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PLEXIGLAS® Newsletter 2016 #2
Dear reader,
What does a steam bath have in common with a work of art and a hospital with a bike path? You guessed it: PLEXIGLAS®. The sample applications that we’d like to present to you this month could hardly be more different from each other. A Swiss steam bath should look really good, even when the lights are on. For his project in New York, an artist was looking for a material that was easy to process and available in a wide range of colors. Enormous flowers added a splash of color to a gray hospital in the United States. And a bike path in New Zealand needed to be put in the proper light.
PLEXIGLAS® meets all of these different demands - and many more - but check it out for yourself!
Enjoy reading,
Flowers from us ...
PLEXIGLAS® BloomNot just for kids: at a US children’s hospital, these flowers made of colorful PLEXIGLAS® Satinice are turning gray hospital life into a riot of color. Thanks to fingerprint-resistant PLEXIGLAS®, patients and visitors can use control panels to operate the giant pinwheels, which are up to two meters in size.
A path of light
PLEXIGLAS® LightpathMountains, lakes, valleys, coasts - or does New Zealand make you think of bicycling? The NZ metropolis of Auckland is currently working on a megasized, million-dollar infrastructure project. For bicycles! The ideal light-scattering properties of PLEXIGLAS® Satinice Snow will be providing safer lighting.
Art meets recycling in New York
PLEXIGLAS® Water towerMoMa, Guggenheim, The Met - it’s easy to become disoriented among the over 1300 museums and galleries in New York. However, there’s one part of the city where you can never lose your bearings: made of over 1000 pieces of brightly colored PLEXIGLAS® - Tom Fruin’s Watertower ...
Cold outside? Join us in an unusual steam bath
PLEXIGLAS® Steam bathWhat are you supposed to do when the weather’s this crappy? A steam bath is our favorite retreat. And today you’re coming with us in a special place - the walls and benches in such extreme and variable climated room are all made of PLEXIGLAS® Satinice.
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