Newsletter March 2020
The magic of Laser Plastic Welding
The basic principle of Laser Plastic Welding (LPW) is laser energy that passes through a transmissive top layer and reaches an absorptive bottom layer.
The heat created by the laser energy will melt the materials.
The result is a superior weld joint after the material cooled down.
IPTE Laser Plastic Welding Solution
Laser has become the preferred method of welding plastics in different industries. IPTE has responded to the rising demand from its customers with various proven Laser Plastic Welding solutions.
IPTE Laser Plastic Welding has many advantages:
• Your products will have a superior weld joint.
• You can work with great precision & accuracy.
• You can easily switch between different products to weld, thanks to the ergonomic design.
• You do not need consumables, this results in minimal maintenance and low operating costs.
• You weld without dust or vibrations.
You want to use Laser Plastic Welding for your application, download the ‘Design Guidelines Checklist’. Click here for your digital copy.
Or contact one of our sales office. Click here for information about IPTE Laser Plastic Welding Solutions
The EasyRouter as a Plug&Play
10 Easy Step Installation
The standalone EasyRouter Plug&Play comes with all the features of the EasyRouter family and is easily installed in no time. With the IPTE hotline we are always there to help you in case you need assistance.
The especially setup wizard will go through all critical points (electricity, vacuum, air, calibration). After this process a report will be automatically generated and you can start working.
The EasyRouter Plug&Play will be delivered with all the necessary tools & connections.
For more information, Click here, and your local IPTE sales will contact you.
IPTE, with office and corporate headquarters in Genk, is a worldwide supplier of automation solutions for the electronical and mechanical manufacturing industry. Although automation operations can be complicated, IPTE offers solutions that are simple, economical and efficient.
IPTE is operating worldwide with engineering and production facilities in Belgium, China, Estonia, France, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the US.
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