Germany Dream Incentive 
Discover Germany’s Dream Incentive Options!
No matter whether your VIPs want to dine al fresco under the Brandenburg Gate, bake their own gingerbread, or visit a world-class vineyard. Germany has incentives to wow all your guests. Here are a few our of highlighted dream incentives:
•  VIP Experiences in Munich
•  Seasonal Highlights in Nuremberg
•  Sports Car Driving Experiences in Stuttgart Region
•  Frankfurt, a City of Contrasts
•  Incentive Adventures in Hamburg
•  Your "All under one Roof" Solution at the Estrel Hotel Berlin
•  Exceptional Opportunities at the Maritim Hotels in Berlin
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Incentive Bavaria
Soaring VIP Experiences in Munich
Hostesses adorned in dirndl will serve guests champagne at the VIP welcome wing of the airport-giving them a royal welcome. Attendees can visit the 350+ year old Bavarian State Opera to meet a world-famous opera singer and enjoy a private performance. Participating in a special beer tasting/brewing course combined with tickets to a VIP table at Oktoberfest is another incentive experience that is guaranteed to impress. Attendees also love to hire luxury cars and test drive the world renowned German automotive engineering on the “romantic road” heading to Neuschwanstein Castle. But perhaps the greatest dream incentive available to guests is to take the helicopter offered at The Charles Hotel, to see the castle from a whole different viewpoint and skip the traffic.
 » Contact the Munich CVB for further details. 
Nuremberg Incentives
Seasonal Highlights Delight in Nuremberg
Whether you prefer history & culture, eating & drinking or sporting activities, Nuremberg caters for every taste and every season. During advent season, the best way to learn about the city history is to charter a vintage tramway and tour the festively decorated city. Take a warm seat, enjoy the charming city views passing by slowly, drink a glass of mulled wine and taste some of the famous Nuremberg Gingerbread. Talking of which: What is the secret of its exquisite taste? Why is Nuremberg actually famous for it? Book a DIY gingerbread baking class and discover the answers. At the end, you can take your self-made treats and secret recipe home! If you are more the adventurous type, the AIRTIME Trampoline Park with 4,000 m² is your perfect host. Challenge your colleagues at the different areas of the dodgeball arena, the main court or the half pipe.
 » Contact the NürnbergConvention Bureau for details. 
Drive it - Sports Car Driving Experience in Stuttgart Region
Imagine driving a Porsche, AMG or Tesla and cruise through breathtaking landscapes and the Autobahn. Explore Gottlieb Daimler’s birth house and the famous greenhouse. Visit Europe’s largest Mercedes-Benz factory. Be treated like royals at the largest German Baroque palace. Get dressed by your exclusive personal shopping assistant. Indulge in an exclusive dinner within the exhibition of the futuristic Mercedes-Benz Museum. Spent the night sleeping in a Mercedes-Benz, Beetle or Carwash. Curious? We connect you with a DMC for unforgettable incentives.
 » Contact the Stuttgart Convention Bureau for more details. 
Frankfurt Incentive
Frankfurt, a City of Contrasts!
Frankfurt is a multifaceted metropolis. The airport and financial district may come to mind, but did you know that half of Frankfurt’s total surface area is made up of green spaces? Frankfurt is a city of contrasts, and so are the incentive opportunities. It is possible to explore Frankfurt and its surrounding area in a sustainable sports-car and to visit a monastery including a wine tour afterwards, on the same day. Another beautiful side of Frankfurt comes out after dark when a sparkling skyline illuminates the night sky. Enjoy a typical Frankfurt dinner at a cozy apple wine pub in Old Sachsenhausen after your exciting day and then head off on a river cruise, sailing past night-time Frankfurt. Immerse yourself in our wonderful city.
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Hamburg Incentive
Climb from the Ordinary in Hamburg
Want to give your incentive groups an adventure they will be hard-pressed to forget? How about climbing on the mast of the largest museum ship in the world or dive into an exquisite world of culinary delights within the historic UNESCO warehouse district? Here you can experience coffee and tea seminars, spice workshops, and chocolate praline courses. Of course, it goes without saying that the Elbphilharmonie – Hamburg’s new iconic landmark - is always a must stop. Besides taking in a concert at one of the world's largest and acoustically advanced concert halls, attendees can enjoy beer tastings while enjoying panoramic views. Another experience worth checking out are the Airbus Tours where the wide body A380 aircraft are customized.
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Estrel Berlin
Estrel Berlin
Your "All under one Roof" Solution!
From walled to world city, Berlin’s creativity and diversity will inspire! Incentive guests will feel truly rewarded enjoying the city’s compelling spectrum of culinary highlights. World-class music, design, art, culture, and fashion also await. Planners and guests alike will be pleased with the upscale "All under one roof" solution of the Estrel Berlin. With over 1,000 4-star-plus hotel rooms, three excellent on-site restaurants, tandem Atrium bars and welcoming Summer Garden, guests stay at the same property with no compromise on luxury. The Estrel Congress Center’s extensive function space and "Estreltainment" possibilities via the Estrel Festival Center enhance the portfolio enabling a professionally orchestrated rewards program.
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Maritim Hotels Berlin
Exceptional Opportunities at the Maritim Hotels in Berlin
In addition to exceptional hotels and meeting spaces, Maritim Hotels in Berlin can help create memorable nearby dining experiences for groups of 100-1,000. Minutes from Maritim’s Hotel Berlin, groups can experience a one-of-a-kind reception and dinner at the Airport Berlin-Brandenburg, a buffet dinner at the historic U3 Tunnel at Potsdamer Platz, or a gala at the beautiful Palace “Charlottenburg” for up to 300. At the proArte Hotel Berlin, Maritim and the Federal President of Germany can invite up to 1,000 guests to a “panel of democracy” open-air gala meal at “Pariser Platz” (Brandenburg Gate), a gala dinner for 300 at the Federal Foreign Office, or an unforgettable dining experience at the “ZDF Zollernhof,” the capital TV studio.
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