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GCB Newsletter 01 | 2018

New Year - New You - New Work!

Happy New Year to all of you! The first month of the year is nearly completed and we have kept our eyes and ears open to find out what’s newsworthy. Turns out, this month the topic of new work keeps popping up everywhere.

GCB Managinig Director, Matthias Schultze, shares his insight about the User Experience and Sabine Sauber, Head of Marketing at Design Offices GmbH, explains the need for different work environments in the future.

Furthermore, we will provide you with the latest incentive trends in Germany and how an exhibition hall was turned into a nirvana.

Finally, we ask the question: “Do you know how to successfully use hashtags in your event communication?” We have your how-to guide.

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User Experience: It's all about the experience

Face-to-face meetings and emotional experiences increasingly compete with digital media. GCB Managing Director, Matthias Schultze provides you with insights on how to create a user experience that is charged with emotions and will leave a lasting impression.

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New Work: How will we work in the future?

The fundamental values of New Work are freedom, independence and community according to Frithjof Bergmann. Since New Work has become more than a buzzword, the GCB interviewed Sabine Sauber, Head of Marketing at Design Offices GmbH, to explain the need for different work environments in the future.

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What’s Next in Incentives? A Chat with Munich, Hamburg & The Maritim Hotels

We caught up with Florian Gerdes of the Hamburg Convention Bureau, Mark Spivey of the Maritim Hotels and Janine David-Steinhart of the Munich Convention Bureau to learn more about what sets Germany apart for incentive travel and to talk trends.

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Vintage Cars Roll into Nuremberg for RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA Show

The NürnbergMesse became nirvana for classic automotive enthusiasts in December 2017 as the 2nd annual RETRO CLASSICS® BAVARIA event rolled into the historic walled city in style.

Find out what made this event so unique







Why hashtags are the cornerstone of digital event communication

Here is a no-brainer: You need social media for successful event communication. Have you ever wondered how important hashtags are in this context? Spoiler alert! They are a crucial element. Not to worry though, we have your how-to guide to hashtags.

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Take our survey and reveal your meeting personality

One size fits all was yesterday! Find out what kind of meeting participant you are. Simply take our Future Meeting Space Survey and learn more about yourself as well as your meeting participants.

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New Members in the GCB

The GCB welcomes its newest member and partner:
Congress Zentrum Saar GmbH

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