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ZKG Newsletter 15|2022
Building materials – latest developments to be presented at
ibausil 2023
From September 13 to 15, 2023, the 21st ibausil will take place in Weimar. After a break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a highlight on the current state of knowledge in the field of building materials. New research and developments regarding the performance of building materials, especially also in the field of cement, lime, gypsum and concrete, will be presented. Another very important item on the program will be sustainable, preferably CO2-neutral or CO2-saving production. [Photo: Matthias Lieboldt]
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Rethinking the Machine
The BEUMER Group has completely redesigned and overhauled its BEUMER paletpac® range of robust palletizers. The modular machines now have identical or similar components and modules and – wherever possible – are based on the same design. The total number of components has been reduced and faster deliveries are possible. If replacement parts are later needed, this will also go faster. Now up to 6.000 bags per hour can be palletized in the cement industry.
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Holcim Germany becomes Impact Partner of the
Cradle to Cradle NGO
As a pioneer in sustainable, climate-friendly construction, Holcim Germany is committed to the goal of a circular economy. Through the Impact Partnership with the C2C NGO, Holcim is expanding its network for the resource turnaround to jointly develop innovative solutions for a circular construction industry.
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GBFS Focus 2030

OneStone Research

OneStone Consulting Ltd. in Varna/Bulgaria has released a new market report on the future of granulated blast furnace slag (GBFS) with unmatched information on the production and utilisation of this type of cementitious material. The iron & steel industry is in a transition to low-carbon steelmaking.
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Starlinger unveils the cement bag of the future


Block bottom valve bags made of woven plastic are not only a tear and moisture-resistant packaging for dry bulk goods – they are also becoming an increasingly sustainable packaging alternative in this sector. “With our packaging technology, we want to promote the growing focus on sustainability in the industrial sector and offer packaging manufacturers innovative and viable solutions,” explains Hermann Adrigan, Head of Sales at Starlinger.
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100 years of Aumund: How an inventor and engineer’s office became an international conveying and storage technology brand
On 3 August 1922 Heinrich Aumund founded the company for Aumund-Patente MB.H. in Berlin, an invention and engineering office, which laid the cornerstone for the globally operating Aumund Group of companies, today employing around 500 people of more than 30 nationalities. With approximately 24000 references in around 150 countries, the Aumund Group is one of the global players and technology leaders in high-performance conveying and storage of bulk materials. [Photo: Aumund]
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Global Cement and Concrete Association and Athena Sustainable Materials Institute announce partnership to produce on-demand EPDs
The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) and Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, a leading think tank in sustainable construction and life cycle assessment, have announced a partnership to produce environmental product declarations (EPDs) on-demand for concrete producers in North America. The EPD on-demand service will enable concrete producers to quickly, accurately and cost effectively produce verified EPDs of their products at the click of a button.
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Highlights of the Current Issue
Energy and cost savings by retrofitting a state-of-the-art dry grinding separator system in a cement plant
New version of GB16780 brings challenge and opportunity for Chinese cement industry
Optimising life cycle and efficiency of products and manufacturing processes
Better decisions in cement strength prediction with artificial intelligence
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