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PLEXIGLAS® Newsletter 2016 #3
Dear reader,
We can’t wait for spring to come, so we can go for walks again, set off on day trips and work in the garden. Of course, we can do all that in the winter months too, but we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a lot more fun when the days are warmer, and nature is bursting with new growth and blossoms.
PLEXIGLAS® accompanies you through the spring, with a sun spiral or a colorful journey around the world. Or, for those who prefer to wait a little before venturing outdoors, with an excursion to an illuminated art installation or a trip to the solarium. World Water Day is also coming up in March. What does all that have to do with PLEXIGLAS®? Find out for yourself! But we can tell you this: PLEXIGLAS® brings plenty of color and light into our lives, especially in spring.
Enjoy reading,
We're off to get some sun up ahead!
PLEXIGLAS® MegasunWith PLEXIGLAS® LED, it's not just the tanning beds that bring light to this solarium in the drabness of winter. The material's elegant velvety surface also adds a touch of class to this luxury spa.
Who needs flowers?
PLEXIGLAS® SunspiroPlanting flowers, weeding and watering are very time-consuming. We've opted for a different way to add color to the garden - the SunSpiro®. It involves not only on gardening at all, it also glows attractively even in twilight. This effect is enabled by fluorescent PLEXIGLAS®.
Spring walk in the woods? How boring!
PLEXIGLAS® FinkdesignWhere's your favorite place to go for a spring walk? In the woods? How boring! Come along with us: Into "The Journey" - the art installation made of PLEXIGLAS® Satinice White by Australian artist Robert Foster.
Join us on a trip around the world!
PLEXIGLAS® worldmapWe're packing our bags and taking a map along. But it's a very special map, made of PLEXIGLAS®! This world map measuring six square meters, the continents were engraved in a transparent PLEXIGLAS® sheet and edge-lit with RGB LEDs.
Have you washed your hands today? Had a shower, or a hot drink?
PLEXIGLAS®Just imagine a day without water. Impossible, isn't it? On 22nd March was "World Water Day", which draws our attention to this vital resource. For many people, access to clean water is not an everyday occurrence. This washbasin made of transparent PLEXIGLAS® is not something one sees every day, either.
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