Highlights of LIGNA 2017
The timber industry sets course for digitalization

The timber industry sets course for digitalization

LIGNA 2017
More efficiency – greater productivity! 22 - 26 May 2017 – Hannover
New layout for 2017
Furniture sector hotspot
Handicrafts 4.0
Energy from Wood
Forestry and technology
Guided Tours
Wood Industry Summit
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“Making more out of wood” is the lead theme of LIGNA 2017.  The forestry and woodworking industries can be more efficient thanks to digitalization concepts and technologies that have lived up to their potential in other industries.
LIGNA is the world’s leading trade show for machinery, plants, and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industries. At the heart of the show in 2017 are intelligent concepts for integrated manufacturing – across all process steps. Special formats such as Processing of Plastics and Composites and the Wood Industry Summit enrich the program even further.
What exactly can you expect in Hannover from May 22 to 26, 2017? Find out here!

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Industry and craftsmen are in the know

The new layout at LIGNA makes it easier for visitors to get a global view of the market. The clear structure and intelligent special formats make all the trends in technology accessible to craftsmen and the industry.

Discover the furniture industry in Hannover

The new hall plan brings wood craftsmanship and industrial woodworking together. The main focus is on cutting edge technology.

Latest trends
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Where users meet

Learn all about processing various materials from solid wood to plastics and composites.

Energy from Wood – exchange knowledge and information

Everything you need to know about decentralized power generation and utilization, and how to optimize the use of energy in the forestry industry.

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Where the forest and technology are one

The new LIGNA layout creates synergy effects between forestry and sawmill technology, energy, and derived timber product manufacturing.

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Guided Tours to LIGNA highlights

Integrated manufacturing / automation, workshop of the future, plastics and composites are the tour themes in 2017!

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Wood Industry Summit – Access to Resources and Technology

The Wood Industry Summit is the number one international meeting place for the primary industry. It’s the perfect stage to make global connections in the value-adding groups that make up the forestry and timber processing industries.

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