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Nothing lasts forever. A little piece of homespun philosophy that applies to life in general – but more specifically, to the lighting technology used for connector conventions in the DMX standard, which uses a mix of 3-pin and 5-pin XLR connectors. It’s good to make sure you always have the right adapter in the cable case –and we have the ideal product for every situation!
No other cable manufacturer offers XLR connectors from its own in-house production. And our connectors also have a range of features that are anything but everyday – like engravable flat surfaces, individual design and coloured sleeve rings.
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NEW: XLR / RJ45 Adapter with KLOTZ XLR

Sometimes you only want to send a DMX signal over an already laid network cable. But then you need a suitable adapter cable from XLR to RJ45, which is now available as standard article from KLOTZ AIS. 3-pin XLR female or male and 5-pin XLR female or male connectors are adapted to the high-quality Hirose TM21 RJ45 connectors.

Our robust and proven RamCAT cable RC5-LB1S is used as bulk cable. The pinout of the RJ45 connector corresponds to the common ESTA standard, and works with both shielded and unshielded network cables. However, an active component such as a network switch must not be inserted in between, because no network protocol is transmitted.

KLOTZ XLR connectors: proven, robust, customisable

Our premade cables with 3- or 5-pin KLOTZ XLR connectors have enjoyed increasing popularity since their market launch in 2017, and are now well established on the market. In addition to their basic features, like innovative design plus lateral ridges for improved grip, one particular design element has proved to be a particular hit with the rental sector: the option of laser-engraving up to two flat areas on the KLOTZ XLR!

Since this feature was introduced, over 20,000 connectors have been laser-engraved to our customers’ specifications before being made up using our proven quality bulk cable. The customized, permanent laser engraving adds a further unique touch to our outstanding products. Interested in finding out more about personalized KLOTZ XLR products? Just contact your KLOTZ representative.
A detailed presentation with all features of our KLOTZ XLR can be found here. 

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