KLOTZ Newsletter June 2015
Dear Readers,
The events industry is facing a continuous rise in data transmission volumes. But that’s no problem for the new EXTDK12SD3 Extender Set, combining three DVI and one Ethernet connection in a single optical fibre quad conductor!
Often copied, never equalled – that’s the RC5-LB1V, our classic RamCAT cable with the distinctive violet jacket. Make sure the cable you choose has the original KLOTZ logo – the exclusive sign of original KLOTZ products!
Our GREYHOUND Instrument Cables range was designed for up-and-coming ambitious musicians, offering dynamic sound and rugged material quality even at entry level.
Our popular KMK Microphone Cable is now available in boxes of 10 or 20 for rental companies.
In response to express requests from the market, we have now introduced LSC840YS and LSC840PS Speaker Multicore Cables with individually colour-coded wires.
David Kalmusky, award-winning producer and guitarist from Nashville/TN used KLOTZ products throughout for his guitar rig and studio!
We hope you enjoy reading this Newsletter!
The KLOTZ team
KLOTZ Stories
Running on waves
#KLOTZcables 'Running on Waves'
Did you know that we love sailing ?
Built in 2011 in Gdansk, Poland, the beautiful Sail Cruise Ship 'Running on Waves'
was fully equipped with KLOTZ cables for the entire entertainment part.
A few technical features may interest you:
Total ship length: 64m
Keel draft: 3,20m
Sail area: 1.120m²
KLOTZ cables installed on board: 7.500m
Believe it or not, but more than 7km of KLOTZ Speaker cables, Video cables, CAT5 cables
and CCTV Composite cables have been installed + Mic. cables and HDMI cables are being
used in this Beauty of the Seas.
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David Kalmusky on KLOTZ cables
David Kalmusky is a Nashville based record producer / guitarist / mixer who’s awarded body of work is platinum selling, top 10 billboard charting, and grammy nominated, working in the studio with acts / artists including Journey, Justin Bieber, John Oates (Hall & Oates), Emerson Drive, Vince Gill, Small town Pistols, Jimmy Barnes, Neal Schon and well over 100 artists and acts over the last decade.
Kalmusky helped design and build Addiction Sound Studios in Nashville TN, with room designer / engineer Chris Huston (Led Zeppelin, War, The Who) and partner / studio owner Jonathan Cain (The Baby’s, Journey, Bad English), and houses his exclusive production room at the new Nashville facility.
“Part of building an intimate, collaborative space to work with artists on records, was to go through my collection of guitar amps and pedals, and build a “Desert Island Rig” of my favorite amps, pedals, and cabinets, that have become essential staples in mu guitar tracking workflow.
I had initially built this rig, before discovering KLOTZ cables, with a competitor’s very high end cable. After discovering KLOTZ cables, in a single cable, from instrument to amp shootout, I decided to switch the whole rig to Klotz, and the difference was substantial, it was not subtle at all.
The KLOTZ cable brought a clarity, and punch, to every amp, pedal, cabinet, and gadget in the chain, I have switched every instrument cable in my entire studio to Klotz, and can tell a difference every time I swap another instrument cable for a KLOTZ.
"KLOTZ…. Not fun to say…. But fun to play” ;)
David Kalmusky
KLOTZ know how
The Colour Purple…
... is a classic novel published in 1982 and filmed by Steven Spielberg in 1985 – but also, as many agree, THE distinguishing hallmark of our ultra-flexible RamCAT RC5-LB1V cable. But watch out! This exceptional cable is also available in black for the few situations where claret violet (to give the colour its official name) is not suitable. In addition, we note that more and more violet CAT cables are appearing on the market that deliver neither the performance nor the sophisticated design of our classic RC5-LB1V. So the next time you buy cables, look out for the right colour AND the original KLOTZ logo - confirming your choice of a KLOTZ AIS Original.
KLOTZ Produkte
KLOTZ IM1K Microphone Cable for Rental Companies
Did you know that our KMK Microphone Cable for the rental sector is also available in boxes of 10 or 20 units (depending on length) without retail packaging? Featuring hallmark KLOTZ quality, made up using our top-selling MY206SW and hand-soldered KLOTZ Compound XLR connectors – 40% lighter in weight than conventional XLR connectors.
All boxed up and ready to use!
As an extra, each cable is supplied with a transparent shrink sleeve for easy custom labelling, plus our cool KLOTZ Lanyard cable tie. And because we always keep the most popular lengths in stock (subject to prior sale), you’ll receive your cable order ultra-fast.
Get in touch with your KLOTZ personal point of contact now!
DVI Extender EXTDK12SD
It’s an open secret in the events industry that data transmission volumes are steadily increasing, as volumes of high-resolution video signals and other data soar. The new EXTDK12SD3 Extender Set from KLOTZ offers an elegant solution to the problem, combining three DVI and two Ethernet connections in a single optical fibre quad conductor. For example, the system can supply different video streams to three monitors while transmitting their associated control signals.
The active Extender Set has a SmartBeam QUAD connector and powerCON connector for the power supply. The SmartBeam, DVI and RJ45 connections are on the front of the extender. Both the 19" input box and truss output box are built from stable aluminium to withstand all possible mechanical strain in professional situations.
The set transmits three DVI signals in DVI 1.0 and HDCP standard over distances of up to 250 metres via OM2e multimode fibre. Maximum resolution is 1080p (full HD) or WUXGA (1920 x 1200). TMDS signal codes and EDID data are unaffected and are transmitted in full alongside the signals.
The Ethernet converter transmits an LAN (Local Area Network) via optical fibre conductor in compliance with the IEEE802.3 10Base-T, IEEE802.3U 100Base-TX/FX and IEEE802.3Z 1000Base-T standards and supports QOS (Quality of Service), VoIP (Voice over IP) and network protocols including DanteTM. The Extender Set is full and half-duplex enabled and supports MDI/MDIX, eliminating the need for crossover cables.
It is thus ideal for lossless transmission of DVI video signals and LAN data packets over extremely long distances.
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Greyhound family
Entry level products for ambitious up-and-coming musicians: The GREYHOUND Series, Made in Germany!
KLOTZ jack plugs in nickel-plated metal, Switchcraft XLR connectors or Neutrik Speakon connectors. These PVC-jacketed cables deliver clear, dynamic sound and outstanding ruggedness. Why be satisfied with less?
 » GREYHOUND Microphone
 » GREYHOUND Speaker
KLOTZ Produktupdate
LSC840YS and LSC840PS – now with color coded conductor insulation
As soon as the next production charge of our LSC840YS (PVC) and LSC840PS (PUR) cables is in our warehouse, the conductor insulation is no longer numbered, but color coded. It is the same color code we already use for our LSC825 cables. This update was requested from the market and makes it possible to easily identify the right conductor.
Please inform your customers about this upgrade. Fortunately the price can be kept stable, although the manufacturing of the color coded conductors is more complex. So it should be easy for you to sell these cables even more in the future.
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