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Dear Mr Chung,
While we are currently still working on the second OPE journal issue of 2019 – with a focus on OLEDs & Displays – I would like to emphasise the next big topic that we will present in our magazine: In September, you will receive our very first “Green Issue” focussing on energy, photovoltaics and smart cities. My question for you is: Do you perceive the printed electronics industry as a ‘green’ sector – and does the PE community fully seize its green potentials?
Do you have projects, products or ideas that are truly sustainable? Get in touch with us, and we can highlight them in our “Green Issue.” We are also looking for an open discussion about sustainability in printed electronics, so if you want to participate in the debate, just drop us an e-mail!
Best regards
Martin Hirschmann
FachPack 2019: Marketplace Smart Packaging – Printed Electronics and More
Modern communication is digital, fast, versatile and therefore sophisticated. Information on products and companies is usually available at the click of a mouse. However, long-term business relationships are still personally closed and maintained. And new concepts are created through the exchange of experience.
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VTT appoints new VP sales and customer partnerships
Marko Koistila has been appointed as VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd's vice president, sales and customer partnerships as of 1 June 2019. Koistila is leaving behind a career in the pharmaceutical industry and a long line of leadership positions at GSK both in Finland and abroad.
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FAPS-IPC to host second conference on printed electronics in mobility and life science in Nuremberg
FAPS-IPC, a German specialist for technology conferences, will be hosting the second edition of its event on printed electronics in mobility and life science on 3 and 4 July 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany. The conference is directed by Wolfgang Mildner, founder of MSWtech and general chair of the LOPEC tradeshow in Munich.
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DuPont becomes independent company
DuPont de Nemours, Inc. (Wilmington, Delaware), an innovation provider of value-added specialised solutions and materials, announced its debut as an independent company following the successful separation of its Agriculture Division through the spin-off of Corteva, Inc. The company was formerly known as DowDuPont Inc.
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Superdry signs up for global RFID roll-out with Nedap
Last month, Nedap (Groenlo, The Netherlands) announced that the fashion retailer Superdry has signed up for !D Cloud, Nedap’s RFID software platform. This is an important step in the retailer’s omnichannel strategy, with the objective to increase inventory accuracy and align online and physical store sales. The RFID deployment involves more than 200 stores across the globe, with initial focus on the UK, European and US markets.
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Universal Laser Systems presents new platform ULTRA 9
With the ULTRA 9 platform, Universal Laser Systems (ULS) presents its most versatile laser processing system to date, which is aimed at the automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical device industries, among others. With the ULTRA 9 the innovation leader in laser technology offers an optimal development tool for the precise cutting, marking and engraving of the largest possible material spectrum in manufacturing, research, development and prototype construction.
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Heliatek goes east: solar films for Samsung
Heliatek has successfully completed its first installation project in the Republic of Korea: Together with strategic partner SAMSUNG Engineering, 160m² HeliaSol modules were installed on the roof of a “gangway” between two large office buildings of SAMSUNG Electronics innovation campus in Suwon City near Seoul.
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EPKI: New European initiative in the field of perovskite-based solar technology
Perovskite-based solar cells have made tremendous progress over the last decade achieving outstanding lab-scale efficiencies of 24.2% early 2019 in single-junction architecture and to an astonishing 28% in tandem (perovskite associated with crystalline silicon), turning it into the fastest-advancing solar technology to date.
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Japan Display unveils flexible fingerprint sensor
Japan Display Inc. (JDI) has developed a capacitive-type flexible fingerprint sensor by integrating its capacitive-type glass-based fingerprint sensor technology and flexible display technology. JDI has been developing large-sized sensors and transparent sensors that enhance product design by taking further advantage of the features of glass-based fingerprint sensors currently being mass-produced.
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Fraunhofer ISC: Elastic sensors for smart textiles
Smart materials and embedded electronics create the conditions for innovative design and new applications in the field of intelligent textiles, electronic interconnections, controls and displays. The Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC (Würzburg, Germany) with its Center Smart Materials is working on silicon-based materials, adapted printing pastes and efficient production technologies in order to exploit the application potential of expandable sensors and conductors, to inspire new product ideas and to accelerate the implementation.
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