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Issues related to energy and climate play an increasingly important role in developing local neighbourhoods in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase our citizens’ quality of life. The NRW Ministry of Economic Affairs is supporting municipalities in this undertaking with sponsorship programme for innovative climate protection projects. For example, it is sponsoring local neighbourhood projects that include energy-efficient building refurbishment and innovative heating supply.
Our focus this month is also on climate-friendly local neighbourhood development: at our specialist event in Leverkusen on 18th April, sponsored by the NRW Ministry of Construction and the Cologne/Bonn region, we will be discussing what the local neighbourhoods of the future will look like and the way to achieve this.
In this newsletter, you can also find out what role sustainability plays in the logistics sector and how innovative micro steam turbines produce electricity using even small quantities of steam.
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News of progress in NRW
The state of NRW supports innovative climate projects
The state of NRW supports innovative climate projects
In order to promote climate protection measures at the municipal level, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is sponsoring ideas and concepts that are aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, the programme focuses on the climate-friendly development of neighbourhoods and zero-emission inner cities. Municipalities with an integrated climate protection concept and implementation strategy should send in their applications by 28.06.2018.
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Rethinking energy: Our qualified projects
Micro steam turbine
Generating electricity from small amounts of steam
Up to now, it has not been commercially viable to use small quantities of steam in conventional turbines to harness the energy in the steam to generate electricity as well. A new micro steam turbine from the start-up TURBONIK in Dortmund can provide a way of doing that, enabling businesses to reduce their energy costs and their CO2 emissions.
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The transformation of industrial infrastructures
Seizing the opportunities of the energy transition
Changes in economic structure always entail numerous challenges and the energy transition involves many additional ones. The project entitled “The transformation of industrial infrastructures” investigates what effects the energy transition has on the economic structure of North Rhine-Westphalia.
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Saving resources: Our qualified projects
Sustainable logistics
Despatch methods for the future
Logistics is the third largest economic sector in Germany and accounts for a substantial percentage of CO2 emissions and resource consumption. In order to exploit the associated climate protection potential, the processes involved and services offered need to be closely examined. This is where the IloNa project comes in.
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Out-of-home dining
Sustainability on everyone’s lips
Opportunities for climate protection lie dormant in the out-of-home dining sector as well. They can be found in the area of food preparation as well as in the ingredients used. The “NAHGAST” project at the Münster University of Applied Sciences is, therefore, working on helping catering establishments and commercial kitchens to make the food they produce more sustainable.
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Youth Climate Summit
Young people talk climate protection
Discuss topics, share knowledge and meet like-minded people: young people can do this on a regular basis at the Youth Climate Summit in Eastern Westphalia. At this event, school pupils in the latter half of secondary education gain insights into climate research, impacts of climate change – in their own region also – as well as potential solutions to climate protection and adaption to the effects of climate change.
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Enhancing communities: Our qualified projects
Lowering energy consumption by increasing building retrofits
Existing buildings offer particularly high potential when it comes to climate protection efforts, and municipalities play a special role in boosting this potential. The “Sandy” project (the name is taken from the German term “Sanierung dynamisch” meaning “dynamic retrofitting”) supports the municipalities’ climate protection efforts: the project is investigating how retrofits to private residential buildings can be promoted and is developing corresponding measures based on the results.
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One step ahead: Our pacemakers
Climate protection in the bag
High-quality, practical and responsibly manufactured rucksacks and bags – this is FOND OF. The Cologne-based company was founded in 2010 and now operates eight own brands under the “FOND OF” umbrella brand. The bag and rucksack producer is growing quickly and always keeps its environmental and social responsibility in mind.
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At every turn
Ruhr-Universität Bochum nitrate sensor
With funding to market maturity
Higher yields, better quality and lower costs – Dr Nicholas Plumeré enables all this through his nitrate biosensor developed at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB). Thanks to a grant from the European Research Council (ERC), the product from the qualified KlimaExpo.NRW project is now set to go into serial production and support farmers in applying fertiliser.
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Solingen trolley bus officially presented
It is quiet, sustainable, energy-efficient and emissions-free – the new trolley bus (BOB) in Solingen is set to help advance the city’s e-mobility. Instead of a diesel engine, the trolley bus runs on a battery which charges itself as needed via the local overhead line network. By connection with the city’s energy distribution network, this becomes the Smart-Trolley-System (STS).
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Fraunhofer UMSICHT Life Cycle Assessment
ALDI SÜD exemplary
ALDI SÜD reduced CO2 equivalent emissions by about 24,000 tonnes and used 60 million less cardboard boxes in 2017. A life cycle assessment (LCA) carried out by the Fraunhofer UMSICHT institute provided this result and confirmed the KlimaExpo.NRW pacesetter’s worthwhile commitment.
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Step companion: climate-friendly news from our partners
Apply now
Committed projects and initiatives wanted
Initiatives and projects which promote sustainability in a forward-looking way have the opportunity to be awarded the “Projekt Nachhaltigkeit” (“Project Sustainability”) quality seal between September and December 2018.
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