GCB Newsletter 2 | 2021 
Meetings Made in Germany - News for Event Professionals
It's already time for our second newsletter of the year! In this month's edition you will find news and information on the following topics:
•  Why the business events industry needs open innovation now
•  Response Room – Let’s talk community
•  “Germany – at the heart of future events”
•  [Ad] Munich’s MICE industry is ready for 2021 and beyond
•  Business events of the future: multi-sensory, authentic and experiential
Enjoy the read, stay safe and hopefully see you soon!
MICE Think Tank
Open Innovation
Why the business events industry needs open innovation now
Change is the new normal and to keep up with the speed of change driven by the digital transformation and global events such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the business events sector needs to up its innovation game. In his guest contribution, Matthias Schultze, the GCB’s Managing Director, shares his thoughts on why open innovation is the right way forward for the business events community.
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Let's Talk Community Challenge
Response Room – Let’s talk community
The open innovation platform Response Room has been online for six weeks, new users are joining the community every day and we believe it’s time to get to know one another. That’s why we’ve created our first “Let’s talk community” challenge and would like to hear all about your most memorable event experiences. What event comes to your mind and what made it spectacular? Let us know! We want to make this challenge all about our community and cannot wait to hear about your favorite event experiences!
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Next Stop Germany
At the heart of Future Events
“Germany – at the heart of future events”
In the summer of 2021, you can look forward to the GCB’s diverse hybrid program centered on Germany as a meeting and congress destination. From our “Racing Reporter”, who will travel through Germany for you, to a free online education program with innovative content, to Educational Trips, where you can experience destinations live on site. In the GCB Virtual Venue, you will get to know event suppliers virtually and have the opportunity to hold 1:1 conversations. More info on the campaign "Germany - at the heart of future events" will be coming soon - stay tuned.
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Munich’s MICE industry is ready for 2021 and beyond
Munich has a longstanding tradition of being one of the most popular MICE destinations. But what makes the Bavarian state capital such a unique destination? Some may say it is the city's world famous "Gemütlichkeit", others will point to its great connectivity and traditions for hospitality. However, there's one thing everybody will agree on: The city's excellent MICE infrastructure. The team at the Munich Convention Bureau shares exciting news about the city's new hotel and venue openings as well as great events awaiting Munich's visitors in 2021 and beyond.
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Let's talk GCB
Future Meeting Space
Business events of the future: multi-sensory, authentic and experiential
After 18 months of in-depth research, the Future Meeting Space innovation network presented the results of its latest study project at an online event on 22 February. Findings include that the relevance of events for an organisation's overall communications mix will continue to grow in the future and that the increasingly hybrid set-up of meetings and conferences extends their reach, both from a time and geographical perspective. At the same time, the desire for physical locations and authentic experiences is growing.
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