09 Januar 2019
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Europe12th Annual Congress of the European Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders, 06-08/02/19, Prague +++ European Conference of PET Container Recycling Europe, 06-07/02/19, Brussels +++ Winter Conference of the European Institute of Printed Circuits, 14-15/02/19, Milan
Asia17th Annual Conference of the Special Education Network in Asia, 22-24/02/19, Hong Kong +++ Res Artis Meeting of the Worldwide Network of Artists Residencies, 06-08/02/19, Kyoto +++ 6th International Conference of Asian Special Libraries of the Special Libraries Association, 14-16/02/19, Delhi
America53rd Annual Conference of the Association for the Advancement of International Education, 04-06/02/19, San Francisco CA +++ Convention of the Latin American and Caribbean International Movers Association, 17-20/02/19, Panamá +++ Aquatic Sciences Meeting of the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, 23/02-02/03/19, San Juan
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Pacific19th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Gynaecological Endoscopy and Surgery Society, 07-09/03/19, Perth +++ 52nd Annual Meeting of the Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons, 10-14/03/19, Christchurch +++ 6th Conference of the Pacific Disability Forum, 25/02-01/03/19, Nadi
Kai Troll
Excellence in Association Management: ASSOCIATIONWORLD’s new approach to education for association leaders 
By: Kai Troll, ASSOCIATIONWORLD President and CEO.
When looking at education for associations, it quickly becomes apparent that the available options are limited. While large associations are being targeted, smaller organizations can often fall by the wayside. Additionally, there is a shortage of educational programs which spend a significant amount of time on a single topic, allowing for real progress to be achieved by the participants.
Many associations, especially small and medium sized ones with great potential for growth, devote limited time and budget to participate in educational events, either because there is nothing on offer which fits their needs, or because the cost exceeds their means. Even many larger associations do not really place external professional education on their agenda for various reasons. An important one being the lack of options.
ASSOCIATIONWORLD, a Brussels-based foundation, was established by its international board of directors in June 2018 in order to address this absence. The aim is to take a holistic approach towards the development of associations. ASSOCIATIONWORLD provides and facilitates in-depth solutions to common issues related to non-profit and association business and development components to achieve its mission of creating excellence in association business management.
To achieve the purpose of delivering high quality education which is accessible and affordable, ASSOCIATIONWORLD organizes full-day workshops for small groups of 15 to 25 people. The workshops include hands-on, tangible, impactful experiential learning experiences for association and non-profit business leaders, facilitated and guided by a multi-cultural professional faculty of globally experienced experts and professionals, corporates, institutions and academics with global working knowledge, and experience in dealing with association education. Each workshop focuses on maximizing the experience and learning outcomes for each participant, which are intended to be clearly applicable when delegates go back to their organizations. Besides content, the workshops focus on creating lasting experiences.
Learning what associations really need takes time to build the insight. From focus groups discussions held in Brussels and Geneva a lot of insight was gathered about the needs of associations, the areas where they feel a lack of knowledge and skills, potential solutions and topics, pricing, timing, and how education should be facilitated.
It was clear that to meet the goal of being accessible and affordable, associations require their workshops to be held in locations which are either close to their base of operations, or somewhere which is easily accessible. ASSOCIATIONWORLD has opted to therefore host its regular workshops primarily, though not exclusively, in destinations which are home to the largest number of international and European associations and non-profits. As such, in 2019, there will be workshops in the cities of Brussels, Geneva, Paris and Berlin.
Additionally, associations made it clear that in order for education to become more accessible, prices do need to be kept low. By working with partners, ASSOCIATIONWORLD is able to offer registration fees which are well below industry standards.
A total of twenty regular workshops have been scheduled for 2019 covering a wide range of topics which associations have indicated are relevant to them. Topics of upcoming workshops include Leadership & Leadership Development, Advocacy & Campaigning, Event Development & Bidding Processes, Strategy & Business Planning, Volunteering, Membership, Resource Development, Funding Models, Partnership Development, HR, Taxation and other topics selected by association and non-profit leaders.
The workshops schedule and agenda for February until June will be published on 15 January 2019. The ASSOCIATIONWORLD Advisory Committee comprised by representatives of impactful international and European associations, federations and societies will be announced on 21 February.
Find out more: https://w w w. associationworld. eu/
To hear some testimonies from participants and partners. 
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Excellence in Association Management: ASSOCIATIONWORLD’s new approach to education for association leaders 
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