KLOTZ Newsletter September 2016
Dear readers,

We are delighted to welcome Thorsten Pape as the latest member of our Field Sales team. He will help to drive sales operations in Central Germany.
After a few years’ absence, this year we once again attended the IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) in Amsterdam, one of the world‘s two leading specialist trade shows for film, TV and broadcasting production.
Our new SmartBeam OCTO System with single-mode explorer was the main centre of attention there.
The StraightLink series from our ProAVM sector is also attracting plenty of interest. These perennial best-sellers have now undergone further improvements, and the latest generation now features a new ‘facelifted’ look and digital-ready technology.
To suit requirements of professional users we developed the V08L/37DP video cable. A highly flexible solution which is especially suitable for short and medium distances.
We hope you enjoy reading this Newsletter.
The KLOTZ Team

The Signal Masters World Tour
IBC Amsterdam 2016

The IBC in Amsterdam is one of the two leading global trade shows for the broadcasting industry.
2016 saw the exhibition breaking visitor records – and the KLOTZ Team and their stand were part of that success.
In addition to product highlights including the SmartBeam OCTO System and mobile HD-SDI Cables for outside broadcasting, we attracted visitors‘ interest with our cables for 12G-SDI, Video over IP and SMPTE.
Our thanks go to all our partners, associates and visitors that came to our stand in Amsterdam!

KLOTZ products
highly flexible HD-SDI video cable - V08L/37DP

Pro users are always asking us whether we can supply a video cable that’s optimized for short to medium distances. It should have a low external diameter as well as being highly flexible, suitable for drum storage, and rugged enough to cope with frequent patching.
All these enquiries inspired us to design the VD083LP – the ideal cable for mobile transmission of digital video signals over distances up to 70 m. The outer PUR jacket is extra-rugged and abrasion- and notch-resistant, providing outstanding protection for what goes on inside. The ultra-finely stranded conductor is enclosed in physically foamed dielectric medium covered with a dual-layer braided copper shield that provides over 98% protection from interference. In line with SMPTE standards, the VD083LP transmits a 1.5-GB signal over distances of up to 70 m, and a 3-GB signal up to 50 m – or even more in practice, depending on the transmitter and signal frequency!
The VD083LP is made up with Neutrik’s UHD 4K BNC connectors. And incidentally, the VD083LP is the “little brother” of our famous and universally appreciated V12L/48DP for long distances.

KLOTZ StraightLink input stage boxes

Our StraightLink series of floor stage boxes are among the most successful best-sellers in our entire product portfolio. Is there any room for improving perennial favourites like StraightLink? Of course there is!
We are currently redesigning our entire multicore programme, next huge step are the StraightLink input floor stage boxes. After a minor facelift with the discreet addition of our new logo, the boxes now conform even better to our CI. They are also virtually invisible on stage – a major advantage in visually sensitive environments such as trade shows and corporate events.
The housing is now slightly wider to allow space for horizontal and vertical labelling and for individual labelling tape up to 19 mm wide. Our own labelling is now laser engraved.
We’ve retained the slim, compact and space-saving design, with its high-quality and rugged feel despite the weight-saving aluminium construction.
The internal cabling is digital-ready, designed for characteristic impedance of 110 ohms. The stage box can handle both analogue and digital signals.
Our new StraightLink floor stage boxes are now available for 8, 12 and 16 channels with RMP connector (25p., 37p. and 54p., male) in line with our F/M multicore philosophy.

During the year further products (AES/EBU cables, analogue multicore cables, pigtail adapters, further stage box models etc.) will be added to the range. The StraightLink product family – a high-quality, coordinated and ultra-professional system designed to make life on the road that little bit easier.

KLOTZ AIS Germany:
May we introduce?

We are delighted to welcome Thorsten Pape from Bochum on board with the KLOTZ Family.
Thorsten will be supporting our field sales activities in Germany Central, where he will work with MI retailers and ProAVM customers (Rental and Installation) in the postcode areas 0, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9.
Thorsten Pape has over 24 years of sales experience in MI retail, and will be at your service in future as your representative and contact for KLOTZ AIS products.
Welcome to KLOTZ, Thorsten, and we wish you every success in your new position!

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