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31.07.2015 Issue  4-2015 / Imprint
New Urtext edition following discovery of new Mozart manuscript
Dear Reader,
What does sensational really mean? Although the term is used quite frequently, it certainly fits when a large part of a missing manuscript for one of the best-known piano sonatas by one of the most famous composers surfaces: this is truly sensational!
And this is what happened last autumn at the Budapest National Library. Part of Mozart's manuscript for the Sonata in A major K. 331 (the one with the famous "Alla Turca") was discovered quite by chance. Using this source I was able to produce the first and from now on probably single definitive Urtext edition of the sonata. A rare if not unique task for a Mozart scholar in which a great deal of lifeblood flowed, as I'm sure you can imagine.
You'll find the finished piano sonata amongst our numerous new publications. In addition there is a » video that contains a great many details and audio examples.
I hope you have a sensational summer!
With very best wishes

Dr. Wolf-Dieter Seiffert
Managing Director
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New Publications Keyboard Instruments
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Brahms, Johannes
Piano Concerto no. 2 in B flat major op. 83
Editor: Johannes Behr, Piano reduction: Johannes Umbreit, Fingering: Lars Vogt
Urtext Edition, Piano reduction
Shortly after a rather unsuccessful performance of his Piano Concerto no. 1, Johannes Brahms wrote to Joseph Joachim in 1859: “... a second one will sound different”.
» read more
Granados, Enrique
Goyescas - Los majos enamorados
Editor: Ullrich Scheideler
Urtext Edition, paperbound
The Spanish composer Enrique Granados left a varied and wide-ranging oeuvre, but it is above all his piano music that is still very much alive today. Our Urtext edition of the dazzlingly virtuoso Goyescas – no doubt his best-known piano composition – now brings a prestigious new work to our catalogue.
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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Piano Sonata A major K. 331 (300i) (with Alla Turca)
Editor: Wolf-Dieter Seiffert, Fingering: Markus Bellheim
Urtext Edition, paperbound
In autumn 2014 a hitherto unknown Mozart autograph of the famous Piano Sonata in A major surfaced in Budapest. After a painstaking study of the manuscript and a meticulous comparison with all of the other sources, G. Henle Publishers is now issuing the first definitive Urtext edition of significant parts of this masterpiece.
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New Publications String Instruments
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Brahms, Johannes
Violoncello Sonata e minor op. 38
Editor: Egon Voss, Johannes Behr, Fingering: Klaus Schilde, Fing. vc: Claus Kanngiesser
Urtext Edition, paperbound
The e minor Cello Sonata is the first work for one solo instrument and piano which the meticulous composer also had printed.
» read more
Glasunow, Alexander
Élégie op. 44 for Viola and Piano
Editor: Dominik Rahmer, Fingering: Klaus Schilde, Fing. va: Tabea Zimmermann
Urtext Edition, paperbound
A precious gem of romantic viola literature is now available in Henle quality! Thanks to the publisher’s good connections to Russian archives, we were able to assess Glazunov’s autograph for the first time for this first Urtext edition.
» read more
New Publications Wind Instruments
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Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
Flute Concerto d minor
Editor: András Adorján, Piano reduction: Jan Philip Schulze, Preface: Wolfram Enßlin
Urtext Edition, Piano reduction, paperbound
Of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s flute concertos, the one in d minor is by far the best known, even though its authenticity has been repeatedly doubted.
» read more
Spohr, Louis
Clarinet Concerto no. 1 c minor op. 26
Editor: Ullrich Scheideler, Piano reduction: Christoph Sobanski
Urtext Edition, Piano reduction, paperbound
The first in a series of four concertos written by Spohr for the virtuoso Johann Simon Hermstedt has lost nothing of its romantic magic and belongs to the standard repertoire of every clarinettist.
» read more
Further New Publications
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Beethoven, Ludwig van
Symphony no. 5 c minor op. 67
Editor: Jens Dufner
Urtext Edition, Study score, paperbound
Beethoven is presumed to have completed his 5th Symphony in early 1808; today, it is one of the most famous works of classical music of all.
» read more
Beethoven, Ludwig van
Symphony no. 6 F major (Pastoral Symphony) op. 68
Editor: Jens Dufner
Urtext Edition, Study score, paperbound
Beethoven most likely completed his 6th Symphony in early summer 1808. The work, called “Pastoral Symphony” by the composer himself, was given its first performance along with the 5th Symphony in Vienna in 1808.
» read more
Scriabin Year 2015: Facsimile of the 7th Piano Sonata
It’s hard to believe how cleanly and neatly Alexander Scriabin noted down the extremely complex music for his 7th Piano Sonata. The preface by the expert Valentina Rubcova is an ideal guide to discovering this composer’s esoteric musical world on the 100th anniversary of his death.
 » Details and look inside
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Photo competition: Win a signed Urtext edition
Are you a music lover who displays and organizes our blue Henle Urtext editions at home? If so, why not take a photo of them and send it to us.
You might then win a special clothbound Urtext edition: either Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier, Part I" signed by András Schiff or alternatively Beethoven's Violin Sonatas signed by Frank Peter Zimmermann.
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Video: First edition of Mozart's Sonata in A major following the discovery of the Budapest manuscript
Which parts of the manuscript were found? What changes have there been to the musical text? How did the new fingering come about?
You'll find the answers to these questions as well as other ones concerning the extraordinary new edition of Mozart's Piano Sonata in A major K 331 in this video with the editor of our new edition Wolf-Dieter Seiffert and the pianist Markus Bellheim.
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