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PLEXIGLAS® Newsletter 2016 #8
Dear reader,
It probably is not news to you that PLEXIGLAS® is incredibly versatile. However, the wide range of application possibilities continues to astound even us. Our theme world for September again is impressive proof of this versatility. Whether architecture and design, light and colors, creativity and functionality - the material is completely at home in all of these areas.
Our theme world again reflects this color and variety. Admire sturdy yet refined transparent walls in a swimming pool in southern France, discover the application options for our acrylic glass in a caravan, or marvel at the creativity of designers who shaped a fruit basket out of PLEXIGLAS®. But that is not all: PLEXIGLAS® is also showing its strengths in acoustic sails and is creating completely new sound experiences in a concert hall. And last but not least, we invite you to join us for a world record attempt. We are putting together the world’s largest glowstick - with the help of PLEXIGLAS®.
September therefore promises to be a colorful journey through the many ideas of engineers, designers, interior decorators, or artists that are inspired by PLEXIGLAS®.
Enjoy reading,
Turns two pools into one
PLEXIGLAS® Twin Pools in Bompas“There is no sky as blue,” said Henri Matisse about southwestern France. There is also no double pool as blue in southwestern France: An upper and a lower pool, separated by a wall made of PLEXIGLAS® block...
Feast for all senses: the sound and the color playing
PLEXIGLAS® Sound PanelsFor a long time, the ceiling in the “large broadcasting hall” of the NDR state radio station absorbed too much sound and volume. Acoustic sails made from original PLEXIGLAS® remedied this situation...
Isn’t this appetizing?
PLEXIGLAS® KitzbuehelWe eat with our eyes. Who wouldn’t want to reach for the content of this imaginative fruit basket? The basket is made from PLEXIGLAS® and looks different from every angle...
How big can a glowstick get?
PLEXIGLAS® Glowstick Glowsticks are useful helpers. You can mark your fishing pole in the dark or create completely new forms of dance. But how big can a glowstick get? Three meters...
Get in. Start driving. Late into the night
Resourceful people travel in the fall. Caravan travel is independent of weather, seasons and planning. It's raining outside? No matter, the "Orbis" ceiling light with original PLEXIGLAS® ensures atmospheric lighting inside...
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