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recovery Newsletter 02|2023
STEINERT: Closes the gap between waste and new goods
Everyone involved in the plastics industry is concerned with strict legislation and a social sense of responsibility for recovering plastics. Black plastics represent a particular challenge because they cannot be detected with the optical sorting technology found in standard recycling plants. STEINERT technology allows black plastics to be sorted from the general waste stream and to be sorted into pure grades. This enables partners of the sorting specialist to respond to the new challenges of the circular economy in a cost-effective manner and to be equipped for all the processes involved in plastic recovery and processing in equal measure ...
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Improve Your Plastic Recycling Process with STEINERT
In its new Solution Guide STEINERT showcases the various options available for sorting plastics, including unique sensor systems, magnets, and special sorting products. By implementing these solutions, you can create valuable products for the recycling industry while using plastics in a responsible way.
Be one step ahead of the rest in revolutionizing your recycling processes and download the Solution Guide now.

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waste recovery
Weighing technology in the waste managementand recycling industry
Whether an existing plant or a new one is being built, operators and planners alike are faced with one question: at what point can material flows in recycling plants be recorded efficiently and accurately? The answer for many applications is: by means of weighing technology. Weighing is also the more accurate method compared to volumetric recording, since different bulk densities have no influence. There are various possibilities for recording the material flows in the respective processing stages, which are shown below ...
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Efficiency and sustainability with E-drive
Rising energy prices and new legal mandates on CO2 emissions are driving waste industry demand for mobile machines with electric drive, which can be a very good option in many applications. For years Komptech has driven the development of energy-efficient machines, and designs solutions for many customer requirements. Komptech has steadily built out its shredding and screening portfolio, and already offers over half of its machines in e-mobile or hybrid versions.
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plastics recovery
Recycled rubber, rice husks and plastic bottles

© Continental

Car tires are round, black and made of rubber. Look closer, however, and you’ll see that the design of tires and the interaction of the various materials that go into making them are extremely complex. But for some time now, the material experts and tire engineers at Continental have been bringing about a silent revolution. By 2050 at the latest, all tires are to be made of sustainable materials. ...
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BIR Amsterdam 2023 likely to break all records!
Join us for an outstanding 75th anniversary World Recycling Convention! Registrations are soaring and with two weeks to go we can proudly announce over 1,200 registered delegates so far.

As we continue to announce our commodity programmes, more and more businesspeople from around the globe sign up for our landmark event.

Register now and join the global recycling community in Amsterdam!
market review
Turning point – New era for the recycling industry?
© Borealis and Tomra
The recycling industry has reached a turning point. On the one hand, progress has been made in improving recycling rates in recent years, while, on the other hand, the consumption of resources is rising to ever higher levels. In this report, we look at developments in the recycling of plastics, batteries and waste electrical and electronic equipment by leading companies. Is this already the dawn of a new era? ...
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Waste to energy plants: discover FOR REC machines
Innovation, expertise and precision: thanks to its significant know-how, FOR REC develops customized machines for the recycling of aluminum, rubber, WEEE and MSW. All FOR REC plants are realized to drastically reduce the volume of waste, increase the efficiency of the treatment, and reduce downtimes.
Do you want to discover more?
FOR REC will attend the E-Waste World conference (EBM Expo's 2023) in Frankfurt June 28-29, dealing with E-scrap, metals and battery recycling

Come and visit us to learn more about our solutions, discover more on: w w w. forrec. eu Don't miss it!
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