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We are so happy to announce that on Wednesday, 16th of December we launched our redesigned webpage.
We changed the code and visual appearance of our website significantly. The change is a complete change of the user experience you are now able to look into your industry and find the "Bürkle" solution for it. Furthermore, the webpage is seamless throughout your devices phone, tablet, SmartTV, Laptop or PC the webpage will adjust for a perfect look and feel.
Our website architects increased the security of the page to keep your and our data protected according to the latest standards.
Overall we tried to focus on our biggest value which is you.
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Eastern Millwork: Driven by Innovation
For the latest Surface & Panels Magazin (Q4/2020), they sat down with Heiko Sieling, COO of manufacturer Eastern Millwork, Jersey City, NJ. Specializing in commercial woodwork in Manhattan and neighbouring cities, Sieling talked about how the company is rising above the competition and using automation and technology as its driving force.
Heiko was answering questions like, what sort of trends he is noticing when it comes to healthcare facilities, how he sees the office world-changing, what the strategy will be after shutdown and closure of theatres and many more.
Furthermore, he was answering a very important question of how important surface and finishing partnerships are to him.
His answer was that it is "Extremly important. Especially for us because we had a lot of specific needs when it came to buying our machines. For our finishing department, we don't have a lot of space. We're in an area where's it's very expensive to have a building so we needed to find something that would work within our footprint, but that also gives us the throughput that we were looking for.
In addition to partnering with companies like Wilsonart and Formica, Eastern Millwork was able to work with Bürkle to customize machinery to great effect. The company has been utilizing Bürkle's Spray Coating Machine (SCPL-M 1600) and the UV Dryer (UV 1600).
"That's why you want to work with someone who can design something to your needs, and not just sell you a machine they've got on the shelf. If you don't have the right partners in place, you will never be able to rise above your competitors."
Find the complete article in the Surface & Panel Q4/2020 magazin and see what Eastern Millwork is capable of doing.
Happy Holidays!
The end of the year brings no greater joy
than the opportunity to express to you
season´s greetings and hopes for celebration
and relaxing with your loved ones.
Wishing you a safe, healthy season and joyful New Year.
Beste wishes from your friends at Burkle North America.
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Cooperation is sucess.
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