KLOTZ Newsletter February 2017
Dear readers,

Flexibility keeps you in the forefront!
But this saying is more than a metaphor. It’s the first commandment for cables that are used for life on the road.
We’re launching our product special offers with the flexible RamCAT6 RC6EE data transmission cable, delivering 10 Gbit/s in mobile use. The cable has a PUR jacket that’s as flexible as it is rugged.
The ideal choice for cable carriers and drums!
And our FO Simplex Patch Cable is its equal. Featuring outstanding flexibility, the Simplex is the perfect patch cable for distribution cabinets and tertiary cabling in buildings.
The same goes for our new digital audio and lighting control cables (AES/EBU or DMX). They combine high-quality materials with design tailored to maximizing signal quality, and thus ensure the freedom from interference that is so important in digital technology. And, of course, they offer maximum flexibility.
In the run-up to Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt in April, we’ll be presenting a whole host of further new products in the Hybrid Cable sector, which can be seen live at our exhibition stand.
We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter.
The KLOTZ-Team

KLOTZ products
RamCat6 network cable

The RC6EE is a flexible3 RamCAT6 cable designed for data transfer in mobile operation. Developed for a frequency of 500 MHz, it is suitable for data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbit/s. The RAMCAT6 is the cable of choice for data transfer in the Ethernet applications 1000BaseT and 10GBase-T where drag chains and cable drums are used.
The RC6EE offers characteristic impedance of 100 Ω and has four twisted pairs with copper cores (19 x 0.10 mm). The matched lay lengths of the individual pairs and the sophisticated cable stranding with central PE cross are designed to maximize NEXT (near-end crosstalk) and FEXT (far-end crosstalk) values. With cross-shaped PE central filler and abrasion-proof PUR jacket, the cable is ideal for mobile use on the road. Dual shielding reliably protects against electromagnetic interference.
The RC6EE is made up with Neutrik etherCON connectors. These RJ45 connectors with rugged metal housing are CAT6a-compliant and downward-compatible with previous standards. The technically advanced CAT6 standard presents a particular challenge for cable designers.
It’s a challenge we were happy to tackle!

Fiber Optic Duplex patch cables

Our FOPD Series Duplex patch cables are highly flexible and ideal for patching over short distances of up to 20 m – in breakouts, as equipment connection cables, or in structured building cabling in the tertiary sector.
Their “figure eight” design uses zip cord cable for easy separation if required. The flame-retardant, halogen-free FRNC jacket provides optimum protection against mechanical strain.
FOPD Patch Cables are available in multimode and single-mode models and with LC and SC connectors or a combination. They are made up using OM3 bulk cable for multimode and OS2 for single-mode models.
A duplex clip is provided for each connector pair to keep the connectors in position; the lockable dust cap protects against dirt and contamination.

Fiber Optic Simplex patch cables

Our new Simplex patch cable FO-PMCC is the ideal choice for patching needs in FO environments.
Developed for maximum flexibility with 500 μm primary coating and 900 µm tight buffered fiber layers, the cable protects the conductor from external influences while also keeping bending radius to a minimum. Patch panels are often connected using duplex cables although only one conductor is needed. The redundant conductor only takes up space and impairs clarity.
Now help is at hand!
Our Simplex FO-PMCC with single conductor (50/125 µm, fibre rating OM 3) restores order to patch panels. The ultra-rugged PUR outer jacket has a diameter of only 2.9 mm and can handle the rigours of outdoor operation; winding is child’s play even at the most extreme temperatures.
No need to waste time hunting down dust protector caps, either; the Simplex FO-PMCC is fitted with loss-proof dust protector caps.
Available in a range of lengths from 0.3 to 10 m, it can master any situation – from ring installations in large-scale MADI applications to single path connections such as recording backups.

Lighting and Digital Audio cables

DMX is a lighting control standard, comparable to the AES/EBU standard for digital audio.
We have given our Premade DMX and AES/EBU series a thorough makeover. Among their new features, these cables are now available with the new KLOTZ XLR connectors in 3-pin and 5-pin versions.
In addition, products with characteristic impedance of 110 Ohm are distinguished by their use of blue – in the form of a blue jacket for the cables themselves, a blue ring on KLOTZ XLR connectors, or – if you choose the Neutrik XLR connectors – a blue connector sleeve.
With outstanding electrical specs and great shielding against external influences, our DMX or AES/EBU cables guarantee interference-free signal transmission, even over long distances.
In the KLOTZ Online Shop, end-of-life products are marked “EOL” and new products feature a “new” badge.

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