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30.11.2018 Issue  6-2018 / Imprint
A clothbound gift
Dear Reader,
In 1725 Johann Sebastian Bach presented his wife Anna Magdalena with a little notebook. This prettily-bound blank volume with gilt-edged pages was then used as a musical album by the singer. Not only Anna Magdalena, but also her husband, his son Carl Philipp Emanuel and other individuals wrote down their own compositions in it, as well as pieces by third parties.
We have had an Urtext edition of this collection of predominantly easy piano pieces - there are also some pieces for singers in it - for some time. But we are now also making it available in a high-quality clothbound edition, entirely in the spirit of Bach's gift to his wife.
Perhaps you know of someone you might like to give it to? » more information and purchase
You'll find information about our other new Urtext editions in this newsletter.
With very best wishes

Dr. Wolf-Dieter Seiffert
Managing Director
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Johannes Brahms
Chaconne from Partita no. 2 d minor (Johann Sebastian Bach), Arrangement for Piano, left Hand
Editor: Valerie Woodring Goertzen, Fingering: Markus Bellheim
Urtext Edition, Arrangement for Piano, paperbound
The d-minor Chaconne is undoubtedly the most famous movement of all of Bach's 6 Sonatas and Partitas for violin solo. Johannes Brahms marvelled at how a single staff of music could offer "a whole world of the deepest thoughts and the mightiest emotions".
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Franz Liszt
Spring night from Song Cycle op. 39 (Robert Schumann)
Editor: Annette Oppermann, Preface: Mária Eckhardt
Urtext Edition, Arrangement for Piano, paperbound
Robert Schumann's "Frühlingsnacht" ("Spring night") was one of his most popular songs even in the 19th century. Franz Liszt made a piano arrangement of it that in the space of under 70 measures emerges as a veritable concert piece.
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Sergej Rachmaninoff
Piano Sonata no. 2 b flat minor op. 36, Versions 1913 and 1931
Editor: Dominik Rahmer, Fingering: Marc-André Hamelin
Urtext Edition, paperbound
Finally, we are able to offer one of Rachmaninoff's most important, most substantial piano works in a meticulous Urtext edition that does justice to the work and to the editorial difficulties it raises.
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Camille Saint-Saëns
Piano Concerto no. 5 F major op. 103 (Egyptian)
Editor: Peter Jost, Piano reduction: Johannes Umbreit, Fingering: Pascal Rogé
Urtext Edition, Piano reduction, paperbound
This was the last concerto that Saint-Saëns wrote for his own instrument, the piano. Its subtitle has a dual meaning. Firstly, it was composed quickly in Luxor and Cairo in early 1896; and secondly, the composer incorporated elements of Egyptian and oriental music within it.
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New Publications String Instruments
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Johannes Brahms
String Sextet no. 1 B flat major op. 18
Editor: Katrin Eich
Urtext Edition, paperbound
The Sextet in B flat major was already judged to be "one of the most beautiful works by this young composer" after its initial performances in early 1861 and has retained this status to the present day.
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Johannes Brahms
String Sextet no. 1 B flat major op. 18
Editor: Katrin Eich
Urtext Edition, Study score, paperbound
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New Publications Wind Instruments
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Anton Bruckner
Two Aequali for three Trombones
Editor: Dominik Rahmer
Urtext Edition, paperbound
In spite of the pieces' early date, the romantic, expressive harmonies of the two brief Aequale already reveal the "true" Bruckner, and look forwards to the chorale-like trombone passages in his later symphonies.
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Johann Baptist Georg Neruda
Concerto for Horn (Trumpet) and Strings E flat major
Editor: Dominik Rahmer, Piano reduction: Christoph Sobanski, Cadenzas: Reinhold Friedrich
Urtext Edition, paperbound
One of the best-loved trumpet concertos today is actually a horn concerto: Neruda composed it in about 1750 at the Dresden Court, where he met the greatest horn virtuosos of the day.
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Video: Music retailers on Debussy Urtext
The centenary year of Debussy's death is soon over. We asked music retailers in three different parts of the world what they think of our Debussy editions.
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Audio link (YouTube) to all of our editions
Have you heard? Our new website utilises what the Internet has to offer to an even greater degree. So now, alongside the information you can read about each edition, you'll also find a YouTube link.
For example, if you open the page with Schumann's "Scenes from Childhood" in our online catalogue, you'll find a button to perform a search for the composer and the title of the edition on YouTube. Before you know it, you can also listen to the pieces you are interested in.
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New: Music manuscript notepad in Urtext look
"Notes" is the name we have given to our blank music manuscript books. They are available as gift items in both » small (A6 format) and » large (Urtext format) sizes.
By popular request, our "notes" family has grown - we now also have a music manuscript notepad. It is in A4 format and comprises 100 pages of our yellow-white music paper, all of which are detachable, with 12 staves per page. And as you have probably already guessed, the cover is made of the same characteristic Henle-blue cardboard as our Urtext editions.
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Henle Blog - the latest posts
26 November 2018
Debussy in Urtext - Part 6: Interview with Pascal Rogé
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12 November 2018
A tear for or from Rossini?
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29 October 2018
Rachmaninoff revises Rachmaninoff. On the two versions of the Second Piano Sonata op. 36
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15 October 2018
From sketch to first edition: the (almost) seamless source documentation of Edward Elgar's violin sonata
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1 October 2018
"Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit!" - Four famous composers at the Wiesn.
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