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recovery Newsletter 03|2020

20th International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC 2020 / September 2 – 4, 2020, Geneva/Switzerland
IARC 2020 is the international platform for discussing the latest developments and challenges in automobile recycling, bringing together more than 250 decision-makers in the ELV recycling chain such as car manufacturers, metal and plastic scrap traders, recyclers, shredder operators, policy-makers and many more...
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Coverstory -plastics recovery
Artificial Intelligence in sorting technology - GAIN retrofit for AUTOSORT systems
Increasing scarcity of resources and even larger flows of waste are leading to a more and more important role for the subject of recycling. The focus is on the quality of the recycled materials. Above all, the use of sorting technology is appropriate in many sectors in order to attain the purest materials flows possible. In recent decades, there has been rapid development in this field, in parallel to the ever more rapid evolution of computing technology, an essential precondition for process speed and for the accuracy of the sorting result...
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GEM donates protection masks through URT
The long-standing business relationship between URT Umwelt- und Recyclingtechnik GmbH and GEM High-tech Co., Limited from China developed into a friendship some years ago. In a crisis friends are helping each other. When Prof. Xu, CEO of GEM, heard from missing protection equipment in Germany he did not hesitate to offer URT to donate over 30 000 protecting masks, gloves and protection suits. This equipment is delivered to medical facilities in the area where the URT factory is located.
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slag recovery
Valuable by-products - Slag recycling
© Worldsteel - POSCO
Iron and steel slags are by-products of steel production. These mineral raw materials mainly consist of lime silicate compounds and are classified as secondary raw materials and not as waste because of their homogeneous and advantageous properties. The following report provides an overview of the recycling quantities with current worldwide market data and trends...
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waste recovery
Flexible screening – Doppstadt combines drum and star screen processes

© Doppstadt

Investment needs to pay off. Efficiency, flexibility and lifetime are the deciding factors in selecting the right screening machine. Doppstadt unites
all these in the SM 518.2. The successor to the popular SM 518 Plus in the mid power range screens processed residential and industrial waste, compost, bark, wood chips, bulk materials and excavated soil. The end product can consist of up to five separate fractions, and screen inserts are quick to change. Manufactured in familiar Doppstadt quality, the SM 518.2 meets all the requirements of medium to large recycling plants...
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metal recovery
Efficient Recycling – Eriez stake in sustainability

© Eriez

With the ever-increasing interest in recycling methods due to our current inundation with pollutants, namely single use plastics, global pressure is now on to find a more sustainable method of existence....
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recovery 2|2020
Cover recovery 1/2020
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Free of impurities I Frei von Störstoffen
New technology to Pier 96 Recycling Center I Neue Technologie beim Pier 96 Recycle Central
Magnet and sensor-based processing technology for incineration bottom ash I Magnet- und Sensoraufbereitungstechnik für Müllverbrennungsasche
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