KLOTZ Newsletter November 2015
Dear readers,
2015 is entering the home straight, and to finish the year with a bang, here’s our latest news-packed issue:
Vilchband meets Vaterstetten! Our colleagues from the Vilchband plant paid us a visit at Vaterstetten. As well as swapping experiences with our colleagues, a new team photo was taken for the website.
Peter Maffay’s smash hit musical “Tabaluga” is on tour again, featuring Peter Keller on guitar. And, of course, cables by KLOTZ!
Our KIK Instrument Cables for budget-conscious musicians bring a pop of colour to the stage with their new coloured connector sleeves.
Our RamCAT classic, the RC5, is an interesting option for the equipment hire industry – and it’s also available in lengths that end-customers will welcome.
The ProAVM sector is facing a continued rise in data transmission volumes. We’re prepared – with an innovative new model of our proven SmartBeam Connector.
Our new CATLink Multicore Systems have four pairs of wires that can handle four audio signals – or even DMX signals. Just in time for the launch of our new product this newsletter contains a suitable introduction offer.
January is promising to be sunny - at least for visitors to the NAMM Show in California. We'll be there. What about you?
We hope you enjoy reading this Newsletter!
The KLOTZ team
KLOTZ on tour
The works on a visit to Vaterstetten
Vilchband meets Vaterstetten! While our Vaterstetten headquarter is abuzz with research and development, marketing and sales, our colleagues in Vilchband, near Würzburg in Franconia, focus on state-of-the-art production.
Staff from both locations met at Vaterstetten – a great opportunity to build personal contacts. We took the opportunity to snap a new team photo!
Peter Keller on tour with new number 1 album
Peter Keller has been the guitarist in the Peter Maffay Band since 2004 - but has long been a well-known figure on the German music scene previously. He joined a succession of bands from the age of 15, starting out in his home city of Bielefeld. A course in Popular Music at Hamburg’s music and theatre school, HfMT, provided an academic basis for his life as a professional musician.
He has worked with artists including Motosheep, A-ha, Juli, Zeromancer, Apoptygma Berzerk, Hubert Kah and the band Wunder – which he joined in the year 2000 – in addition to his guitar work and arrangements on Peter Maffay’s platinum-selling album “Laut und Leise”.
Peter Keller’s productions feature a distinctive driving sound with a discreet, but never intrusive perfectionism - achieved by using KLOTZ Cables for live work and at his Zwischengeschoss Studio in Hamburg.
Peter Keller is currently on the road, touring in “Tabaluga” with Peter Maffay and Band.
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KLOTZ Pro Consumer news
KIK cables with coloured sleeves
The coloured connector sleeves of our KIK Cables brighten up the greyness of autumn. There’s more to life than black! This entry-level series features an attractive, trendy look plus all the characteristics that identify an officially branded cable. And the price? Incredibly low – and very musician-friendly!
The design of our KIK Cables confirms their status as high-quality cables at a budget price; the quality oxygen-free copper wires (purity 99.95%, category C10200 in the OFCH group) are enclosed by a lead-free PVC jacket, a conductive plastic shield and a highly efficient copper spiral shield. This design gives outstanding flexibility. The ultra-rugged strain relief element – withstanding forces of over 200 newtons – clearly demonstrates the cable’s exceptional resilience.
The bright rubber connector sleeves add a pop of colour; the studded material is comfortable to hold and ensures the cables have extra-low bending radius.
With respectable capacitance of only 115 pF/m (35 pF/ft) and gold-plated contacts, KIK cables are all ready to take the stage. The colourful sleeves, in brilliant Mountain Blue, Shocking Red, Fresh Green and Lumi Yellow, will drive the autumn blues away! Cables offering good looks and good quality – the ideal choice.
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RamCAT at specialist retailers
Our RamCAT classic, the RC5, is not only an interesting option for the pro equipment hire industry – it’s also available in lengths that end-customers will welcome.
The RC5 is made up with RJ45 or etherCON connectors and is supplied in lengths from 0.3 m to 10 m. The ultra-rugged data cable is the ideal choice for mobile uses, and comes with the stamp of approval from leading audio manufacturers including Yamaha, DigiGram and Allen&Heath.
Find the RC5 in the KLOTZ display at your specialist retailer now!
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KLOTZ CATLink - introductory offer
Thank you for your lively interest in our CATLink products. For KLOTZ AIS customers we provide further technical information and current dealer pruchase prices in our online shop (login required).
From these prices please subtract your individual discount (discount group 34).
As an introductory offer you will get -35% discount on your first order. Please send your order or request directly to oksana.voloshyna@klotz-ais.com or alexander.rinklef@klotz-ais.com.
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Soon to be published at KLOTZ AIS: SmartBeam 8pol.
Data transmission volumes are continuing to rise steadily throughout the ProAVM sector. We address this problem with the latest model of our SmartBeam Connector.
Shortly to join the twin-lens SmartBeam DUO and four-lens SmartBeam QUAD, the innovative new product has an amazing eight lenses – that means 8x10 GB/s! The best preparation you could have for the digital future!
For exclusive information on this topic please send an email to news@klotz-ais.com
NAMM Show January 21st - 24th 2016
As every year, we’ll be heading over the big pond to California in mid-January. From January 21st - 24th, Anaheim will be home to the NAMM Show, the world’s largest trade fair for musical instruments, equipment and accessories.
We’ll be presenting products and new launches as well as meeting up with long-standing business partners, exchanging experiences and networking till we drop. We’ll be there - what about you? Drop in and see us! We look forward to welcoming you to the KLOTZ booth number 5975 in hall B!
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