KLOTZ Newsletter November 2017
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Our Modular Interface System (MIS) is well established as a flexible, freely configurable splitter system. Hans-Peter Schweiger, our ProAVM Product Manager, demonstrates how easy and straightforward the setup is in an assembly video. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver!
Optical fibre cables are ever-present in today’s event technology. Our TSL-1S8OCLM optical fibre signal distribution cable is a great choice for use with stage trusses high above the ground.
Because OM3 multimode fibres offer superior technical properties to OM2e fibres, we have decided to produce all our multimode fibres to OM3 specifications from now on, to cater to the increasingly advanced requirements imposed on optical fibre cables.
Under the new European Construction Products Ordinance, cables for permanent installation have had to bear CE marking since 1 July 2017.
For many years, our D10KL Passive DI Box was an indispensable assistant in many live and studio settings. Now the D10KL is making way for a worthy successor. Find out more soon here – and, of course, at the 2018 NAMM Show in January!
In addition, a new revised price list will be issued in January next year.

KLOTZ Produkte
DIY MIS 3x 16 channels Rackmount Splitter assembly video:
Easy mounting in less than 20 minutes!

Our Modular Interface System (MIS) is well established as a flexible, freely configurable splitter system. Hans-Peter Schweiger, our ProAVM Product Manager, demonstrates how easy and straightforward the setup is in an assembly video. The video is based on the example of a 16-channel XLR splitter. It’s all set up and ready to go in only twenty minutes – including unpacking!
The package contains all the components required: 19” frame and screws, XLR modules, RMP modules with fanouts, patch cables, dummy covers and labelling strips. The only tool you need is a Phillips screwdriver to attach the components to the frame.
The internal wiring of the XLR and RMP modules uses SIL system connectors that simply click into place – no soldering required. Super-simple assembly and top flexibility – only from the KLOTZ Modular Interface System!

TrussLink OCTO - Fiber Optic Rigg & Floor Box

Optical fibre cables are ever-present in event technology, transmitting lighting, audio, video and network signals. The TSL-1S8OCLM is the ideal choice for mobile event use, particularly in trusses. Its connector periphery can’t be faulted; our revolutionary, unique SmartBeam OCTO 8x expanded beam connector delivers transfer rates of up to 8 x 10 GB/s and distributes them to four Neutrik opticalCON adapters (LC/PC).

But there’s more. This FO signal distribution cable is also ultra-rugged; the four suspension loops enable it to be affixed using wire rope, and the M10 thread is designed for use with a Manfrotto Super Clamp.
Inside and out, everything is in hallmark KLOTZ quality – ready for the road!

D10KL DI Box to be discontinued

Our D10KL Passive DI Box was always the silent helper in the background, indispensable in many situations in live and studio work. Like many other products from our portfolio, it’s reached classic
status – and will make way for a worthy successor at the end of the year.

We still have some D1oKL units in stock for immediate shipping. So don’t delay – the sound engineer at your next gig will thank you for the balanced, noise-free guitar, bass or keyboard signals arriving at the desk! Unbeatable in terms of quality and price, the D10KL should be part of every stage kit!
But what about the successor? More news will follow soon. Watch this space! And keep your eyes on NAMM 2018!

KLOTZ Fiber Optic update
At KLOTZ, the OM2e fiber becomes the OM3 fiber

This autumn we revamp our Fiber Optic program. We will concentrate our multimode product range in the shop area of ''premade - mobile fiber optics'' and adapt it to the current state of the art. From January 2018 we will therefore only offer 2 fiber types in our new price list - a multimode fiber (OM3) and a single-mode fiber (OS2).
Multimode fibers of the OM3 category offer advantages over OM2e fibers for 10Gbit/s transmissions. Therefore we have decided to manufacture our FiberLink multimode cables only with OM3-fibres in the context of increasing demands.
This applies in particular to all articles that begin with F2UG.., F4UG.., FB2ZF.. and FB4ZF.. These have already been replaced by the articles F2UM..., F4UM..., FB2ZM... and FB4ZM... with new fibres. For the time being, there are still some remaining stocks of FiberLink cables with OM2e fiber in stock.
Conclusively we can only talk about multimode and single-mode FiberLink cables, which makes overview and communication extremely easy.
A general view of the technical specifications of OS2 / OM3 fibers in different applications can be found in the table. This is also available for download.

KLOTZ customer information
EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR): News 2017

From 10 June 2016, the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) has applied to all cables and wiring products for permanent installation in buildings. Cables are classified into European fire classes depending on their fire behaviour. Cables and wiring products with functional integrity are excepted from compliance with the CPR.
Since 1 July 2017, CE marking has been mandatory for cables and wiring products subject to the CPR. In addition, manufacturers of products subject to the CPR – i.e. cables and wiring products for permanent installation – must now produce and publish a “declaration of performance”. Cables and wiring products placed on the market before 1 July (stock lots) may continue to be sold without this marking.

Where cables and wiring products are concerned, the provisions of the CPR apply solely to fire behaviour. Other requirements addressing electrical and mechanical safety are unaffected and remain in force. At present EU countries do not specify the fire classes of cables to be used. In Germany, “normally flammable cables” are generally required, equivalent to class Eca or higher.
The following list shows all cables and wiring products by KLOTZ AIS for which certification is currently in progress. After certification, these products will receive a new item number which will include the fire class. Click here for download. 
Please note that these CPR regulations apply only to bulk cable for permanent installation in buildings. They do not apply to premade cables or bulk cable for mobile use!

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