KLOTZ Newsletter Juli 2016
Dear readers,
Our German summer is not showing off its best side right now, with unpredictable and capricious weather. But here at KLOTZ, the mood’s quite different – sunny and reliable, thanks to effective planning! We’re delighted to present the latest news from KLOTZ.
KLOTZ continues its commitment to the “Made in Germany” seal of quality. Vilchband, near Würzburg in southern Germany, is the centre of production for our world-famous and widely praised KLOTZ Cables. Our image video introduces you to the production processes involved.
The KIK Cable is just one product family from our extensive portfolio. Launched over 20 years ago, it expresses our philosophy that entry-level musicians are just as appreciative of top quality as experienced pros are. The KIK Cable is available in a wide range of colours, connector combinations and lengths, and offers absolutely unbeatable value for money.
To cater to the increased demand for KLOTZ Cables on the Japanese market, the TEAC Corporation has now taken over sales and distribution of our ProAVM and MI range in Japan.
We now supply selected articles in exclusive Large Packs for the needs of the rental industry, which can be individually customized on request.
We’re delighted to welcome Julien Duchamp from Southern France as a new member of the #KLOTZfamily. Julien will support our sales operations in Eastern France.
Welcome to KLOTZ, Julien!
We hope you enjoy reading this Newsletter. Have a good summer!
The KLOTZ Team
KLOTZ interfaces - "Made in Germany"
In Vilchband, a small town near Würzburg in the German region of Franconia, the “Made in Germany” seal of quality still rules. This is where we produce our world-famous and widely praised cables – including our best-selling KIK. The KIK cable was launched over 20 years ago and – like all our cables – has since undergone continuous improvement in line with the state of the art.
Cutting-edge technology combined with extensive skilled manual procedures are the guarantee behind our “Made in Germany” quality products. Even the earliest production steps, like cutting the cable and preparing it for connector assembly, are computerized and use the latest technology before finally being finished by hand. Connector soldering is also a purely manual process, with no automatic soldering machines to be seen anywhere.
The sophisticated inventory and goods management system flawlessly documents every production step for every cable from end to end. Before being packaged and making its way to the stages and studios of the world, each and every individual cable (!) must undergo a battery of quality tests before it can earn the “Made in Germany” label.
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KLOTZ rental
KLOTZ Large Packs for rental companies
Professional audio rental companies have a very specific set of requirements where cables are concerned. To cater to our rental sector customers, we now supply exclusive Large Packs of selected products (M1K, AES3K (black cable), KMK and DMX5K). Cables are supplied in boxes of 20 for lengths up to 15m, and boxes of 10 for lengths over 20m.
The cables are supplied with 2 x transparent shrink sleeves (unshrunk) per cable for individual labelling, but are not bagged or tagged individually. KLOTZ Large Packs are therefore ideal for rental store conditions.
In addition, orders of 50 and over cables are eligible for a variety of optional extras for an additional charge – from colour-coded rings for cable identification to KLOTZ XLR connectors laser-engraved with your logo or other content. Please send your inquiries to: info@klotz-ais.com
KLOTZ Large Packs – the rental sector’s favourite!
"TEAC corporation"
KLOTZ sales and distribution partner for Japan
Tokyo-based TEAC corporation takes over sales and distribution of KLOTZ AIS Germany’s ProAVM and MI product ranges for the Japanese market
Catering to increased demand for KLOTZ Cables on the Japanese market, TEAC corporation and KLOTZ AIS GmbH have signed an agreement over Japan-wide sales and distribution of the KLOTZ ProAVM and MI cable ranges.
TEAC corporation will initially carry best-selling products from the Instrument, Guitar, Pedal Patch, Microphone, Speaker, and Keyboard cable ranges, as well as supplying signature products including the T.M. Stevens FunkMaster range of guitar and bass cables and the famous guitar cable of
#1 Billboard blues star Joe Bonamassa.
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May we introduce?
We are happy to announce that we have enlarged our sales operations in France, and warmly welcome Julien Duchamp, from the beautiful South of France, to the #KLOTZfamily!
Julien Duchamp has been responsible for MI Retail in Eastern France from Lille to Metz, Nancy, Strasbourg, Dijon, Lyon, Clermont-F, Montpellier and the entire Côte d'Azur since the start of June.
Julien Duchamp is a well-respected MI retail expert and sales representative with over 10 years of experience, and has now added KLOTZ Cables to his portfolio of products on offer.
We would like to extend a very warm welcome Mr Duchamp, together with our best wishes for his future success.

Marcus Deml & The Blue Poets
Marcus Deml is an established force in Germany’s guitar scene. Deml, famous from Errorhead, now has a new project and debut CD ready to launch – The Blue Poets. The Poets are steeped in bluesy, testosterone-fuelled 70s rock that has been given a 21st-century makeover.
The Blue Poets is Marcus Deml’s return to his musical roots. To accompany the project he has founded his own label, Triple Coil Music. This album was my therapy, helping me heal after two fraught years full of splits and acrimonious legal battles.” Deml has notched up an impressive career as a guitarist, producer and songwriter, and contributed guitar to over 300 studio productions before deciding to focus on his own projects as bandleader.
Marcus Deml continues to rely on KLOTZ Cables for The Blue Poets. He’s been a dedicated user of TITANIUM and LaGrange for many years.
 » listen: The Blue Poets - "Goodbye"
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KLOTZ instrument cables - KIK
It’s our firm belief that even cables for entry-level musicians can – indeed, must – be high-quality. That’s why we launched the KIK Series over twenty years ago.
KIK Cables are now classics on the market – and they’ve every reason to be. Their copper cores are enclosed in a conducting plastic shield and a highly effective copper spiral shield, all with a PVC outer jacket. As a result, the KIK is ultra-flexible while delivering solid and reliable capacitance.
The jack connectors used for the KIK Series were developed by KLOTZ’s in-house designers. Machined from solid brass, they are among the most stable connectors the market has to offer. Once fitted to the cable, they don’t budge and can resist withdrawal forces of up to 200 Nm! The ideal equipment for stage performance, this rugged and reliable budget cable delivers great quality and great sound.
Out of all our products, the KIK Cable family has the most variations. They are available in a range of colours, with coloured sleeves, gold-tipped connectors, metal connectors or angled connectors, and as patch cables – naturally in all standard lengths. All of course "Made in Germany"
Cables of this quality, at that price? It can’t be done! Oh yes it can – by KLOTZ, of course!
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