Dear Sir or Madam,
At the latest after the gorgeous weather we had for Easter everyone is drawn outdoors. In other words: time to open windows and doors – for example using the new ECdrive T2 door drive.
What else is there to experience out there in the wide world? We’ll give you some tips – from a BIM workshop in Kassel to liveable buildings in Spain and South America, to a visit with the Robber Hotzenplotz.
We hope you all enjoy waiting for summer!
All the best,

Gabi Bauer
Head of International Marketing
For freely configurable entrances and exits: ECdrive T2
The new ECdrive T2 not only combines energy efficiency, safety and connectivity in an all new way, it also allows for opening widths from 70 to 300 cm – a great choice for the coming summer and for interior and exterior doors with high access frequency.
The new ECdrive T2
GEZE tools
Good to know for energy balance calculations
You can use the free GEZEthermic software to easily calculate heat transition coefficients (called U values) of sliding door systems as a quick and straightforward option.
GEZE tools
Discover the GEZE BIM Workshop
Draft, model, optimise and simulate buildings as 3D models with BIM – from planning to implementation and removal if necessary. You can do all this with BIM (Building Information Modelling). During our BIM Workshop, you will learn how to use BIM to digitally collect, process and network building data – and how to make precise predictions of construction and life cycle costs for a building even during the planning phase.
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From Spain to South America
The weather has us thinking not just about going outside, but also going farther out into the world: Barcelona, Madrid or the Balearic Islands – it's enough to give you wanderlust. Learn more about planning and creating liveable buildings by GEZE Iberia in Spain and Portugal as well as in Latin America in the current Network for Architecture Exchange report on the “Network Architectural Export” of the Federal Chamber of Architects in Berlin.
To the NAX report
Our international business students can gain global experience at GEZE by taking on responsibility for exciting projects in our international companies worldwide – such as in Barcelona.
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Ditzingen Race for Life
Running for a good cause: Ditzinger Lebenslauf 2019
The Ditzinger Lebenslauf (Race for Life) has been a fixed part of GEZE’s commitment to social and health causes for many years. 106 avid runners from GEZE and their families “ran up” a 4,500 EUR donation for research and treatment of the insidious metabolic disease cystic fibrosis by running 1,715 kilometres.
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The German youth science and technology competition “Jugend forscht” – GEZE supports regional winner
“Jugend forscht” promotes young talent and innovative projects - and we are happy to be a part of it: Nick Pfeiffer, with his research project “Das intelligente Fenster” [The Intelligent Window], which we supported, was chosen as the regional winner and awarded the “Sonderpreis plusMINT für interdisziplinäre Projekte” [plusMINT special award for interdisciplinary projects]. His next goal: The state competition on 15th/16th May in Balingen. We are crossing our fingers for Nick.
More about the project

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