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Display Week starts virtually this year! From August 3rd, the symposium and exhibition will be available 24 hours a day at Visit our virtual booth and find out how quickly you can get all the information you need!
Especially for the Display Week, we present our innovative measurement solutions for display technologies in short videos and provide you with our latest technical articles for download. Learn more about the topics in this newsletter!
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Session 71. 3:
Meeting Optical Testing Challenges of High-Resolution µLED-Displays
Session 50. 3:
Electro-optical transfer charac-teristic, the undervalued display feature
Display Testing with LumiTop – Overview
Automotive Quality Assurance
μLED Wafer Testing
AR / VR Testing Portfolio
VCSEL Characterization
Conference presentation 71.3
Session 71.3:
Meeting Optical Testing Challenges of High-Resolution µLED-Displays
For novel display technologies, a single-pixel analysis can improve display quality by using a statistical approach to non-uniformity of luminance and color metrology on the sub-pixel level. Applications for smartphone displays and micro-displays are discussed for small pixels and pixel pitches as well as the calibration of light-measuring devices.
Watch Online Thursday, August 6
Conference presentation
Session 50.3:
Electro-optical transfer charac-teristic, the undervalued display feature
This paper explains the importance of nonlinear transfer characteristics of standards like Rec.709, sRGB, Rec.2020 for the visual experience of the observer. The role of perceptionally uniform scales for quantization efficiency is highlighted and the necessity of non-linear overall transfer characteristics (object/scene to displayed image) is substantiated. Measurement methods and results are presented.
Watch Online Thursday, August 6
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video lumitop
Display Testing with LumiTop – Overview

With its comprehensive LumiTop portfolio, Instrument Systems offers fast and highly precise solutions for all sorts of display measurement tasks.
Automotive Quality Assurance

Instrument System`s mission to continuously fulfil the growing demands of quality assurance in automotive applications has advanced our industry leading precision colorimeter LumiCam in a new hardware and software makeover.
μLED Wafer Testing

Thanks to a 100 mm macro lens, the LumiTop 4000 camera enables fast parallel inline analysis of all μLEDs on a wafer at a single test station.
AR / VR Testing Portfolio

AR/VR devices are used in various fields of applications, e.g. to assist machine operation in production, in the medical field, transport industry or the entertainment branch. In quality assurance display or calibration errors must be reliably evaluated.
video vcsel
VCSEL Characterization

The rise of VCSEL arrays imposes new challenges on its characterization. Especially, spatial measurements in the near and far field of a VCSEL array are required.
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