KLOTZ Newsletter November 2016
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You decide, we deliver!
That’s the procedure with our Modular Interface System (MIS).
You decide how you want your XLR splitter/interface to be configured. Our two preconfigured DIY sets, MISSET24 and MISSET32, are proof of just how practical and easy to use the MIS system is. Setup is ultra-simple – no soldering necessary. And on request, we take care of assembly and electrical approval of your custom MIS.
This month’s issue of music trade mag "Gitarre und Bass" took a closer look at instrument cables, and held a comparison of various brands. Of course we always knew that our products were among the very best – but now we know what the professionals at "Gitarre und Bass" think too! They wrote that our PRO ARTIST Guitar Cable delivers superlative performance for its price category.
More innovative products from the KLOTZ brand can be seen at the JTSE trade show in Paris on 29 and 30 November. The products on display will include: FiberEXplorer – a fibre-optic signal distributor with 8 connectors – and matching FiberLink F8UM11 cable drum, made up with our SmartBeam OCTO, the unique 8x expanded beam connector. So don’t delay – head over to Stand 84, where Julien Duchamp and Claude Blanc look forward to welcoming you!
We hope you enjoy reading this Newsletter.
The KLOTZ Team

Ever happened to you? The number of inputs on your XLR splitter hopelessly inadequate – or completely over the top? Those times are gone! Now our Modular Interface System (MIS) lets you configure your XLR splitter/interface to your precise needs.
Our two preconfigured DIY sets, MISSET24 and MISSET32, are proof of just how practical and easy to use the MIS system is.
The MISSET24 is a convenient, easy way to process signals from two 12-channel sub-stage boxes (like our StraightLink series) – for instance, when two bands share a stage. Everything is pre-cabled; no more tiresome connector changeovers! It’s so easy to switch from one to the other.

MISSET32 is the ultimate 32-channel splitter. Inputs/outputs are split in a ratio of 1:3; signals are unimpaired and transmitted one-to-one.

Assembling the kits is ultra-simple – no soldering necessary. And on request, we take care of assembly and electrical approval of your custom MIS.

KLOTZ CAT5 system cables for networks + audio analog

This system cables with 2x CAT5 and 2x AES/EBU were developed for mobile audio networks (e.g., for the connection of Stage Racks with the Allen&Heath iLive mixers which need 2 Cat5 cables).
As a 2-fold network cable element the especially robust, double shielded and windable RC5SB is used. Thanks to solid AWG24 conductors it allows EtherSound ™ up to 120 metres. The suitability for the mobile use is reached by the special construction with a cross-shaped twisting element.
Two additional digital audio cables (AWG24, 110 Ohm) allow additional functions such as Intercom, monitoring, serial remote control etc.

Comparison test
Big instrument cables comparison in "Gitarre und Bass" trade magazine

It won’t come as any surprise to our readers here that we think our own products are pretty good. But when the music press praises us to the skies, we’re all the more delighted. Take the cable comparison in the latest issue of German music magazine Gitarre & Bass (issue 11/2016), for example.
Our PRO ARTIST cable was among the five brands tested.
Its extremely critical tester confirmed its outstanding flexibility and noted that it was pleasantly light. He described the sound as thin, but extremely distinct and clear and an excellent fit for the typical frequency range of a guitar, and pointed out that the “thinness” he had noticed is extremely sought-after in the music business; it delivers a balanced, compact sound from front pickups, for example. The tester also praised the cable’s transmission of distortion as smooth and free from unbalanced formants.
Obviously the choice of a guitar cable depends very strongly on personal sound preferences; given this, the magazine wisely avoided choosing a ‘winner’, and instead presented the test as a comparison. Advantages of the PRO ARTIST were listed as its high transmission quality, solid connectors and extreme flexibility. Disadvantages? Not a single one! Looks like we made a pretty good job of the PRO ARTIST…

The Signal Masters World Tour
KLOTZ á la foire JTSE 2016 á Paris

JTSE 2015 is the most important exhibition for ProAudio, network solutions as well as stage and theatre technology in France. Professionals from around the region will congregate to network, exchange business ideas, gather market information and source for the latest products and solutions.
This year we focus on fiber optics and so we present new developments in this field.
Among other products we show our mobile FiberExplorer case and the FiberLink Octo system. All equipped with our brand new SmartBeam Octo connectors.
Claude Blanc, Sales Manager France and Julien Duchamp, Sales Representative MI, France East for KLOTZ AIS are looking forward to welcome you to our stand 84.

                      Claude Blanc
                    Julien Duchamp
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