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Take a look with us at the top trends for 2022: quality control for AR/VR devices, test systems in display production lines, efficient and safe characterization of VCSELs and lasers. At Photonics West 2022 we will present two extraordinary live lectures. Join us - live on site or digitally on our website.
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Photonics West 2022 in San Francisco / USA, 22 - 27 January 2022
Read the articles below and find out what to expect at our booth 4013!
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Presentation “Spatially-resolved polarization characterization of VCSEL-Arrays”
Presentation “Sharpness and Contrast of AR/VR Near-Eye Displays: Goniometric vs. Advanced 2D Imaging Light Measurements”
Lively discussions at productronica 2021
Video: LIV Testing with SpecWin Pro
Nearfield VCSEL Testing Camera VTC 4000
Presentation “Spatially-resolved polarization characterization of VCSEL-Arrays”
Although VCSELs are intrinsically single-longitudinal mode devices, they usually show complex polarization characteristics. Most VCSEL are not designed to emit in a single polarization state, there is no control about the polarization angle. The light emitted by the VCSEL typically show a complicated polarization, even within one emitter and abrupt polarization switching can be observed when temperature or bias current is changed. In this presentation we show a method of measuring spatially resolved polarization characteristics of VCSELs. This is achieved using a combination of polarization filtered microscope optics and a CMOS camera.
Speaker: Dr. Frank Münchow
Presentation 12020-28 / session 6
In person: 27 January 2022, 11:30 local time
\\ SPIE.AR/VR/MR 2022
Presentation “Sharpness and Contrast of AR/VR Near-Eye Displays: Goniometric vs. Advanced 2D Imaging Light Measurements”
Sharpness and contrast are essential parameters for the quality control of AR/VR/MR near-eye displays. Clear and immersive perception of the augmented or virtual reality requires optimal optical differentiation between different display contents. Typically, the modulation transfer function (MTF) acts a measure for sharpness and contrast. We propose two approaches to cover the complementary testing needs from lab to production: 1. Goniometric MTF measurements, sampling a comparatively small field of view (FOV) at high angular resolution and 2. Fast camera solutions with a large FOV to cover the entire near-eye display in one shot. We evaluate the correlation between the two approaches and use them to extend the high angular resolution of the goniometric approach to a fast and accurate 2D MTF measurement tailored for production takt times.
Speaker: Dr. Tobias Steinel
Presentation 11931-39 / poster session
In person: 24 - 25 January 2022
Lively discussions at productronica 2021

Instrument Systems took part with a live booth at productronica 2021. Two high-quality presentations and four measurement setups encouraged very valua-ble discussions with our customers. Thanks for your visit! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about the booth topics or other light measurement tasks.
Special booth topics:
- High-Power LED-Testing / CAS 125
- VCSEL Near-field Measurement / VTC 4000
- Display Inspection for Automotive OEMs & Consumer Electronics / LumiTop 4000
- AR/VR Display Testing / LumiTop AR/VR
Video: LIV Testing with SpecWin Pro

The new SpecWin Pro software release 3.8 enables DC and pulsed driving of DUTs. The Commander module is an easy-to-use graphical programming interface for generating measurement sequences such as the recording of LIV curves. Our video shows the typical set up of a system for LIV measurement, the optical measurement itself and the analysis functionalities and options within the SpecWin Pro software.
\\ Video on demand – EPIC November 2021

Nearfield VCSEL Testing Camera VTC 4000

During the EPIC Members New Product Release, Instru-ment Systems' Product Manager Dr. Karthik Iyer present-ed the Nearfield VCSEL Testing Camera VTC 4000.
Watch the complete talk now!
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