KLOTZ Newsletter April 2016
Dear readers,
KLOTZ is abuzz with activity right now, with revisions, redevelopment and innovations going on all over the place. And we’ve even brought in a musical celebrity to help us!
As one of the most frequently recorded bassists in the history of music, Nathan East hardly needs any introduction. After more than forty years of stage and studio work, Nathan has assembled a truly breathtaking list of credits to his name. Now he’s joining forces with KLOTZ to develop a new high-end product with us.
And we’ve also taken to the high seas! From the end of 2016 KLOTZ will be part of the new cruise ship AIDAprima, which we have equipped throughout with audio, speaker and media control cables.
Since its opening in 1997, Belfast Waterfront has been among the world’s leading conference and event venues. The venue has now been expanded to a spacious 7000-plus square metres, and KLOTZ Cables have featured extensively in the renovations.
And to keep minds sharp, Richard Cable, our Facebook alter ego, offers a clear explanation of jitter – a key topic in digital transmission technology.
We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter.
The KLOTZ-Team
The Signal Masters World Tour
prolight + sound 2016 in Frankfurt
At this year’s prolight + sound 2016 in Frankfurt, our stand D 08 in Hall 4.1 will present our latest products in the Cables and Cable Systems category, including
-KLOTZ XLR Connector
-SmartBeam Octo 8-Fiber Fiber System
-Fiber Explorer
-DrumLink Multicore Systems
-StraightLink Return Boxes
-FiberFlex Simplex Patch
-Fiber Optic-Extender
-OX22AH.. AES/EBU Installation Multicore
We will also present some new products in the MI and ProAVM categories that will only be revealed at the trade show. So make sure you visit our stand – you’ll find it’s well worthwhile!
You can find us here:
prolight + sound 2016
KLOTZ AIS: hall 4. 1 - booth D 08
Frankfurt/M. – exhibition centre
05. – 08. April 2016
Nathan East
A musician like Nathan East hardly needs an introduction. Fellow musos know him well, and even pop fans are familiar with the name.
After more than 40 years of touring and studio work, his credits read like a Who’s Who of the music business. And East is not only a sought-after sideman, but also a founder member of smooth jazz ensemble Fourplay, one of the most commercially successful bands in the genre over the past 25 years.
After years in the role of accompanist, Nathan East embarked on a premiere in 2014 with the release of his hotly awaited debut solo album.
The partnership between Nathan East and KLOTZ is a further premiere, marking the start of new developments in the high-end category. We’re excited to hear the ideas that Nathan East can contribute as a world-class musician. We’ll keep you posted!
KLOTZ products
KLOTZ Adapter Cables with connectors featuring white trim
Compact devices that are capable of delivering big, big sound are familiar in our age of technology. But when mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, or audio devices in the consumer sector need to be connected to pro-level peripherals, that’s when our adapter cables come into their own. KLOTZ supplies virtually every type of connector and adapter cable imaginable, from budget models to high-end cables for professionals. They all have rugged, durable quality and brilliant sound in common. That’s the KLOTZ hallmark!
KLOTZ adapter cables now feature white trim on their 3.5mm jack connectors, enhancing clarity and order for patchbays in a setting usually dominated by black devices. Injected plastic connector sleeves protect against kinking and also serve as strain relief elements.
Whenever audio devices are involved, we make connections happen!
StraightLink Return Boxes - Facelift
Is there any room for improving successful top-sellers like StraightLink? Of course there is!
We are currently redesigning our full multicore programme, starting with the StraightLink Return Boxes. The update comprises a minor facelift, vertical and horizontal labelling and the addition of four suspension loops for attaching to rigs and trusses. The stage boxes’ internal cabling is already looking forward to the digital world, designed for characteristic impedance of 110 ohms.
The new StraightLink boxes are available immediately; further products from our Multicore range will be added during the year – with one aim: to make stage and backstage work that little bit easier.
KLOTZ know how
Today there’s a further instalment of our popular series, “Beginners’ and Advanced Cable Advice with Richard Cable”:
How does "Jitter" affect signal tramsmission?
“Jitter” is the term given to the fluctuation, or deviation from periodicity, that occurs when digital signals are transmitted. This fluctuation can impact on signal amplitude, frequency or phase length.
But excessive jitter can also result from external influences, which may include interference but can also be caused by cables, transformers and equipment. Jitter may cause data packages to arrive at the recipient too late, or prevent them from being interpreted correctly because the flanks of the digital signal are too “washed out”, causing dropouts.
It is therefore essential that transmission quality is as high as possible, particularly over long distances (for both video and audio signals). All our cables for transmitting digital signals – such as our OT206 AES/EBU or VD125LPS HD-SDI Cables – are guaranteed for completely homogeneity in their manufacture and shielding, thus minimizing the cables’ impact on the signal and preventing amplification of jitter.
KLOTZ stories
AIDA’s fleet of club ships, with their hallmark luscious lips smiling from the bow, are among the most popular cruise ships on the oceans.
They are virtually floating hotels, offering every conceivable comfort. To achieve this, state-of-the-art technology works in the background.
After providing the entire cabling required for AIDAaura, we are now supplying cables for the fleet’s latest ship, the AIDAprima.
This 300-metre Hyperion class ship will need KLOTZ audio, speaker and media control cables totalling 120 km in length.
The AIDAprima has a capacity of 3300 passengers and 900 crew, and will travel the Mediterranean all year round after its launch at the end of 2016.
Belfast Waterfront
Since its opening in 1997, Belfast Waterfront has been among the world’s leading conference and event venues. The venue has now been expanded to a spacious total of 7000-plus square metres, and KLOTZ Cables have featured extensively in the renovation works.
We sent more than 230 km of KLOTZ audio, speaker and video cables plus over 400 fully connected wall boxes and 391 19” panels, also fully connected, over to Northern Ireland.
Conversion and expansion works are now complete, and the grand reopening will be held in May.
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