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Instrument Systems is on the road again: You can visit us at Photonics West and at Strategies in Light. Both trade fairs are due to be held in the USA in February.
Together with Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, our representative for the North American market, we will be showcasing various applications for laser and LED measurement technology, for example a laser/VCSEL test setup, equipped with the high-resolution CAS 140CT-HR and a 100mm integrating sphere.
From now on we will be presenting regular news from the Berlin Optronik line in a new Newsletter column.
Your Instrument Systems Team
Fast, high-resolution characterization of laser and VCSEL light sources
SIL / USA – 27 February 2019
Detection of pixel defects:
LumiTop 4000 imaging colorimeter
Instrument Systems has relocated!
Optronik News
Fast, high-resolution characterization of laser and VCSEL light sources

As a participant in the German Pavilion at Photonics West / USA, Instrument Systems will be exhibiting its top-of-the-range spectroradiometers. The globally recognized reference device CAS 140D forms the system basis and has now been joined by our special model, the high-resolution CAS 140CT-HR. Both devices can be seen in simulated applications at booth 4545-38 from 5–7 February 2019.

The design of the CAS 140CT-HR is specially geared to the measurement of narrowband emission sources, e.g. laser diodes or VCSEL. Extremely high spectral resolution of up to 0.2 nm full width at half maximum and particularly short integration times as low as 9 ms make for fast tests in the laboratory and production. Discuss your special measurement task with our experts at the stand!
SIL / USA – 27 February 2019

At Strategies in Light in Las Vegas / USA from 27 February to 1 March 2019 Instrument Systems will be casting a spotlight on applications for high-precision spectroradiometers. Advanced lighting technology for the measurement of solid-state lighting sources will be demonstrated at several photometric and spectroradiometric measuring stations at booth 10506. Among the highlights are the new LGS 650 goniometer and measurement systems for VCSEL/laser, UV LEDs and high-power LEDs. The portfolio will be complemented by the measuring instruments of our US sales partner Konica Minolta Sensing Americas.
Lecture information:
“How Safe is Your Lighting Environment? An Evaluation Guide for Blue Light Hazard”
Room: Oceanside C Session Number: T4 S2 P2
Thursday, 28 February 2019: 1:45 PM – 2:15 PM
Dr. Ðenan Konjhodžić, Instrument Systems GmbH
Detection of pixel defects:
LumiTop 4000 imaging colorimeter

Displays are constantly increasing in size, and quality requirements are becoming more exacting. How can the quality of a display be objectively evaluated with the highest degree of precision? The innovative concept of the Instrument Systems’ LumiTop imaging colorimeter combines a RGB camera and flicker diode with a high-end spectroradiometer of the CAS 140 series. Due to the special design of the LumiTop, all three sensors measure simultaneously. The extremely precise spectrometer measurement data can thus be used as a live reference for camera measurement. The result is the determination of tristimulus values X, Y, Z for every camera pixel with spectroradiometric precision. The LumiTop series is thus the perfect solution for display production lines and in-process quality control.
The new LumiTop 4000 version offers an enhanced image resolution of 12 megapixels. This facilitates the detection of pixel defects and minor irregularities (e.g. muras).
At Laser China from 20–22 March 2019 we will be demonstrating the LumiTop 4000 in a production application.
Instrument Systems has relocated!

Effective immediately we can be found at our new address: Kastenbauerstr. 2, 81677 Muenchen.
Video AMS

Fast “on-the-fly” measurements

In the goniometric measurement of head- and tail lights the photometer is often not triggered by the goniometer control, so that the measuring grid can only be calculated by the time-consuming single point method. The innovative combination of dynamic motor drives of the goniometer series AMS from the Instrument Systems Optronik line with a fast photometer ensures that the light distribution can be scanned during goniometer movement with a high angle resolution and at a high speed. The total measurement time is significantly shortened.
Optronik on location:
24–25 April 2019 DVN Shanghai, Exhibition & Workshop
Photonics West
Moscone Center USA
2-7 February 2019

Booth #4545 
Mandalay Bay USA
27 February-1 March 2019
Booth #10506 
Electronic displays
Nuremberg Fair Germany
27-28 February 2019

Laser China
New International Expo Center China
20-22 March 2019
Shanghai Marriott Parkview Hotel China
24-25 April 2019
LED Taiwan
TWTC Exhibition Hall Taiwan
08-10 May 2019
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