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FLEXIBILITY AT IT'S BEST – All advantages at a glance.
BHS-Sonthofen set a benchmark in the pre-shredding technology. Continuously developed and adapted to the prevailing conditions over more than 100 years. BHS-Sonthofen provide a new state-of-the-art product. Pre-shredding with an extremely robust, high-torque machine defines a new solution and level: The RAPAX.
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Slow-running pre-shredder
The new BHS RAPAX – a slow-running twin-shaft pre-shredder – is a perfect solution for a wide range of applications and the effective shredding of many waste materials. Engineered and designed for demanding use for processing of following materials:
Metal recovery
Thanks to high-torque shredding, the machine is versatile and universally applicable with easy maintenance.
• Light ferrous scrap
• Aluminum scrap
• Non-ferrous scrap
• WEEE (large & small appliances)
Commercial & industrial waste
Continuous operation, flexible tool configurations and low maintenance are ensured with the RAPAX due to its robust design.
• Commercial & industrial waste
• Household waste
• Bulky waste
Construction waste
High-torque drive, robust design and flexible tool configurations, the RAPAX offers efficient operation even in demanding applications.
• Construction waste (CDW)
• Asphalt clods
• Plasterboards
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On YouTube: Pre-shredding with power, flexibility and design!
Even the highest demands on shredding forces place no limits on the RAPAX with drive powers of up to 400 kW.
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Well thought-out to the tiniest detail!
Best in class engineering for highest demands. Experience the new RAPAX, take a closer look, from all sides and according to your wishes.
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Powerful design and performance
Not only in design, but also with many technical innovations, the robust and high-torque RAPAX sets new standards in pre-shredding. As a slow-running twin-shaft pre-shredder, it offers a wide range of applications in the recycling industry with different variations of tools, shredding table installations and control parameters. With extensive test series and innovative design details, it offers optimal conditions for metal recovery, commercial and industrial waste processing, and recycling of construction waste.
Intelligent solutions:
Design details
To cope with specific tasks, each shaft can be equipped with a variable number and style of shredding tools. Depending on the feed material and requirements, the shape of the tool varies. An intelligent control system offers specially designed programs and parameters for the respective application area. Individual travel cycles, settings of the gear pressure and exact setting options for asynchronous operation can thus be adapted.
Contact information
Phone: +49 8321 6099-520
E-mail: recycling@bhs-sonthofen.com
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