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Instrument Systems
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Product life cycles are getting shorter all the time. The corresponding increase in the number of product variants presents manufacturing companies with new challenges. Production lines need to be faster and more complex, yet also more user-friendly. Instrument Systems – a well-known manufacturer of light measurement technology – works closely with its customers to develop modular and flexible components. You can experience the latest products at the upcoming international trade fairs!
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Unique recipe mode enables time-optimized control

Photonics West 2020 / San Francisco
edc 2020: Single pixel metrology of µLED displays
How the quality of displays in the vehicle is measured
\\ STRATEGIES IN LIGHT 2020 / San Diego
Unique recipe mode enables time-optimized control

For the CAS 125 spectroradiometer, Instrument Systems decided to equip the device with a CMOS sensor that is linked to a specially developed electronic readout circuit. This combination enables very low measurement times of 0.01 milliseconds while simultaneously optimizing long-term stability. The spectrograph design is based on the high-end CAS 140D device, which is already well established in the market. This gives the CAS 125 a level of optical performance comparable to that of the CAS 140D in terms of both stray light suppression and optical throughput. The device-specific electronic readout circuit enables time-optimized control of the spectrometer through parameterization of successive measurements in recipe mode on the CAS 125. This eliminates the time-consuming initializing of each subsequent stage of the measurement process. Instrument Systems will be presenting its new measurement device for the first time at Strategies in Light trade show.
Exhibition notice:
Strategies in Light 2020, Booth 716
11-13 February 2020, San Diego / USA
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Photonics West 2020 / San Francisco

As a participant at the German Pavilion at Photonics West / USA, Instrument Systems will be presenting its premium-class spectroradiometers and combined measurement solutions – e.g. for the characterization of VCSEL arrays -, complemented by absolutely calibrated cameras. We present the following highlights at our booth:
- Measurement solutions for AR/VR applications
- Characterization of laser pulses in the nanosecond range
- Turnkey solutions based on absolutely calibrated
Exhibition notice:
Photonics West 2020, Booth #4545
4-6 February 2020, San Francisco / USA
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edc 2020: Single pixel metrology of µLED displays

High-fidelity imaging vs. artistic image rendering
We review the transfer characteristics included in a video chain, from the object/scene to the camera and the image rendered on the display device and we show how the rendering of natural objects and scenes is defining the range between the extremes of high-fidelity imaging and artistic image rendering.
Dr. Michael E. Becker, 27 Feb 2020, 11-11:20 am
Single pixel metrology of µLED displays
µLEDs, enabling very high resolutions, large color gamuts, etc., have the potential to fundamentally change the display industry. Luminance and color variations between the pixels are likely, because each pixel is an individual emitter itself. This talk investigates the specific challenges for quality control of such displays and provides solutions.
Dr. Martin Wolf, 27 Feb 2020, 2:15-2:35 pm
26-27 February 2020, electronic displays conference, Nuremberg
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How the quality of displays in the vehicle is measured

Before an OEM accepts an LC display, the quality must be carefully tested according to fixed criteria. Besides know-what and know-how, high-precision optical measuring technology is called for here.
San Francisco, USA
1-6 February 2020
Booth 4545 
San Diego, USA
9-13 February 2020
Booth 716 
Nuremberg, Germany
26-27 February 2020
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