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STEINERT subsidiary re-sorts itself

© Steinert

RTT STEINERT, the Zittau-based subsidiary of STEINERT GmbH, is pooling all the resources relevant to its customers in the waste recycling sector at one location and will be doing business in Zittau under its new name, STEINERT UniSort, since 1 October 2019. Following on from separating its sales organisation into the Waste, Metal and Mining divisions, STEINERT is now taking the next step consistent with these changes. In order to respond to customer enquiries more quickly and to enable its customer service to better meet the needs, STEINERT GmbH bundles all competences regarding waste recycling at its subsidiary in Zittau.
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Recycler Pallatzky backs electrocoagulation using the MORSELT RedBOX
At the Pallatzky company in Bielefeld, almost 50 000 m² are all about the processing of metal scrap. Steel mill, foundry, ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap is recycled and returned to the material cycle on this huge site. The company is firmly focused on an environmentally friendly and sustainable recycling process in all respects. Pallatzky has recently taken a major step in environmental protection and process optimisation by redesigning its wastewater management system using electrocoagulation – a best practice example for the entire industry.
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TOMRA launches new X-TRACT X6 FINES machine, capable of sorting metal fractions of unprecedented smallness
TOMRA Sorting Recycling has launched a new machine, the X-TRACT X6 FINES, for the high-purity sorting of mixed non-ferrous metal fractions at Aluminum USA, the biannual industry event staged at the Music City Center convention center in Nashville, Tennessee.
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URT with a positive energy balance
URT Umwelt- und Recyclingtechnik GmbH was again able to achieve a positive energy balance in 2019. With our own photovoltaic system on the assembly and production halls, significantly more electricity was generated than was consumed during this period. In addition to self-consumption, approx. 75.000 kWh were fed into the power net. This means that not only the plants built by URT make their contribution to environmental protection worldwide, but also the company's own photovoltaic system.
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Efficiently recycling economically strategic materials from electronic devices

© Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen/Germany

Since 2015, nine project partners from four countries have been researching how to disassemble electronics and reclaim economically strategic materials in the EU project „ADIR – Next Generation Urban Mining – Automated Disassembly, Separation and Recovery of Valuable Materials from Electronic Equipment“. On May 17, 2019, the project partners presented important results in theory and practice at the ADIR Demo Day in Goslar. On the agenda stood an introduction lecture from the Federal Environment Agency and a series of presentations held by the project partners of the ADIR consortium. Recent developments in the project were presented by Prof. Reinhard Noll from the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT.
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