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Dear Karin
At this year’s electronica 2022 you will find us in the “Displays” exhibition area in Hall B5. A technology that shapes our everyday lives. It is an integral part of many applications, and the requirements are correspondingly diverse. Manufacturers must objectively test displays, individual components and panels at all levels of their manufacturing process. In this context, light measurement instruments always represent the human eye or the visual system. Instrument Systems has for many years specialized in all-in-one systems for numerous areas of application, e.g. AR/VR headsets, driver assistance systems and LED modules. In our newsletter you can find out more about our latest product developments.
We look forward to welcoming you personally at our booth B5.418 at electronica from 15 to 18 November 2022!
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AR/VR Display Testing
Display Quality Control in Production Sites
VCSEL Nearfield Measurement
High-Power LED-Testing
Eye Safety Assessment of VCSELs: Practical Examples
New high resolution infrared array spectrometer CAS 140D IR
Your free ticket to electronica 2022
electronica is due to open its doors at Messe München on 15 November 2022 – and we will be there for you: Come and visit us in Hall B5.418!
Ask for a demonstration of the qualification of a display in accordance with OEM specifications with our LumiTop 4000 and LumiSuite, and check out the ultra-fast measurement of a CAS 125 in conjunction with an integrating sphere. We will also be presenting a setup with our IR camera VTC 4000 for 2D characterization of VCSEL arrays and display tests on an AR/VR headset.
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\\ Our measuring systems at electronica 2022

AR/VR Display Testing

  • LumiTop 4000 with human-eye-inspired periscope lens
  • Characterization of Near-Eye-Displays (NED) in AR- and VR-headsets
  • Large field of view and variable pupil sizes
  • Adjustable focus distance for multiple test applications
Video: AR/VR Testing Portfolio
Display Quality Control in Production Sites

  • LumiTop 4000: Unique combination of spectrometer & imaging system
  • Fast end-of-line inspection of the latest OEM display quality standards
  • Display testing for color, luminance uniformity, Black Mura, gamma value, and pixel defects
  • Comprehensive software LumiSuite with user-friendly GUI
  • Worldwide established in production industry
Video: Low Luminance Uniformity of OLED Displays
VCSEL Nearfield Measurement

  • IR camera VTC 4000 with traceable radiometric and spectral calibration for comparable readings
  • Fast single shot evaluation of optical power
  • Single emitter evaluation: power, NA, M², beam waist, focus position, spectrum
  • Powerful LumiSuite software
  • USP: Determination of polarization angle and degree for production of polarization stable VCSEL
Video: One Shot: Polarization Characterization of VCSELs
High-Power LED-Testing

  • CAS 125 spectroradiometer, optimized for 24/7 LED production
  • IES LM-80 compliant measurement of high-power LEDs
  • Recipe mode for extremly short testing times
  • Low straylight and high optical throughput
  • Production optimized integrating spheres up to 500 mm diameter with barium sulfate or PTFE coating
\\ Technical Whitepaper

Eye Safety Assessment of VCSELs: Practical Examples

In this article, we present a step-by-step analysis of how to assess laser safety of typical pulsed VCSELs and VCSEL arrays as often used in consumer electronics and automotive LiDAR applications. We offer two examples that represent typical challenges when dealing with VCSEL sources.
The first example focuses on the often very complex temporal emission characteristics. For this evaluation we chose a VCSEL light source in Apple’s iPhone 12. The second example is a VCSEL array consisting of hundreds of single emitters. This array, produced by Finisar, is an extended source by the definition of IEC60825-1 and needs to be evaluated accordingly.

\\ Presentation “EPIC members new products”

New high resolution infrared array spectrometer CAS 140D IR

In this EPIC Members New Product Release, our Product Manager Claudia Dippold will introduce Instrument Sys-tems' latest CAS 140D IR spectroradiometer for meas-urements in the infrared range. It features the proven high measurement accuracy and reliability of the CAS140D series, recognized all over the world as a reference for wavelengths from 780–1700 nm. Compared to its predecessor model, the new CAS 140D IR offers significantly improved performance in signal sensitivity, stray light suppression and electronics.
8 November 2022, 4:00 p.m. (CET), online
\\ Preview 2023
San Francisco, USA
2023, Jan 31 - Feb 2
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