KLOTZ Newsletter March 2017
The Signal Masters World Tour

After the NAMM Show in Anaheim, the ISE in Amsterdam and the BVE in London, we’re now heading for our fourth trade show this year.
In Frankfurt, we’ll be attending Prolight + Sound for the 38th year in succession – and celebrating this tradition by presenting our new products for 2017 to the event and entertainment industry.
This year the KLOTZ stand will feature over 500 different products, live and hands-on.
Come along and see our enormous variety and legendary Made in Germany quality for yourself!
Find us in Hall 4, Level 1, Stand D08.

KLOTZ trade fair news 2017
KLOTZ XLR connector

As a leading cable manufacturer in the consumer and ProAVM sectors with 35 years of experience in the business, KLOTZ AIS GmbH makes up 10 million meters of bulk cable with over one million connectors per year to produce its premium cables.
Given this, the next stage was only logical: in future, KLOTZ Cables will feature the company’s own-brand XLR connectors.
The new connectors have an innovative patent-protected design with many equally novel features - like the ribbed connector housing, with ridges at an angle to the direction of pulling to provide perfect grip. The ribbed finish around the connector circumference is broken by two flat surfaces, offering space for laser-cut numbering or an engraved logo. KLOTZ is the only manufacturer to offer this feature!

StraightLink facelift

StraightLink Stage Boxes are versatile and multifunctional. They’re also ideal as sub-stage boxes or as sub-distribution panels for drumkits.
All models feature rugged aluminium housing with black powder-coated finish, making them the ideal choice to withstand tough daily life in the stage or studio. The connectors are in signature sparkling bronze metallic finish with silver-plated contacts. They are over 40% lighter than conventional XLR connectors.
We chose our proven PolyWire Multicore cable for the StraightLink range. PolyWire Multicore combines high flexibility with excellent shielding characteristics.
The entire StraightLink range recently received a redesign and now fulfils users’ requirements even more effectively. The changes made include modified pigtail lengths, laser-engraved numbering, and a metal cable grip as strain relief for StraightLink models with 12 channels and over.
With improvements like these, our best-selling product is even more attractive – and well deserve their special status among compact stage boxes.

RamCAT6 network cable

The RC6EE is a flexible RamCAT6 cable designed for data transfer in mobile operation. Developed for a frequency of 500 MHz, it is suitable for data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbit/s. The RAMCAT6 is the cable of choice for data transfer in the Ethernet applications 1000BaseT and 10GBase-T where drag chains and cable drums are used.
The RC6EE offers characteristic impedance of 100 Ω and has four twisted pairs with copper cores (19 x 0.10 mm). The matched lay lengths of the individual pairs and the sophisticated cable stranding with central PE cross are designed to maximize NEXT (near-end crosstalk) and FEXT (far-end crosstalk) values. With cross-shaped PE central filler and abrasion-proof PUR jacket, the cable is ideal for mobile use on the road. Dual shielding reliably protects against electromagnetic interference.
The RC6EE is made up with Neutrik etherCON connectors. These RJ45 connectors with rugged metal housing are CAT6a-compliant and downward-compatible with previous standards. The technically advanced CAT6 standard presents a particular challenge for cable designers. It’s a challenge we were happy to tackle!

DMX & AES / EBU premade cables

DMX is a lighting control standard, comparable to the AES/EBU standard for digital audio.
We have given our Premade DMX and AES/EBU series a thorough makeover. Among their new features, these cables are now available with the new KLOTZ XLR connectors in 3-pin and 5-pin versions.
In addition, products with characteristic impedance of 110 Ohm are distinguished by their use of blue – in the form of a blue jacket for the cables themselves, a blue ring on KLOTZ XLR connectors, or – if you choose the Neutrik XLR connectors – a blue connector sleeve.
With outstanding electrical specs and great shielding against external influences, our DMX or AES/EBU cables guarantee interference-free signal transmission, even over long distances.

M1 microphone cable with KLOTZ XLR

The M1, our microphone cable for ambitious musicians, has achieved classic status as a stalwart of our range. It guarantees clear, authentic sound pleasure on stage, in the rehearsal room and in the studio.
Carefully selected top-quality materials – including lead-free PVC jacket and ultra-effective copper spiral shield – ensure powerful, transparent and assertive sound. The M1’s fat twisted-core design retains its symmetry and is crushproof, reducing interference to the bare minimum. In combination with extra-low capacitance of a mere 60pF/m and our innovative XLR connectors on both ends (also available with XLR / jack connectors), they add the finishing touch for great sound.

