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Dear Karin
Finally live again – after a 4-year break! At light+building 2022 in Frankfurt visitors to our booth in Hall 8.0 H38 will be able to view large-format measuring stations for goniometric, spectroradiometric and photometric measuring tasks. In addition to our established measurement systems for the standard-compliant examination of general lighting sources, one of the highlights will be the new CAS 140D, that offers high productivity due to shorter measuring times in the infrared range. Moreover, we will showcase the new LumiCam 4000B and LumiTop 4000 imaging colorimeters with a resolution of 12 MP for automotive applications. Please also ask us about the high-precision, traceable calibration of all our measuring instruments!
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The new CAS 140D – High-Performance in the Infrared
LumiCam 4000B – Now compatible to LumiSuite
LumiTop 4000 – Best for μLED testing
\\ Our Highlights at light+building 2022

The new CAS 140D – High-Performance in the Infrared

At light+building 2022 Instrument Systems will be presenting its latest spectroradiometer CAS 140D for measurements in the SWIR (short-wave infrared) wavelength range. The latter offers the proven high measurement accuracy and reliability of the CAS 140D series - internationally recognized as a reference - for wavelengths of 780–1700 nm. Compared to its predecessor, the new CAS 140D has a significantly better performance in signal sensitivity, stray light suppression and electronics.
New CAS 140D Data sheet:
LumiCam 4000B – Now compatible to LumiSuite

The new LumiCam 4000B with 12 MP resolution is now compatible to our powerful image analysis software platform, the LumiSuite. Up upon your special light measurement requirements in lab or production application, the LumiSuite software promises a comprehensive determination of numerous optical properties of displays such as luminance and color rendering properties. In addition to the multiple features, an industry-proven software development kit (SDK) is available, which is perfectly suitable for a further integration into automated production systems!
New LumiCam B Brochure:
LumiTop 4000 – Best for μLED testing

The LumiTop 4000 has a resolution of 12 MP and can detect the smallest of defects and inhomogeneities - also on wafer level. Thanks to a 100 mm macro lens, the camera enables fast parallel inline analysis of all μLEDs on a wafer at a single test station and is particularly well suited for testing μLED modules as they are used in AFS matrix headlights. With a field of view (FoV) of approx. 1.0 by 1.4 cm it can measure many thousands of μLEDs in parallel with a minimum pixel size.
New landing page about quality testing of μLEDs:
Paris, France
19-20 October 2022
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Detroit/ MI, USA
27-28 September 2022
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20-21 September 2022
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