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High-energy, short-wave UVC radiation between 255 and 265 nm is a highly efficient method of destroying the DNA of microorganisms, e.g. Coronavirus, and prevents their replication and infection. In the light of the current situation, we are offering a 10% discount on all systems for measurement in the UV range!
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10% discount on our
UV portfolio!

Challenges in UV Measurement
Are LED-based screens and lamps suddenly dangerous?
10% discount on our
UV portfolio!

Precise determination of the spectral properties of UV radiation sources e.g. UV-LEDs has never been more important than today. In many medical areas there is an increasing need for UV-LED-based light sources for contactless disinfection, particularly for combatting the Corona virus. In the past two months the demand for UV-LEDs has already multiplied several times.
In the light of the current situation, Instrument Systems is offering a 10% discount on its high-end, all-in-one systems for the measurement of UV radiation sources. This promotion applies to:
All-in-one systems for UV-LED measurement
All-in-one systems for blue-light hazard measurement
Manufacturers of UV-LEDs and other UV radiation sources will find a broad portfolio of high-end systems for UV measurement at Instrument Systems.
We will be pleased to put together a system tailored to your special requirements in the UV range, whether it is for development, quality control or use directly in the production line. Our sales engineers look forward to hearing from you:

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Challenges in UV Measurement

The white paper at hand presents main challenges in the measurement of UV radiation in the context of UV LEDs. The focus is on the comparison of integrating spheres (ISP) with barium sulfate (BaSO4) reflective coating (typically used for VIS and IR applications) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) reflective material for the measurement of radiant power in the spectral range between 200 and 400 nm.
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Are LED-based screens and lamps suddenly dangerous?

The current international Standard IEC 62471 contains guidelines for the evaluation of photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems. However, it also places strict requirements on measuring instruments and procedures, in order to guarantee reliable evaluation.
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