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In April Munich will again be at the center of the international photonics community when LASER World of PHOTONICS 2022 opens its doors on 26 April at Messe Riem. Many innovations aimed at further promoting the upswing in the industry will be awaiting you.
Instrument Systems will be presenting a wide range of IR measurement solutions, e.g. for 3D sensing in the consumer electronics and automotive segments, VCSEL polarization measurements or the characterization of broadband IR sources. As a preview, we introduce you to our new CAS 140D infrared model, developed specifically for the infrared range and featuring higher signal sensitivity, even less stray light and faster electronics.
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The new CAS 140D IR – ideal for every infrared measurement task!
One-shot VCSEL array near-field test
Simultaneous measurements from UV to IR
Automotive end-of-line display tests
Polarization-controlled VCSEL characterization
How to assess the eye safety of VCSELs
\\ Product announcement
cas 140d ir
The new CAS 140D IR – ideal for every infrared measurement task!
At LASER WoP 2022, Instrument Systems will be presenting its latest CAS 140D IR spectroradiometer for measurements in the infrared range. It features the proven high measurement accuracy and reliability of the CAS140D series, recognized all over the world as a reference for wavelengths from 780–1700 nm. Compared to its predecessor model, the new CAS 140D IR offers significantly improved performance in signal sensitivity, stray light suppression and electronics.
Find out more about the new infrared model in our preview video!
\\ Our topics at LASER WoP 2022

vtc system
One-shot VCSEL array near-field test

The VTC 4000 near-field camera was specially developed for ultrafast and precise 2D analysis of VCSEL arrays. It enables polarization-controlled, simultaneous characterization of all relevant parameters for single emitters.
Simultaneous measurements from UV to IR

A combination of various different CAS models enables an extremely broad wavelength range from UV to IR to be analyzed simultaneously in a single measurement. The MultiCAS module of the associated SpecWin Pro analysis software permits user-friendly evaluation of all measurement data in a uniform measurement curve.
LT auto
Automotive end-of-line display tests

The LumiTop principle of the three-in-one solution (color camera, spectrometer and photometer) permits analyses with a high level of precision, fast measurements and reliable operation, even in a harsh production environment. Preconfigured analysis tools in the LumiSuite software facilitate the standardized evaluation of OEM specifications.
\\ Article in PhotonicsViews 2/22 - Preview (EN)

Polarization-controlled VCSEL characterization

Most VCSELs are not designed to emit in a single polarization state, and often there is no control over the polarization angle. A novel one-shot method measures the spatial polarization of each single emitter and allows one to correct the polarization dependency of the setup. This process minimizes the error budget of the VCSEL testing system and measures accurate values for laser eye safety calculations.
Read the whole article in the current PhotonicsViews 2/22 – available free of charge at LASER WoP...
...and later on in the Wiley Online Library.

\\ Technical White Paper

How to assess the eye safety of VCSELs

For VCSEL-based devices, manufacturers must assure safe operation compliant with the IEC 60825-1 standard. As VCSELs exhibit special emission characteristics that differ from other laser sources, the safety assessment is more complex. In this paper, we explain the differences of VCSELs compared to “normal” collimated, Gaussian lasers, and outline the main steps for VCSEL safety assessment.
In a follow-up article we will be applying this general approach to two examples:
1.Pulsed VCSELs
2.VCSEL arrays (e.g. in consumer electronics, LiDAR applications)
Read Part II in the June issue 6/22 of LaserFocusWorld (EN): Online archive
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