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The Strategies in Light exhibition in San Diego is an event that covers every aspect of lighting to provide an integrated, 360-degree view of the market. As a leading manufacturer of light measurement technology, Instrument Systems will be presenting three innovative applications:
- MicroLED wafer testing
- LED / SSL measurements in recipe mode
- UV LED calibration from UVA to UVC
The latest generations of tried and tested systems of LumiTop camera systems, CAS spectroradiometers and ISP integrating spheres are geared to the latest innovative developments. Let yourself be inspired and discuss your individual challenges at our booth. We are looking forward to your visit!
Exhibition notice: 11-13 February 2020, San Diego / USA, booth #716
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MicroLED wafertesting in production lines

Unique recipe mode enables time-optimized control
Extremely low measurement uncertainties
\\ LUMITOP 4000
MicroLED wafertesting in production lines

An optical quality test of µLEDs at an early production stage avoids rejects in the downstream process chain and increases the economy of µLED production. This requires measuring devices that deliver reliable and accurate results at production speed. Conventional measurement setups for sequential LED testing are extremely time-consuming and difficult due to the necessity of individual contacting.
Instrument Systems now offers a unique camera-based measurement solution for µLED wafer testing, which creates 2-dimensional, pixel-precise optical analyses within specified takt times!
The LumiTop 4000 is an advanced development based on the industry-proven LumiTop 2700 with 12 MP resolution. It detects even smaller defects and inhomogeneities and, in combination with a 100 mm macro lens, enables the rapid parallel analysis of µLEDs on a wafer. A hardware trigger enables time-optimized control and synchronization of the measurements and data processing. The unique LumiTop principle delivers highest color accuracy, also for spectrally narrow-band µLEDs and enables accurately color-calibrated LED measurements even with significant spectral fluctuations within production batches. A fully electronic high-luminance mode expands the dynamic range, e.g. for modulated displays and light sources, which can be adjusted by optical filters for highest luminance levels.
At booth # 716 at Strategies in Light / USA we will show you our complete µLED wafer test solution!
Unique recipe mode enables time-optimized control

For the new CAS 125 spectroradiometer, Instrument Systems decided to equip the device with a CMOS sensor that is linked to a specially developed electronic readout circuit. This combination enables very low measurement times of 0.01 milliseconds while maintaining high long-term stability and accuracy. By parameterization of successive measurements, the novel CAS 125 „Recipe Mode“ allows time-optimized control of the spectroradiometer as well as of the overall measurement system. This eliminates the time-consuming initializing of each subsequent stage of the measurement process. Instrument Systems will be presenting its new measurement device for the first time at Strategies in Light trade show.
More technical details we will be presenting at Strategies in Light.
CAS 125
Extremely low measurement uncertainties

Instrument Systems is the first provider worldwide to develop UV-LED calibration standards that can be traceably calibrated to the radiant flux. The UV-LED calibration standards of the ACS series are available for the typical peak wavelengths of 280 nm (UVC), 305 nm (UVB) and 365 nm (UVA). The approved ACS series based on LEDs has thus been expanded from the visible and infrared range to deep into the ultraviolet range. The traceability of the radiant flux has been achieved through the very precise calibration of the spectrometer coupling optics to the irradiance and integrative measurement with a goniophotometer. The extremely low measurement uncertainties (k = 2) of only 4.5% in UVC, 3.5% in UVB and 2% in UVA are comparatively low as in the visible range, which is less problematic. UV-LED calibration standards can be used for monitoring and the absolute calibration of special UV measurement equipment such as the integrating spheres of the ISP-UV series.
San Francisco, USA
1-6 February 2020
Booth 4545 
San Diego, USA
9-13 February 2020
Booth 716 
Nuremberg, Germany
26-27 February 2020
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