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recovery Newsletter 02|2021
waste recovery
Informative and entertaining
© Steinert
At Steinert, milestones in the company‘s history have always been celebrated together with customers. An overall investment of around € 7 million has resulted in a test and development centre the size of a football field in Pulheim near Cologne. At the inauguration of the metal sorting line, CEO Peter Funke defied the circumstances and agreed to a completely new format for Steinert: “I must admit that I am delighted about our customers’ positive feedback...
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System for detection of foreign objects in tyre shreds

© Eldan

Danish manufacturer of tyre recycling equipment, ELDAN Recycling A/S, has developed a new sensorbased system to detect foreign objects in tyre shreds and reduce the risk of breakdowns and yearly down time. The ELDAN Foreign Object Detection (FOD) system consists of a sensor system monitoring the vibrating discharge conveyor following the ELDAN Super Chopper. Changes in acceleration from dense objects hitting the surface are picked up by the FOD system....
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Intelligent sorting due to process optimisation
Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA develops sorting and recycling systems for all types of recyclable materials, reliably and efficiently. From waste paper to wood, LVP and plastics to commercial waste and RDF.

We place our focus on intelligent sorting due to process optimisation
• Fully automatic quality control
• Mass flow monitoring
• Online quality assurance and monitoring during the process
• Increased effectiveness of the plant
• Intelligent sorting robotics with 24h availability

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waste recovery
HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH – 25 years (R)evolution
What 25 years ago in Thuringia began, has meanwhile developed to a brand name for strong performance and quality in the recycling sector. HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH started manufacturing the „Original“ HAMMEL shredders in 1996 at the Bad Salzungen site and it has been constantly growing ever since...
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URT - New fridge recycling plant for Poland
In the last quarter of 2020, URT Umwelt- und Recyclingtechnik GmbH started up a new fridge recycling plant for their client Biosystem S.A in Poland.
The recycling plant is treating fridges containing volatile hydrocarbons (VHCs) only, with online incineration of the blowing agent pentane.
Some advantages of this innovative process compared to the mixed treatment of VHC and VFC containing fridges are: no need for nitrogen, less connection power and no transport and disposal costs for the blowing agents.

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industrial waste recovery
Wind turbines deserve green disposal

© Hagedorn

The dismantling of decommissioned wind turbines is currently a major issue. At the turn of the year, the 20-year subsidy under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) ended for around 5200 turbines, with a further 8000 to follow by 2025. In the meantime, there is a political transitional solution for subsidized wind turbines, but...
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WEEE recovery
Improving the recovery of recyclables from WEEE

© HS Nordhausen

WEEE consists essentially of metal-plastic composites. To make these accessible with regard to the recovery of metals and critical resources of strategic economic importance, they must be broken down at reasonable cost and any recyclables and hazardous materials contained removed. The further processing of WEEE at primary treatment facilities can increase revenues with the sale of separated materials and contribute to the safeguarding and creation of jobs at optioned primary treatment facilities...
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Steinert: New Headquarters
Vecoplan: Interview: Quality without compromise
Recovery of recyclables from WEEE
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