KLOTZ Newsletter May 2018
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This issue of the KLOTZ Newsletter focuses on cable products for L-Acoustics. L-Acoustics products are perennial favourites in the ProAVM sector – and we’ve got the ideal cable solutions to go with them!
Take the LP84XM1M Speaker Cable, for example. The external diameter is designed for easy combination with the PA-COM® connectors which are used by L-Acoustics.
In addition, we’ve completely overhauled our LSC840XYS and LSC840XYM Multicore Speaker Cables. If you’re seeking a speaker multicore that can handle low temperatures and outdoor conditions look no further – here it is!
Our PolyWIRE family has expanded its classic studio multicore range, adding the new PW06X with 6 paired conductors. The soft PVC jacket makes handling so easy and flexible, and the audio characteristics that are so crucial in a studio are likewise superb.
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KLOTZ products
LP84XM1M Speaker Cable eXtreme for L-Acoustics

The new LP84XM1M Speaker Cable from KLOTZ AIS is a premium-quality high-end cable designed for secure low-loss signal transmission even over long distances and in outdoor applications. Premade with 8-pin PA-COM® connectors, it is ideal for cabling L-Acoustics components.
The design and production of our new speaker cable comply with the highest standards of perfection, stability and flexibility, guaranteed by their ultra-short twisting length and extra-fine stranded copper wires (226 x 0.15 mm).
The extra-high conductor cross-section of 8 x 4 mm² ensures superb sound transmission quality. The ultra-short twisting lengths of the twisted conductors and extra-fine stranded wires (IEC 60228, Class 6) deliver excellent EMC ratings, and maximize the cable’s durability even in the challenging conditions of mobile broadcasting. The cable‘s properties were thoroughly tested in drag chain tests, which were halted after 200,000 successful cycles.

Multicore Speaker Cable eXtreme LSC840XYM & LSC840XYS

KLOTZ has completely redesigned its eXtreme LSC840XYM and LSC840XYS Multicore Speaker Cables as ideal solutions for connecting mobile multiway and line array systems.

The two cable models have plenty in common; both share outer jackets with extra resilience to low temperatures, short twisting lengths of their conductors and extra-fine stranded wires. The difference is in the external diameters, which were tailored for PA-COM® and Neutrik speakON connectors respectively. What’s inside is naturally also custom-developed for the needs of live performance and touring on the road.
For more information about the design, compatibility and applications of the LSC840XYM and LSC840XYS, visit our Online Shop.

PolyWire XLPE Studio Multicore Cable PW06X

Our PolyWIRE family has expanded, adding the new PW06X with 6 paired conductors to. The soft PVC jacket makes handling so easy and flexible; the cable lies smoothly and neatly without kinking.
The generous 0.22mm² conductor cross-section and low capacitance are the basis for great audio characteristics that are so crucial in studio use. The conductor insulation is made of ultra-heat-resistant XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene). No more problems with shrinking insulation during soldering!
Expected to be available end of June 2018.

LSV2844FMPAC SpeakerLink Distribution System

KLOTZ SpeakerLink: Connecting speaker cables rapidly and neatly on stage is an art that is often underestimated. Now tech crew can save time and effort by using the new KLOTZ SpeakerLink speaker connection system.
The sophisticated wiring configuration of KLOTZ SpeakerLink replaces a whole slew of cable adapters, resulting in a significant cost saving.

OmniSTAR - AES / EBU Multicore Cables OS15CP08 & OS15CP12

This AES/EBU multicore cable is suitable for both analogue and digital signal transmission. Designed for mobile broadcast units, outdoor and stage use, it has paired jackets from cold-flex PVC which allow use at very low temperatures.
Electrical specifications such as capacitance and attenuation are outstanding. The twisted pairs have spiral shielding, which combines with the overall braided shield to provide optimum protection against external interference.

With extra-tearproof PUR-a-Flex outer jacket, designed for high flexibility at low temperatures, the OS15CP… is ideal for mobile use, even in the harshest open-air conditions.
Our OmniStar AES/EBU multicore cables are available in 8 or 12 pairs.

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