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recovery Newsletter 05|2021
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Versatile, sturdy, easy to maintain and with a flexible, smart control system for efficient pre-shredding: BHS-Sonthofen’s new, universal pre-shredder RAPAX combines design and functionality in one powerful solution. The robust and high-torque RAPAX impresses with many technical innovations. It is perfectly suited for processing various metal fractions, commercial waste, industrial waste, as well as construction and demolition waste.
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Stationary handling machine in waste processing
© Florian Attenhauser, Sennebogen
After an interesting drive through an impressively large cement plant, you arrive at Albbrennstoff GmbH in Allmendingen. Why this close proximity to the cement plant? Albbrennstoff GmbH produces substitute fuel from pre-sorted commercial waste as well as from production waste and leftovers from the dual systems, specifically according to the requirements of SCHWENK Zement, which is then used directly as fuel.
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IFAT 2022: exhibitor interest at pre-COVID level

© Messe München

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, climate and environmental protection are once again pushing their way to the top of the social discussion agenda. The global environmental sector is forecast to grow strongly over the coming years. IFAT reflects this trend with a high level of registrations from exhibitors around the world.
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Intelligent sorting due to process optimisation
Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA develops sorting and recycling systems for all types of recyclable materials, reliably and efficiently. From waste paper to wood, LVP and plastics to commercial waste and RDF.

We place our focus on intelligent sorting due to process optimisation
• Fully automatic quality control
• Mass flow monitoring
• Online quality assurance and monitoring during the process
• Increased effectiveness of the plant
• Intelligent sorting robotics with 24h availability

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Li-Ion battery recycling experts
In addition to recycling plants for high-voltage batteries from electromobility, URT is also engineering and building processing plants for batteries from electronic and electrical appliances, such as hand tools, laptops, e-bikes, e-scooters or mobile phones.
The URT recycling technology enables a black mass recovery of more than 99 %. Even production scrap of different production stages can be treated by the URT battery recycling plants.

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waste recovery
Recycling in the EU in the pandemic era
© bvse
The European Union (EU) is striving to become a global pioneer in the recycling economy. Only in times of crisis is it possible to clearly gauge the progress made. The following paper discusses where the EU currently stands in recycling, which new challenges the corona pandemic has brought and what the current situation is with regard to packaging waste, plastic and textile waste as well as spent batteries...
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Small Granulator for TU Bergakademie Freiberg
For its own research work and development projects, the TU Bergakademie Freiberg operates a powerful ZM300 granulator from THM recycling solutions GmbH in its technology center.
The granulator is one of the radial gap rotor shears with a sheared load on the feed material. At the Institute of Mineral Processing Machines, the machine is used to shred lightweight structures from the vehicle construction or the wind energy sector.

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industrial waste recovery
UNTHA service operation makes Saubermacher plant fit again


An XR3000C shredding machine from UNTHA shredding technology has been in use at the Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG site in Vienna since 2017. It was recently due for a major service with rotor replacement, which was expertly carried out by the UNTHA service team. The production plant manager explains what the advantages of a service visit from the manufacturer are for the customer...
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CDE Engineering Insights – DACH Webinar Series
Join CDE this autumn for a webinar series tailored to the DACH market. We will have six dedication sessions delivered in German by our European team as well as some industry expert speakers who will be presenting the latest topics and trends relating to the waste recycling and natural material processing industries. Across the series, we’ll be demonstrating site tours of customer projects, case studies, and customer insights. Register today to save your seat for all sessions within the series.
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plastics recovery
Innovative plant technology

© Polytan GmbH

Although synthetic lawn had been introduced in American baseball stadiums already at the end of the 1960s, it only became an accepted alternative to the high-maintenance natural lawn at the turn of the millennium. But after 12 to 15 years of use, up to 5000 artificial turf sports fields are currently due for renovation in Germany alone. This raises the question of the best possible disposal. Up-to-date the only serious answer is: “Recycling”. The Austrian extrusion and recycling technology company MAS offers innovative system technology for converting old and worn artificial grass efficiently and cost-effectively into high-quality plastic granulate...
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agricultural waste recovery
Tasmanian compost with Topturn X

© Komptech

Dulverton Waste Management is one of the leading waste management companies and largest compost producer in the Australian state of Tasmania, whose sustainable waste management has already won awards. To optimize its processes, the company is looking to expand its existing composting facility and incorporate best practice solutions for landfill leachate and odor emissions. The first step towards modernization was the purchase of the Topturn X63 self-propelled windrow turner...
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Calling all battery recycling professionals!
Join the 250+ delegates at the world’s most important battery recycling conference & exhibition, Sept. 22-24, 2021 in Geneva. 26th International Congress for Battery Recycling ICBR 2021 is the place to be for sharing your experience and concerns with decision makers from this industry. The exhibition is almost fully booked. The visit to MTB facilities is also filling up fast. New this year is one of the first ever workshops on how to integrate the black mass produced at the end of life into a circular li-ion battery economy.
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waste recovery
Full-scale photovoltaic recycling on an industrial scale


Under the project management of Veolia Germany, a highly efficient and special process for the recycling of end-of-life photovoltaic (PV) modules is being developed. Together with partner companies from the public and private sector operating along the PV module recycling chain, all PV module components are completely separated for the first time. This way, pure silicon, silver and glass, among other things, can be made available to the manufacturing industry again. The EU supports the project with a total of € 4.8 million through EIT RawMaterials...
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UNTHA ZR: Hard-wearing, cost-efficient!
With the ZR class, UNTHA has developed the most cost-effective 2-shaft shredder with the lowest lifecycle costing (LCC) in its class. The high-performance pre-shredder with the energy-efficient UNTHA Eco Power Drive is ideal for high throughputs as well as high-volume waste and recyclables that are difficult to shred. The new shredding solution developed by UNTHA comes with two cutting systems and is available as a stationary or mobile version.

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