower curve radii than a troughed belt conveyor and higher mass flows than a pipe conveyor. At the same time and contrary to the troughed belt conveyor, it protects the material conveyed from environmental influence and the environment from material loss and emissions. Thus this u-shaped conveying solution has proven to be an ideal alternative in the cement industry as well as in port terminals if high capacity is required with little space available.
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New cement partnership to eliminate fossil fuels by electrifying clay calcination
To further decarbonise the cement industry, FLSmidth and a series of leading industry experts have formed a new partnership called ECoClayTM. To reduce CO2 emissions from cement production by up to 50%, the ECoClay partners will develop and commercialise the technology needed to replace fossil fuels in the calcination of clay by fully electrifying the process. [Photo: FLSmidth]
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Feasibility study to synthesize methane from cement derived CO2 for supply through city gas pipelines
Taiheiyo Cement Corporation and Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. have agreed to jointly conduct a comprehensive study toward realizing a decarbonized society. As a first step in the collaboration, the two companies will start a feasibility study on the synthesis of methane from highly concentrated CO2 recovered from the cement manufacturing process for supply through city gas infrastructure in the future. [Graph: Taiheiyo Cement]
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Calucem invests $35M in a new CAC plant in the USA
August 1, 2022
Specialty cement manufacturer Calucem will enhance the presence in the USA by developing a manufacturing facility in New Orleans with an investment amounting to $35 M. Calucem, a subsidiary of Cementos Molins, is the world’s second-largest producer of calcium aluminate cement, a high-performance product applied in a variety of commercial and industrial uses.
Calucem plans to develop the facility at a nine-acre site on the Industrial Canal. The facility is expected to begin operations in Q3 2023.

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Cemex successfully turns CO2 into carbon nanomaterials


Cemex has announced that it has successfully tested a process that converts flue gases emitted by the cement kiln into carbon nanomaterials, thereby transforming “bad” carbon into “good” carbon. Due to their unique mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical properties, carbon nanomaterials have several potential applications in a wide array of industries, from construction to biomedicine.
This technology was born out of Smart Innovation, Cemex’s internal open innovation platform, and was one of the winners of the 2019 innovation competition. Cemex’s Research and Development area continued to develop the concept.
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Book review
Characterize structural changes in cementitious building materials by acoustic non-destructive testing methods

[Cuvillier Verlag]

The original title of the German dissertation by René Tatarin is “Charakterisieren struktureller Veränderungen in zementgebundenen Baustoffen durch akustische zerstörungsfreie Prüfverfahren”. In this research, structural changes of cement-based building materials are characterized using two ultrasonic transmission-based methods of non-destructive testing (NDT) with mechanical waves.
An overview of essential theoretical, metrological and material-related fundamentals of acoustic non-destructive testing methods for the investigation of cementitious building materials is given. Special issues concerning wave propagation in fresh cementitious systems as well as laser-induced excitation are analytically considered.
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Behind the scenes
“A magic dwells in each beginning” says Hermann Hesse, but it is actually not the first thing that comes to mind when moving. Because before the move, there is planning and organization until even the last pencil, the last cable is packed away – especially when an entire publishing house is moving. In mid-July 2021, Bauverlag moved to its new home in Kaiserquartier in the center of Gütersloh. [Photo: Anke Bracht]
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Highlights of the Current Issue
Retrospective: Cement industry development
Principles of fast-setting mortars and concretes
Types and characteristics of NOx in cement plant
Rohrdorfer is first cement plant in Germany to build CO2 separation plant Rohrdorfer
The pioneering role has a long tradition
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