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Dear Karin
At Photonics West 2023 you will see the future of photonics technology! Take part and discuss with us the latest developments in fields of laser, displays and AR/VR. Talk to our experienced sales engineers and product managers about your product requirements and find solutions to your metrological challenges!
From 31 January to 2 February 2023 Instrument Systems will be presenting its premium class of spectroradiometers in combined measurement systems with absolutely calibrated cameras at Stand 4106 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco (USA): (1) The spectrally enhanced LumiTop 2D imaging colorimeter will be deployed at a measuring station for the quality assurance of near-eye displays. (2) Our CAS series of high-end spectroradiometers guarantee the highest degree of measurement accuracy over the entire spectrum. (3) The recent award-winning VTC infrared camera determines the spatial polarization of the single emitters of a VCSEL array.
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From 30 January to 1 February 2023, we will also be participating at the SPIE.AR|VR|MR 2023 in San Francisco. Don’t miss the poster session by our expert Dr. Tobias Steinel.
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Validating distortion measurements of wide-field-of-view near-eye displays
Optical tests for AR/VR headsets
Precise spectroradiometry from UV to IR
Polarization-controlled VCSEL testing
Fast 2D photometry with goniometer precision
New infrared CAS 140D model
\\ SPIE.AR|VR|MR 2023
spie arvr poster
Validating distortion measurements of wide-field-of-view near-eye displays
Instrument Systems will be represented at the SPIE.AR|VR|MR conference – held concurrently with Photonics West – with Booth 107 and a lecture. As part of the daily poster session, Dr. Tobias Steinel is scheduled to talk on the topic of distortion measurements:
“Compact near-eye displays covering a large field of view require complex optical imaging systems. While the optical system is designed to minimize distortion, material or production flaws may lead to perceptible residual distortion. Imaging light measurement devices (ILMD) are used to detect distortion for product quality assurance. However, imaging measurement systems, especially with wide-angle lenses, may also add distortion to the measurement. Therefore, the calibration of ILMDs is crucial for the measurement of AR/VR device distortion.”
SPIE.AR|VR|MR, Booth 107
30 January – 1 February 2023
San Francisco, USA
Daily poster session 12449-110
\\ Our topics at Photonics West 2023, Booth 4106

Optical tests for AR/VR headsets

Extensive, fast and highly precise optical tests in production are a prerequisite for perfect user experience with AR/VR headsets. To meet this challenge, Instrument Systems offers the specially developed LumiTop AR/VR 2D imaging colorimeter. The LumiTop’s AR/VR lens simulates the human eye as realistically as possible and measures color and luminance just as the eye perceives them. The unique periscope design permits synchronized 2-eye measurements. And the proven LumiTop principle guarantees fast, traceable and highly accurate measurements.
Precise spectroradiometry from UV to IR

The CAS 140D series of high-end spectroradiometers is ideal for quality assurance of displays, automotive, IR sensing or UV-LEDs. With their excellent spectral resolution and a broad range of wavelengths from 200 – 2150 nm they are the central element for customized radiometric measurement systems. In combination with photodiodes, imaging colorimeters, goniometers, integrating spheres, software and calibration light sources, they meet the highest requirements for every application.
Polarization-controlled VCSEL testing

At Photonics West 2023 Instrument Systems will be presenting its award-winning VTC 4000 infrared camera for the near-field analysis of narrowband emitters, e.g. VCSELs or lasers. Thanks to an innovative one-shot-process, the VTC 4000 simultaneously measures the spatial polarization of the single emitters of an array and supplies the necessary information to reduce the polarization dependence of the measurement setup. This method minimizes the error budget of the VCSEL test system and delivers highly accurate readings pertaining to the eye safety of the laser source.
\\ DVN Workshop: 31 January – 1 February 2023, Paris

dvn paris
Fast 2D photometry with goniometer precision

At DVN in Paris the Optronik-Line team of Instrument Systems will be showcasing its proven measurement system for the fast testing of all lighting scenarios of modern headlights, e.g. HD, ADB, matrix and pixel headlights. Our AMS Screen Imaging System consists of a far-field goniophotometer, projection screen, 2D photometer and illuminance meter, and enables synchronized measurements of luminous intensity distribution and far-field with a high degree of precision.
Visit us at Stand S-6!

\\ EPIC presentation now on demand!

New infrared CAS 140D model

The regular “EPIC Members New Product Release” events are available both live as a webinar or later as a recording on YouTube. As part of the event of 8 November our product manager Claudia Dippold presented Instrument Systems’ latest CAS 140D IR-spectroradiometer for measurements in the infrared range.
Watch the on-demand presentation now!
\\ Preview 2023
San Francisco, USA
2023, Jan 31 - Feb 2
spie arvr
San Francisco, USA
2023, Jan 30 - Feb 1
Poster Session 
laser china
Shanghai, China
2023, Jul 11 - 13
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