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The implementation of new standards in light measurement technology presents considerable technological challenges to all branches of industry. Our experts at LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich will be pleased to discuss these with you! At our trade fair booth we will be demonstrating powerful applications for high-precision spectral radiometry in conformance with the latest test standards.
This year our focus will lie on the following topics:
- Blue-light hazard of LEDs
- OEM specifications for automotive displays
- Qualification of narrow-band light sources
- Simultaneous measurements over large wavelength ranges
24–27 June 2019, LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich, Booth A2.215
We look forward to your visit and kindly ask you to make an appointment at
Your Instrument Systems Team
Easy blue-light hazard evaluation

Booth A2. 215: Our CAS series used throughout the industry
Easy blue-light hazard evaluation

The original standard IEC 62471 for photobiological safety is open to broad interpretation, and overall it is difficult to implement in practice. More practically oriented methods for evaluating the blue light hazard of light sources are to be introduced with the new standard IEC 62778.
On the basis of current discussions, Instrument Systems has modified its TOP 150 telescopic optical probe with the aim of satisfying the new requirements in a simple measurement set-up. In conjunction with a spectroradiometer, the adapted TOP 150 reliably determines the blue-light hazard. Compared to previous measurement solutions the TOP 150 is a fast, low-budget alternative with a commensurately high accuracy of results.
Implementation of the previously applicable standard with an array spectroradiometer:
“Stray light correction for array spectroradiometers” (pdf)
Booth A2.215: Our CAS series used throughout the industry

Testing latest quality standards for automotive displays in production
At LASER 2019 in Munich Instrument Systems will be exhibiting an end-of-line set-up with the spectrally optimized LumiTop 4000 imaging colorimeter for the special requirements of OEM (automotive) specifications. Let yourself be inspired by the diverse possibilities of the accompanying LumiSuite analysis software that enables simple and fast inspection according to the new OEM standards.
Simultaneous measurement of several wavelength ranges and light sources
For complex spectral measurements that are to be made simultaneously over an extremely broad wavelength range, a group of spectroradiometers of the Instrument Systems CAS series can be controlled in parallel by a trigger box. At our booth at LASER Munich you will experience an extensive measurement set-up, including user-friendly evaluation of the unified measurement curve.
Testing narrow-band laser diodes / VCSEL
The recently introduced HR versions of the CAS 120 series offer an impressively high spectral resolution of up to 0.12 nm full width at half maximum. The expanded use for laser diodes with a pulsed operating mode will also be explained by our experts at the booth.
Detailed press release for LASER 2019:
Guangzhou, China
09-12 June 2019
Hall 1.1E49 
Washington, USA
14-22 June 2019
Messe Munich, Germany
24-27 June 2019
Hall A2.215 
Korea International Exhibition Center, Korea
25-27 June 2019
Hall 4.H-19 
Shanghai, China
25-26 June 2019
Booth B12/13 
Taipei, Taiwan
28-30 August 2019
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