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recovery Newsletter 06|2020
Coverstory – scrap recovery
Mobile eye-catcher
© Sennebogen
SYNETIQ, one of the largest salvage and vehicle recycling company in the UK, has invested in a new SENNEBOGEN 830 E series scrap material handler supplied by Molson Green. The mobile scrap specialist with 17 m equipment has recently become the new eye-catcher at the scrap yard. ...
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Recycling batteries: Safely avoiding hazards
BHS-Sonthofen is refining their innovative process for the recycling of spent batteries. It reliably prevents fires by keeping the first part of the process gas-tight: Under a protective atmosphere, the batteries are crushed by a rotary shear of type VR and then transported to a dryer (type HTC from AVA), where the electrolytes are evaporated. In a second crushing-stage, a rotor impact mill of type RPMX optimally prepares the now harmless material for sorting.
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Emissions-free conveying ofalternative fuels in power plants in Asia


One of AUMUND’s biggest Thai customers operates a plant in Saraburi, just north of Bangkok, where industrial and household waste is pre-treated and made into highly calorific alternative fuel....
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plastics recovery
Advanced sorting accuracy
Following the introduction of the new generation AUTOSORT® within TOMRA Recycling’s Symphony of all Sorts campaign, the company now gives more insight into its engineering advancements made to its FLYING BEAM® technology. Philipp Knopp, Product Manager at TOMRA Recycling, details the new version from a technical and customer perspective ...
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URT GmbH is celebrating its 25 anniversary
URT Umwelt- und Recyclingtechnik GmbH was founded in 1995 by the owners and managing directors Peter Heßler and Thomas Gundersdorf. The plant engineering company is an expert in the WEEE niche market not only because of its many years of experience, but also because of its constant innovations in its plants. The business field of URT includes the engineering, sales and service of recycling plants for electrical and electronic scrap (WEEE).
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battery recovery
High growth rates due to electromobility

© Duesenfeld

As a result of the future prospects for electromobility, the market outlook for battery cells is extremely good. In a current market report, the well-known „World Economic Forum“ assumes that for the establishment of a sustainable value chain in global battery production the recycling capacities will have to be increased by a factor of 15 by 2030. This article discusses these assumptions and describes the battery recycling practice followed up to now. This information is rounded off by an overview of technological developments in the recycling of batteries...
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agricultural waste recovery
Efficiency in biogas generation

© BHS-Sonthofen

BHS-Sonthofen has launched a new, completely redesigned version of the successful Biogrinder on the market. The Biogrinder is used in biomass processing ...
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waste recovery
Research of the potential of Enhanced Landfill Mining for resource recovery from waste

© Cristina Garcia Lopez

Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM) has the potential of providing a solution that could dramatically reduce future remediation costs and reclaim valuable land while unlocking precious resources. The four-year NEW-MINE research project, led by KU Leuven Institute for Sustainable Metals and Minerals SIM2, was launched in 2016 to look into different aspects of Enhanced Landfill Mining. ...
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recovery 6|2020
Cover recovery 1/2020
Highlights of this issue
Online format of World Recycling Convention – Online-Format der World Recycling Convention (BIR)
Profitably closing the plastics cycle – Mit Gewinn den Kunststoffkreislauf schließen
A compact-format supply unit – Versorgungseinheit kompakt im Kleinformat
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