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This year, SID Display Week is due to take place in-person in San Jose/CA from 8–13 May. Over six days there will be a comprehensive program of short courses, workshops, seminars and forums. In parallel, around 150 companies will be presenting their latest display developments and technologies during the exhibition period from 10–12 May.
Instrument Systems will be participating with a prominent booth as part of the German Pavilion, showcasing various display measurement systems and featuring our complete LumiTop family of spectrally enhanced imaging colorimeters, as well as our portfolio for AR/VR, AFS headlights and automotive displays.
Please come and visit us at Booth #1127 – our team will be happy to demonstrate our high-end measurement solutions and discuss your individual applications and specific measurement requirements.
Register here to attend:
Use our free guest ticket for Exhibition only: Discount code "wMgvZbsb".
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Explore the whole spectrum of AR/VR measurement!
Advanced display testing for low and high luminance
Goniometer system DMS for display characterization
2D Measurement of μLED Arrays for AFS
VCSEL characterization – advance to the next level!

Explore the whole spectrum of AR/VR measurement!

Challenges for head mounted display testing:
  • Sharpness and contrast
  • Luminance and color uniformity
  • Eye box and field of view
  • Response time, latency and flicker
  • Image distortion and chromatic aberrations
Our solution:
LumiTop AR/VR
display testing
Advanced display testing for low and high luminance

The LumiTop principle of the three-in-one solution (color camera, spectrometer and photometer) permits analyses with a high level of precision, fast measurements and reliable operation, even in a harsh production environment.
A special highlight is the new LumiTop X20. Building on the established 2700 and 4000 models, the LumiTop X20 will offer a high-resolution camera, a flexible field of view and a high dynamic range for both high and low luminance measurements. Target applications for the X20 are the measurement of homogeneity (particularly high / low luminance) and defect detection.
Preview video:
“LumiTop X20 - Spectrally enhanced imaging colorimeter”
dms page
Goniometer system DMS for display characterization

The DMS series is used in a wide range of applications. Each application has its own requirements, and needs different modification. If the application calls for highly accurate, repeatable angular measurements, the DMS series is the best choice.
Examples of customized solutions:
  • 2D angular characterization
  • Wafer testing
  • AR/VR measurement
New brochure:
"DMS Series - Goniometer systems for display characterization"
2D Measurement of μLED Arrays for AFS

Challenges for AFS testing:
  • Temperature dependence on measurement
  • High accuracy at high measurement speed
Our solution:
12-megapixel camera LumiTop 4000 with high-precision CAS 140D spectrometer
VCSEL characterization – advance to the next level!

Challenges of VCSEL testing:
  • Novel high power VCSEL arrays need spatial testing of the whole ensemble as well as of the single emitters
  • Time-of-flight applications require the testing of VCSELs with pulse durations shorter than 10 ns
  • Optical measurements must be calibrated and traceable to determine error budgets for eye safety evaluation
Our solution:
VCSEL near-field and far-field testing
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