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Since the 1st of May the challenge to get out and about on your bikes is here again! Not only because the weather and Nature now offer excellent conditions to enjoy riding your bike in the fresh air, but also because the STADTRADELN (City Cycling) campaign is starting for the eleventh time:
This Climate Alliance campaign aims to encourage citizens to leave their cars at home and to get out on their bicycles. During the “competitions”, each lasting 21 days between 1st May and 30th September, you can measure yourselves as to how much you use sustainable forms of transport in comparison to other municipalities. You can find further information here about the exact participation dates for the cycling campaign in your municipality.
If you’re on the lookout for interesting destinations for an enjoyable bike ride in your neighbourhood, I recommend that you take a look at our map of steps or our app, where you will find all KlimaExpo.NRW’s qualified projects and pacesetters clearly located on the map. And our portfolio is constantly growing … You will find the most recent additions in this newsletter!
I hope you reading enjoy it!
Kind regards
Sebastian Bellersen-Weber
-Project Manager-
News of progress in NRW
Climate protection competition
New ideas wanted for the energy system of the future
The Ministry for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia launched a new climate protection competition in April. Under the title “EnergieSystemWandel.NRW” (the transformation of the energy system in NRW), companies, universities and other stakeholders are called upon to apply by submitting their research and development projects for reducing CO2 emissions by the end of the year
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Rethinking energy: our qualified projects
Blockchain-based trading platform for green electricity
The revolution in the green electricity market
The Wuppertaler Stadtwerke (Wuppertal public utilities company) (WSW) is the first company in the world to operate a blockchain-based trading platform for green electricity. Using the digital platform “Tal.Markt” customers can now decide for themselves where the electricity they use comes from.
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A31 Hohe Mark citizens’ wind farm
Experiencing the energy transition
The A31 Hohe Mark citizens’ wind farm is not just generating energy in a climate-friendly way. The civic organisation has also made it possible for the public to experience the transformation of the energy system by means of a permanent exhibition in one of the wind turbines, thus contributing to climate education and helping to gain broader public acceptance of wind farms.
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Enhancing communities: our qualified projects
Biolit Vertical Green
The wall as an air freshener
All over the world, the growth of the population in cities is leading to new challenges in terms of climate change. In order to reduce the formation of heat islands and improve the air quality in cities, the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT and its partners are researching and testing a new kind of solution for turning walls into green spaces. For the first time, they have taken a new approach in this respect.
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Shaping mobility: Our qualified projects
Upturn for electric fleets
Commercial journeys are particularly suitable for using electric vehicles because they can be planned and the distances travelled are short. However, changing the company fleet over to electric vehicles is often hampered by the question of how the vehicle fleet can be charged in an ecological and economic way. The “Fit2Load” project means to change this.
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Car park for electric vehicles in Euskirchen
Park your car and charge it with solar power
In Euskirchen, the municipal housing association, EUGEBAU, has built a modern car park which is specially designed to meet the needs of electric vehicles. Parking and charging the car with climate-friendly electricity go hand in hand here: the electric vehicles are charged with green electricity generated by the car park’s own photovoltaic system.
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One step ahead: Our pacemakers
B&W Energy
Climate protection as a corporate philosophy
The energy transition demands smart solutions and a change of thinking in terms of energy supply. These are precisely the challenges that B&W Energy GmbH & Co.KG addresses, while at the same time setting an example for others. The company focuses in particular on renewable energy and sets great store by climate-friendly processes and sustainability in its everyday work.
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Maas Naturwaren
From nappy retailer to ecological pioneer
The fashion house Mass Naturwaren, which started off making collective orders for eco-friendly cotton nappies, specialises in sustainably-produced clothing and integrates customers and suppliers into its commitment to climate protection. As a business it also strives to be completely carbon neutral.
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Cologne municipal drainage company
On the way to zero emissions from fossil fuels
The theme of climate change is omnipresent at Cologne municipal drainage company. Now the company is working on also reducing its own impact on the climate as far as possible and is planning to meet its energy needs entirely with energy from renewable sources in the future.
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Where climate protection is a matter of course
Under the guiding principle of “zero waste solutions”, the company gives customers advice on material and logistics cycles such as deploying reusage or recycling systems for recyclable waste materials. Not only is climate protection an important part of the Interseroh’s business activity, however; the company also specifically tackles its own impact in terms of climate change mitigation.
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At every turn
Experiencing climate protection
5. Climate day at Cologne zoo
On 27th May 2018, “KlimaTag” (climate day) will be held at Cologne Zoo for the fifth time; it is the only event of its kind to take place at a German zoo and has been a qualified project of KlimaExpo.NRW since 2017. Qualifiziertes Projekt der KlimaExpo. NRW. As well as a climate-themed quiz trail, visitors will find information stands on the topic of the climate and animals, guided tours and even a raffle of attractive “climate prizes”.
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Step companion: climate-friendly news from our partners
Call to join in
ScienceNight Ruhr 2018
KlimaExpo.NRW will be taking part in the “WissensNacht Ruhr” (ScienceNight Ruhr) on the 28th September at Gelsenkirchen Science Park with a climate-themed quiz trail. Anyone else who is interested still has time to register until the 31st May and to participate in the event organised by the Ruhr regional association. Lectures, hands-on activities or experiments based on scientific themes presented in an entertaining way can be offered in various locations in the Ruhr Metropolitan region.
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15th June 2018
"Turning points of the energy transition” symposium
As part of the special exhibition entitled “Energiewenden – Wendezeiten” (“Turning points of the energy transition”), the LVR industrial museum in Oberhausen, in collaboration with the Heinrich Böll Foundation, invites visitors to discuss the paths followed, aberrations and visions in the energy state of North Rhine-Westphalia, together with historians, scientists and business representatives. A special feature of the session – alongside the exhibition – will be the insight into the history and future of energy. KlimaExpo.NRW and other representatives will present exemplary projects in the Future workshop vor.
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Focusing on electromobility at an event in Hürth
On 13th June 2018, the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Region Köln / Bonn e.V. and EnergieAgentur.NRW are inviting interested municipalities and companies to the Feierabendhaus in Hürth, where they can expect a diverse and practice-oriented programme of interesting presentations and expert forums on the latest developments in the area of electromobility. There will be an opportunity to try out electric cars at the event.
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