IPTE ETH: Versatile Test Handler with the smallest footprint
IPTE Easy Test Handler (ETH): the smallest footprint on the market
IPTE Easy Test Handler (ETH) with the smallest footprint on the market.
For many years IPTE is supplying testing solutions to customers in many industries like automotive, healthcare, consumer and others. We offer integrated hardware and user friendly software. IPTE test solutions comply with the most stringent requirements you may have.
The versatile IPTE ETH allows you to integrate various tests on the smallest footprint (500 mm) on the market today. With the integrated bypass function, multiple ETHs can be set in series while testing your product in parallel in a floor-saving and cost-effective way.
Testing includes:
• Flash Programming
• End of Line Testing
• Boundary Scan
• RF testing (COF Cage of Faraday)
• Functional Testing
• Visual Testing
• …
IPTE software solutions allow automatic operation with no operator intervention, this allows you to reduce cost and increase flexibility.
We are your partner for standard solutions and for the development of customer specific solutions.
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IPTE, with office and corporate headquarters in Genk, is a worldwide supplier of automation solutions for the electronical and mechanical manufacturing industry. Although automation operations are complicated, IPTE offers solutions that are simple, economical and efficient.
IPTE is operating worldwide and has engineering & production facilities in Belgium, China, Estonia, France, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the US.
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