Laser Marking takes over from Labeling in several industries
IPTE Laser Marking
In many companies Label Marking is still commonly used, despite some constraints and inconveniences, such as the cost of consumables with the mandatory maintenance and stock management. Furthermore, label markers tend to need too much factory space and production flexibility is quite limited.
Laser Marking has many advantages for you:
• No need for consumables
• Very fast and reliable marking
• Laser marking is anti-static
• Great flexibility in materials to mark
• Change the content of the laser mark is easy and versatile
• Last but not least: laser marking is everlasting
We see a definite trend of changing to laser marking in many industries, not only automotive, but healthcare, energy, consumer products and many more.
IPTE has many years of experience in Laser Marking and developed a complete range for all applications.
We develop solutions for very specific customer requirements together with you as partners.
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Sample Testing
If you want to see for yourself the quality of IPTE Laser Marking, send us some samples and we will be more than happy to sample mark your products.
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