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The IAA Mobility, which took place in Munich at the beginning of September, announced the holistic mobility transition: AI-controlled cars, e-cargo bikes, doggy drone care, tires made from PET bottles. The use of light sources is playing an increasingly important role. Therefore, Instrument Systems will also focus on automotive applications in the next few weeks. We will display our high-quality measuring systems, especially regarding subjects as “Safe laser light sources for LiDAR” and “High-end displays in the car interior”. At these upcoming technical trade fairs, we will be showing our solutions for a wide variety of automotive applications - also live on site:
Automotive LIDAR 2021, 21-23 Sep 2021, virtual
SID Vehicle Displays 2021, 28-29 Sep 2021, Detroit
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Measurement Solutions for
Sensors, Colour, Light & Displays
Automotive LIDAR 2021, 21-23 Sep 20210
SID Vehicle Displays 2021, 28-29 Sep 2021
Efficient testing of advanced headlamps
\\ Automotive Quality Control
Measurement Solutions for
Sensors, Colour, Light & Displays
Headlamps and tail lights
Headlamps and signal sources in vehicles must satisfy stringent requirements regarding the precise color locus. ECE Regulation 48 defines the light colors permitted in exterior automotive lighting for white, yellow, amber, red and blue luminaires. Our systems for these measurement tasks:
> AMS screen imaging system
> Retroreflectometer System RMS
> AMS goniometer system
Driver-Monitoring and LiDAR
Instrument Systems offers tailor-made solutions (hardware & software) for the polarization-controlled characterization of the electro-optical properties of VCSEL arrays in the laboratory and in production environments. Our ultra-fast and high-precision VTC 4000 camera was developed for this purpose.
> VTC 4000 near-field measurement
Interior Lighting
Whether displays or ambient lighting – light modules in the vehicle interior ensure safety, aesthetics and user-friendliness. Their purpose is the visual transmission of information, and they are exposed to a wide range of temperature and ambient lighting conditions. Our 2D measuring systems with cameras from the LumiCam series meet the highest requirements for the inspection of samples.
> LumiCam Cockpit measurement
OEM display standards
Along with fast technological advancement of in-vehicle displays, infotainment systems, head-up displays, or central controllers, a growing demand for safety, aesthetics and user comfort is evolving. In order to economically benefit from the new challenges in the automotive interior sector, it is crucial for suppliers to have a high success rate in meeting OEM display requirements. Display test systems of the LumiTop family are optimized for high-quality control in production.
> LumiTop Display production testing
Automotive LIDAR 2021, 21-23 Sep 20210

The Automotive LIDAR conference focuses on automotive LIDAR technologies and applications. During the conference, different topics related to LIDAR systems and market trends will be presented and discussed.
Instrument Systems will participate with a virtual booth and presents measurement systems to characterize:
- displays, dashboards, light guides and control elements
- laser diodes, LiDAR systems, VCSELs and AR/VR devices
- headlamps and signal lamps.
SID Vehicle Displays 2021, 28-29 Sep 2021

Join us at the 28th annual symposium of SID Vehicle Displays in Detroit and visit us at our in-person booth co-exhibiting with Konica Minolta Sensing Americas on Table Top #64.
We will have on display our LumiCam 2400, perfect for versatile automotive test applications, including measurement of luminance and color distributions of displays and control elements or uniformity analysis of flat panel display screens in car interiors.
Register at SID Vehicle Display now:
\\ Technical paper in OEM Supplier 2021 (german)

Efficient testing of advanced headlamps

Instrument Systems presents a newly developed system for ultra-fast testing a wide range of lighting scenarios for advanced headlamps, e.g. HD / ADB / matrix / pixel headlamps. The AMS screen imaging system consists of a far field goniometer, a screen photometer and an illuminance meter and allows synchronized measurements for luminance and far field on a high level of accuracy. Supported by the extended LightCon software, compliance checks according to ECE / SAE / ICAO / FAA regulations as well as extensive graphical analysis are efficient to perform.
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