Meetings and Conventions 2030: How Megatrends Have an Impact on our Industry
In 2013, the German Convention Bureau released a study about megatrends that will shape our industry by the year 2030. We are living in a world of transformation. Not only do globalization and digital technologies have an impact on our daily lives, but so do political developments and climate-change. With an entire decade ahead of us, we asked some of our German partners how megatrends are influencing their products and destinations:
•  Inclusion at the Estrel Hotel Berlin
•  Mobility in Hamburg
•  City of Future in Munich
•  Safety at the Venues of Messe Muenchen
•  Innovation in Stuttgart
•  Sustainability in Frankfurt
Enjoy the read!
Building Bridges of Inclusion at the Estrel Berlin
Estrel Berlin
Align your organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and event objectives with a property that thinks big about both. The Estrel Berlin, Europe’s largest hotel, conference & entertainment center, currently with 82,000ft² of event space plus 11,483ft² in early 2021, promotes equal opportunity in Berlin and abroad. Its Job Fair for Refugees & Foreign Employees in Estrel Congress Center’s state-of-the-art 15,100ft² Convention Hal II offers employment opportunities & career counselling to 4,000+ attendees each year. The Estrel partners with to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through building schools in some of the world’s poorest regions and by working with youth at risk in the Berlin community.
 » Find out more about Inclusion at the Estrel here. 
Experience the Future of Today's Mobility in Hamburg
Hamburg Mobility
Perhaps no city can better provide a glimpse of the future of smart mobility than Hamburg. The city continues to implement intelligent transportation systems (ITS) designed to make mobility more efficient, safer and more eco-friendly--transforming the city into a model urban environment for smart mobility. Hamburg has more than 35 intelligent transport system projects underway including an independent course in the center of the city for testing autonomous and connected vehicles, smart parking sensors, traffic-light phase assistants and on-demand shuttles. The ITS World Congress, one of the most influential ITS industry events will be held in Hamburg from October 11-15th 2021 and it will enable attendees to “experience future mobility now”.
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Munich Unveils Innovation Lab for the City of the Future
City of Future in Munich
The number of people living in cities around the world continues to grow--by 2050, two out of every three people worldwide will live in an urban area. This urbanization is presenting cities with major planning challenges. Munich has taken an innovative approach and built the Munich Urban Colab (MUC), a collaborative work environment for scientists, start-ups, corporate investors, and creatives who are working together to develop next-generation solutions. In addition, The City of Munich is a vital partner and suggests, tests and implements these groundbreaking solutions for the growing cities of the future. The MUC (set to open in May/June 2021) is also expected to attract major conferences related to urban development and future technologies helping to foster even greater collaboration and innovation.
 » Find out more about the Munich Urban Colab (MUC) here. 
Safety at Venues of Messe Muenchen
Venues of Messe Muenchen Safety
Exhibitors and visitors should feel safe at all times. That’s why Munich, as well as the venues of Messe Muenchen are being considered to be one of the safest places in the world. In close cooperation with the police and authorities combined with high safety standards at their facilities, a dedicated team guarantee that everybody can enjoy the event and the city day and night.
How do they do that? Around-the-clock, for 365 days a year, permanently employed staff ensure the safety at the Messe München exhibition facility. During events – small ones or big ones (like bauma, the world’s largest exhibition) assistance and reinforcement is provided by additional staff, police officers, firemen, doctors and paramedics - directly on site and always close by.
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Innovation Made in Stuttgart
Well known as the home of Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and world-class engineering, Stuttgart is one of Europe’s R&D powerhouses. The spirit of innovation makes Stuttgart an inspiring meeting destination. The latest innovation for sustainable meetings: remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) for efficient simultaneous interpreting at international conferences and events. Imagine interpreters working in a remote hub near Stuttgart without having to be onsite. Security is the highest priority: GDPR compliant according to European law and non-cloud based technology. The Stuttgart Convention Bureau team can provide meeting planners with information about service providers and green meeting solutions.
 » Curious? Get in touch at info@ congress-stuttgart. de. 
Sustainable Frankfurt Makes it Easy to be Green
Frankfurt Sustainability
Frankfurt is a perfect choice for green meetings. Home to one of the world’s largest urban forests, half of its urban space consists of natural landscape, and 80% of the population is a five-minute walk from a public green space. For visitors, many meeting venues and hotels embrace sustainability and the city’s excellent public transport system makes it easy to get around. Socially and environmentally responsible shops and restaurants support many local initiatives that focus on local, sustainable sourcing and reducing waste. The Frankfurt Convention Bureau helps event planners identify event venues with a green policy by providing detailed information on its website.
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