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Märklin Club Models 2022 / Discover now
Dear club members and model train fans,
towards the end of the year we are publishing the club models for the new year. With your club mailing at the beginning of December you will receive all information in detail about the club models as well as the order form.
Already today we would like to provide you with the essential information about the club models. A streamlined giant awaits you in Gauge H0: The 06 001 steam locomotive is truly powerful and already aerodynamically optimized for its time. A matching Express Train Passenger Car Set Hechtwagen is of course also available. Discover the models here.
The 2022 Z Gauge club model also is a true highlight: The V320 001 diesel locomotive that did service on the Allgäu Line in the 1960s.
➥ Please note: the order deadline for the club models is February 28, 2022 - Best to order from your dealer right at the beginning of December before this is forgotten.
A first handbuilt sample of the 06 001 can be seen at the Intermodellbau trade show in Dortmund, Germany, which starts today (11/17 - 11/20/21) - you can see it in action in our new Märklin TV Extra Episode.
➥ Exclusive cars and discounted admission: Club members can secure two special show-cars and discounted admission. You can find all the info about this further down in the newsletter.
A new journey begins / The Steam Locomotive 06 001
The two units of the class 06 represent a superlative – they were the most powerful express steam locomotives built in Germany. Their origin goes back to 1934, when the DRG's main management, the German State Railroad Central Bureau for Engineering commissioned the purchase of two extremely powerful express units. They were to haul a 600 metric ton express train at 120 km/h / 75 mph on level terrain, be at least 135 km/h / 84 mph fast, and adhere to the standardization design principles.
The new Club Models
Gauge H0
Märklin Steam Locomotive 06 001
Steam Locomotive 06 001
Item number 39662
➜ Completely new tooling
➜ Model mostly made of metal
➜ Extremely detailed
➜ Factory-installed smoke unit
➜ Dynamic smoke exhaust
➜ mfx+ decoder
Discover here
Gauge H0 Car-Set
Märklin Express Train Passenger Car Set Hechtwagen
Express Train Passenger Car Set Hechtwagen
Item number 42265
➜ Installed LED interior lighting
➜ Lighting is adjustable
➜ Buffer capacitors
➜ Prototypical lighted marker lights
➜ Current-conducting close coupler heads
➜ With 41 figures
Discover here
Gauge Z
Märklin Diesellokomotive Baureihe V 320 001
Diesel Locomotive V 320 001
Item number 88320
➜ Completely new tooling
➜ Motor with a bell-shaped armature
➜ Frame constructed of metal
➜ Nachbildung vom Maschinenraum
➜ Engine room is modelled
➜ Separately applied grab irons
Discover here
Märklin TV Extra
The Steam Locomotive 06 / Watch the video now
The Steam Locomotive 06 001 
Discover the 06 steam locomotive in motion and learn interesting information about the prototype in Märklin TV Extra Episode 37.
Watch now
Special Cars
Exclusively at the Intermodellbau trade fair 
Märklin has produced two special cars that will be sold at the Märklin Area during the show. In H0, a type Falns open self-unloading car from Dortmunder Eisenbahn GmbH loaded with real coal in scale grain, Era VI. And Z scale fans can look forward to an Eaos type open freight car of the Dortmunder Eisenbahn with repair patches and scrap loading. Only while stocks last.
➥ Reduced trade show admission:
Club members can secure discounted admission when booking online and pay only 10,50 EUR instead of 12,50 EUR. To obtain the Print@Home admission ticket, enter the code "IB2021Maerklin" in the online store at and print out the ticket.
Märklin 48630 / Selbstentladewagen Bauart Falns der Dortmunder Eisenbahn GmbH
Gauge H0
Open self-unloading car type Falns of the Dortmunder Eisenbahn GmbH
Märklin 80730 / Offenen Güterwagen des Typs Eaos der Dortmunder Eisenbahn
Gauge Z
Eaos type open freight car of Dortmunder Eisenbahn GmbH
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Steam Locomotive 06 / The Video
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