digital video cable VH8L

Pro users are always asking us whether we can supply a video cable that’s optimized for short to medium distances. It should have a low external diameter as well as being highly flexible, suitable for drum storage, and rugged enough to cope with frequent patching. All these enquiries inspired us to design the VD083LP – the ideal cable for mobile transmission of digital video signals over distances up to 70 m.
The outer PUR jacket is extra-rugged and abrasion- and notch-resistant, providing outstanding protection for what goes on inside. The ultra-finely stranded conductor is enclosed in physically foamed dielectric medium covered with a dual-layer braided copper shield that provides over 98% protection from interference.
In line with SMPTE standards, the VD083LP transmits a 1.5-GB signal over distances of up to 70 m, and a 3-GB signal up to 50 m – or even more in practice, depending on the transmitter and signal frequency!
The VD083LP is made up with Neutrik’s UHD 4K BNC connectors. And incidentally, the VD083LP is the “little brother” of our famous and universally appreciated V12L/48DP for long distances.

'59 Vintage pancake patch cable

If it’s going to be vintage, it’s got to be right!
Our new '59 Vintage pancake patch cables let you continue your equipment‘s retro look to the pedal board.
Because space is always at a premium on pedal boards, we designed the pancake patcher cables with angled flat connectors in a classic look. Space-saving and with lots of authentic style! The cable itself has a textile jacket for the perfect retro effect – but inside, it’s as modern as they come. It has effective copper spiral shielding and low capacitance to ensure crystal-clear top-class signal transmission.


Our SmartBeam Octo is a world’s first – the very first 8x expanded beam connector. A flood of customer requests inspired us to get to work on its development – and here’s the result. The rugged housing (IP 67 rating) makes the cable impervious to harsh conditions and contamination. Its eight lenses deliver transfer rates of 8 x 10 GB/s!
And of course we can supply the matching cable – our new Fiberflex ULTRA F8UM11. Its eight fibres (8 x 50/125 µm, OM3, multimode) have a 500 μm primary coating und 900 µm tight buffered fibre layers for optimum protection, yet the cable has an external diameter of only 6.4 mm! Winding and drum storage are therefore child’s play even at extreme temperatures. The FiberExplorer is a matching breakout box that complements the cable and connectors to create a complete system.
This is the first 8x FO system to be launched on the market, and we’ve already supplied complete systems for two outside broadcast vans, which are now in use in programme production. The complete system comprises cable drum, pigtail and FiberExplorer. The FiberExplorer offers connections for the SmartBeam Octo and 4 x SC and 4 x LC / Neutrik OpticalCon outputs.
The SmartBeam Octo – taking giant strides into the digital future!

KLOTZ SmartBeam mini

When size and space are crucial, our SmartBeam QUAD Mini is the answer!
It delivers the same performance and features as its big brother, but its external diameter is almost 8 mm smaller. This makes the SmartBeam QUAD Mini compatible with connections like the Tyco Pro Beam Mini and Telecast MX – at transmission rates of up to 4 x 10 GB/s!
The cable is completely impervious to contamination (IP rating 67) and incredibly easy to clean using nothing but pure water and a lint-free cloth. As the connectors do not come into physical contact with the fibres, long-term insertion loss is stable.
The SmartBeam QUAD Mini is available as connection cables, cable drums and breakout cables, as well as bulkhead cables for installation.

KLOTZ Modulares Installations System

Ever happened to you? The number of inputs on your XLR splitter hopelessly inadequate – or completely over the top? Those times are gone! Now our Modular Interface System (MIS) lets you configure your XLR splitter/interface to your precise needs.
Our two preconfigured DIY sets, MISSET24 and MISSET32, are proof of just how practical and easy to use the MIS system is.
The MISSET24 is a convenient, easy way to process signals from two 12-channel sub-stage boxes (like our StraightLink series) – for instance, when two bands share a stage. Everything is pre-cabled; no more tiresome connector changeovers! It’s so easy to switch from one to the other.
Assembling the kits is ultra-simple – no soldering necessary. And on request, we take care of assembly and electrical approval of your custom MIS.

KLOTZ bulk news: audio digital & video

Sometimes transmitting a video signal just isn’t enough. What about providing a power supply for the cameras? Or a signal for the preview monitor? Those questions are exactly why we designed the HV2P15P hybrid video cable with included VD083LP HD-SDI cable.
Two signal conductors and a power line – in a single cable!
It’s the perfect solution for mobile HDSDI links, e.g. from camera to vision mixer and preview monitor, including power supply. No more tangles!
AES/EBU multicores for balanced digital and analog signal transmission in studios and fixed installations offering excellent handling characteristics. A generous cable-cross section ensures a extremely low attenuation even on long transmission distances.

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