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100 years of Robert Bürkle GmbH
Bürkle is celebrating it´s 100 year anniversary, and we would like to thank you for being there with us all these years, in good times and in bad. We believe that we are formidable, but together with you, we are invincible.
Experience a part of the BÜRKLE story every Thursday.
Furthermore, Burkle North America wants to say "Thank You" and give something back to our customers.In July, we are focussing on our finishing equipment and woodworking service.
We are offering our best selling reciprocating spraying machine ROBUSeco model for just $ 100,000. See the machine in action here.
On top of that, we offer a one-day no labor cost service visit to help you get the most of your existing Burkle equipment. How does it work? Contact our Support-Team.
The only thing you have to do is follow us on LinkedIn, Youtube, and Instagram (coming soon) because we will share the next special in one of these channels. If you have a colleague who is not aware of our "Bürkle North America News" send his contact details to woodworking@burkleamerica.com
Move to digital staining for a streamlined finishing process
Learn about the digital stain of wood flooring and natural decoration thanks to inkjet printing technology with mineral inks.
Bürkle-EFI Cubik Live Demo & Webinar
July, 2 @ 10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT
Say goodbye to stain mix stocks! Reduce inventories, make any batch size profitable and have absolute control of color results in your current finishing line.
EFI Cubik inkjet printing on wood with mineral inks offers an efficient manufacturing process and bring new business opportunities with larger decorative possibilities and customization.
Join the webinar to discover how it works. We will also be having a demo at the Bürkle-EFI finishing line to show you first-hand the EFI Cubik in action.
We look forward to having you!
To register please use the link in the picture down below.
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Learn about our history:
- 1950´s: Veneer rapid Press
- 1955: Sanding and our first roller coating machine
- Early 1960´s: Expansion of press technology
- Middle of the 60´s: Automation and lines in the German economic miracle
- Let´s have a look at our first "LIGNA" in Hannover
- Entry into the printed circuit board (PCB) industry
- 1970´s: See how we designed machines back than. 
Start knowing us better with our #didyouknow campaign:
- We are searching for the oldest machine in the market
- We are the main distributor of Schmoll Maschinen GmbH
- Really, 3 out 4 plastic cards in my wallet laminated from Bürkle?
- Industry leader in finishing technology
- Calibration service for your ISO audit?
- Mechanical and Laser drilling machines.  Fast and accurate. 
- Technology Center in Greensboro, NC
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