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Newsletter DWIH New York
July 2024
Dear reader, 
No long summer break for the DWIH New York! On July 15th, we have a great hybrid event coming up so you can join us from wherever you are. Additionally, there are a few exciting activities lined up from August until November that you should keep in mind. 
This month is bittersweet for the DWIH team: Our Communications Officer David Kuerbiss is leaving his position mid-July after about two and half years. Luckily, his successor will already start in August and bring fresh ideas with them! Please bear with us if the August newsletter will arrive in your mailbox a few days late or will be omitted. 
With kind regards, 
The DWIH New York Team
Cameron Abadi
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Four Questions for Cameron Abadi 
We had the pleasure of interviewing Cameron Abadi, author of the book “Climate Radicals” which will be published in the fall by Columbia Global Reports. In the book, Abadi profiles the fascinating activists of Letzte Generation, known for gluing themselves to street intersections and throwing food on works of art; Ende Gelände, which demands the immediate phaseout of coal by occupying mines; and the German leaders of the global coalition Fridays for Future, which organizes school strikes (on Fridays) and many other large-scale demonstrations.
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Event poster Measuring Higher Education’s Contribution to the SDGs
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Measuring Higher Education’s Contribution to the SDGs
Join us and our partners - either in New York or online - for this hybrid event on July 15th, 2024, to learn about the challenges in translating the SDGs into actionable institutional practices.
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HAW.International - Fact Finding Mission USA and Canada 
This delegation trip to Toronto, Detroit and New York from October 20 to 26, 2024, is aimed at representatives of German universities of applied sciences (HAWs) who are striving to improve the structure of their internationalization across all levels of the university. This project is organized and funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). More information (in German) can be found in this PDF on the DAAD website. Please apply by July 7.
Our Past Events 
Here is what you missed - looking back at some of our recent activities: 
May 10: Strengthening the Science-Policy-Society Interface incl. event recording
June 26: DWIH Network Day in Berlin
Eventposter Measuring Higher Education's Contribution to the SDGs
Measuring Higher Education's Contribution to the SDGs
July 15, 2024 | hybrid
Event poster "Presidents' Roundtable Luncheon"
Presidents' Roundtable Luncheon
Aug 21, 2024 | in-person
event poster "DWIH @ GAIN Annual Conference"
Save the Date: DWIH @ GAIN Conference (San Francisco)
Aug 23-25, 2024 | in-person
Event poster "FUTURE FORUM"
Save the Date: DWIH Future Forum (Washington, DC)
Oct 31, 2024 | in-person
Event poster "STEP USA University Program"
Save the Date: STEP USA University Program
Nov 4-6, 2024 | in-person
Event Poster "German American Conference at Harvard"
Save the Date: German American Conference at Harvard
Nov 15-17, 2024 | hybrid
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UA Ruhr Celebrates 20 Years with the Launch of the Future’s Fellowship Program: A New Era of Research Collaboration
Discover how the UA Ruhr‘s newly launched Future’s Fellowship Program is set to strongly impact our international research collaborations, with key insights from the Presidents’ Roundtable on leveraging science and academia to tackle global challenges.
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University of Cologne holds the Top Position in Germany with a Total of 16 CRCs as the Managing University
The German Research Foundation (DFG) has approved a new Collaborative Research Centre in the field of mRNA research and extended the funding of four existing CRCs. The University of Cologne holds the top position in Germany.
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Public Keynote Lecture by Professor Pratap Bhanu Mehta on Academic Freedom at HU Berlin
In his lecture on July 4 in Berlin, Pratap Mehta will offer reflections on the question of why academic freedom has become such an object of contention in contemporary democracies. The talk will draw on examples from the United States, India and Europe to delve into the intellectual and political foundations of academic freedom, and why these might erode.
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© Universität Hamburg
Indiana University Visits Universität Hamburg
The vice-president for IT and chief information officer (CIO) of Indiana University, Rob Lowden visited Universität Hamburg on June 5, 2024. Discussions and a tour of the DESY premises provided him with insights into the Universität Hamburg digitalization and IT strategy.
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