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Drug delivery services
Table of contents
Our oral drug delivery services portfolio
Our laboratory capabilities
Lipid-based drug formulations
Technical forums at CRS 2017
Challenges of developing and manufacturing complex formulations
Bioavailability & solubility: new approaches to enhance drug performance
License for handling of controlled substances
Seminar program 2017
Dear reader,
After selecting your active pharmaceutical ingredient – regardless of whether that is a small molecule or piece of messenger RNA - the next challenge usually revolves around drug delivery options. Is it suitable for an oral dosage form? Does it need to be encapsulated in a polymer or lipid? Or alternatively, is it subject to degradation and needs to be modified before parenteral administration?
Evonik has helped drug developers address such questions for several decades. With a worldwide network of oral application laboratories, our technical experts are probably already in close proximity to you. Equipped with state of the art technology for formulation design and development.
For parenteral formulations, Evonik has two centers of excellence. One in Birmingham, Alabama, where we develop and manufacture parenteral dosage forms based on polymer microparticles. And a second one in Burnaby, Canada formerly known as Transferra Nanosciences. The colleagues of this newly acquired CDMO are recognized as global experts in the development and manufacturing of lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulations.
I hope you will enjoy reading about our latest developments in the drug delivery sector and I look forward to talking with you soon about your challenges.
Don Enns
Head of Global Drug Delivery
Don Enns
Head of Global Drug Delivery
Oral drug delivery services portfolio
Our oral drug delivery services portfolio
Customized release profiles with EUDRAGIT® 
During more than 60 years of EUDRAGIT® and more than 20 years of HPAPI handling, we gained sound expertise in formulation development and deep process know-how. To provide you with the best possible support, we have an international team of highly-qualified and experienced scientists who are ready to support you. Our portfolio includes:
Feasibility studies
Formulation and process development
Analytical method development
Pre- and clinical trial material manufacturing
For oral delivery, we can optimize formulations for the full range of solid dosage forms, including monolithic and multi particulate formulations. We have specific expertise in:
Solubility enhancement
Bioavailibilty enhancement
Alcohol resistance
Specific release profiles for your API
Taste- and odor masking
Our EUDRATEC® technology platform offers innovative, unique and flexible oral formulations in combination with our EUDRAGIT® polymers. They are robust, scalable and commercially viable and well suited to address unmet medical and regulatory needs. The EUDRATEC® technologies utilize standard equipment for manufacturing and are IP-protected - a perfect opportunity for you to gain a competitive edge for your product.
Learn how to design specific release profiles with EUDRAGIT® and EUDRATEC® on SlideShare
Formulation and application laboratories
Lab capabilities
Our laboratory capabilities
Formulation and application labs 
We operate 12 formulation and application laboratories worldwide to support you in the fields of oral and parenteral formulations.
Take a look at the infographic showcasing our lab capabilities
Liposome technology & know-how
Lipid-based drug formulations
Core expertise and infrastructure 
Our range of services extends from formulation prototype identification, manufacturing process development and scale-up, analytical method development and validation to sterile product manufacturing under cGMP for Phase I-III clinical trials.
We not only have experience in lipid-based drug formulations such as liposomes, emulsions and micelles, but also in the development of polymer-based formulations, which rely on the use of core technologies such as controlled mixing approaches, diafiltration and sterile filtration.
We have experience working with virtually all classes of pharmaceuticals, ranging from small molecule drugs (including cytotoxics) to peptides, proteins and RNA- and DNA-based therapeutics.
At a glance, our portfolio includes:
Formulation development
Manufacturing process development, scale-up and GLP test article preparation
Analytical support
cGMP facility
Quality unit performing quality assurance and quality control
Learn more about the benefits and complex formulations of Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) drug delivery systems on SlideShare
Controlled Release Society 2017
CRS 2017
Technical forums at CRS 2017
We will be hosting two technical forums at CRS 2017 about innovative formulation technologies:
Innovative formulation toolbox of EUDRATEC® technologies for oral drug delivery
Liposomes, nanoparticles and microparticles for parenteral drug delivery
The oral drug delivery formulation technologies forum will be hosted by Firouz Asgarzadeh, Director Technical Services North America. The parenteral drug delivery formulation technologies forum will be hosted by Tom Tice, Senior Director Global Technical Marketing, and Norbert Maurer, Director R&D Liposomes.
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External publications on drug delivery
The Medicine Maker
Challenges of developing and manufacturing complex formulations
Conventional formulation tactics do not work for all drugs, but more complex solutions, such as liposomes and microparticles, are giving rise to new opportunities in drug delivery and drug targeting. In this roundtable of the Medicine Maker, experts discuss the trends and challenges in the development and manufacture of complex dosage forms.
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Drug Development & Delivery Magazine
Bioavailability & solubility: new approaches to enhance drug performance
Among all newly discovered chemical entities, about 40% are lipophilic and fail to reach the market due to their poor water solubility.
Solubility issues complicate drug delivery, but there is an array of techniques available to enhance solubility and improve the bioavailability of these drugs.
This special feature of the Drug Development & Delivery magazine highlights many of those techniques, how to determine the right technique for your compound, and how some pharmaceutical companies are realizing faster time to market as a result.
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Latest drug delivery news
License for handling of controlled substances
Evonik has received a license for handling of controlled substances.
We are now able to provide oral development services for controlled substances utilizing our EUDRAGIT® polymers and EUDRATEC® technologies.
Contact your local Evonik Health Care representative to discuss your relevant oral development services
Seminar program 2017
Experience science - our passion since 1974.
We offer seminars and online trainings on oral drug delivery, functional nutraceutical supplements and medical devices to share our know-how built up over many years with you.
The information you will acquire in our seminars provides you with the latest application know-how you need for your daily work.
Let's learn from one another!
Take a look at our 2017 seminar program, register and join us
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